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  1. I would venture to say that the RTC has helped grow wrestling in Chattanooga, Cleveland and North Georgia. I truly see little benefit of the RTC now or in the near future for people living in Memphis and upper East Tennessee due to geographical location. Just imagine the RTC being located in Middle Tennessee and how much improvement that section of the state would make due to a greater population base.
  2. I am not sure that anyone is making things up but people are definitely making claims without doing any research therefore it makes them appear less intelligent. What is the old saying keep your mouth closed and people may think that your a fool but open your mouth and everyone knows that your are a fool.
  3. Over the last several years I have found that very few umpires, even the ones that work the state tournament know the rules inside and out. Often times umpires are assigned to the state tournament based on seniority or political reasons not on current umpiring skills and ability. I have also personally known some umpires that for some reason become very tense at the state tournament and have to make everything about themselves and create controversy. Believe me when I say that most of the high school umpires hate it when a coach knows the rule book inside and out. I even had the head umpire of the state finals game tell me that he didn't understand why Coach XYZ was so hard on the umpires. His official response was " I know Coach XYZ knows the rules better than most everyone but he does not have to be so hard on everyone when they make a mistake. My response was if you don't F up he will leave you alone. Was it ever determined why Dusty became so upset?
  4. Coach Rice is a great guy but is finishing in the Top 4 of your region (is that not what it takes to qualify for the playoffs?) really having a good season? Just asking because I remember when you had to win your district to advance to the playoffs.
  5. Tennessee finished the USA Wrestling 16U Freestyle National Championships tied for 16th place which is definitely a move in the right direction. If things progress like they could with the RTC and a new (VERY STRONG) director for Tennessee Wrestling Federation the state could become a top 10 finisher each year. Congratulations to the following: Trae McDaniel (Cleveland High School) 8th place, Cody Chittum (Blair Academy) 3rd place, Ashton Davis (Cleveland High School) 8th place, James Howard (McCallie) 3rd place David Harper (Baylor & Georgia) 4th place
  6. You must always remember to listen, read and verify. Many times people claim various things without doing any research.
  7. I will say that Tennessee has 5 different men AA. I don't know the women well enough make a prediction.
  8. According to mapquest it is 33.7 miles from Mt. Juliet High School to Ravenwood High School.
  9. I am going to disagree and say you do not want someone with kids still wrestling. That just encourages "DADDY WRESTLING" much like Little League Baseball. Find someone that loves wrestling, has been the leader of various civic, business and volunteer organizations. You need someone that gains or has the business communities respect when they walk into a room.
  10. He will probably kill me for throwing his name in the ring but the very best man for the job would me Matt Gorham III of Nashville Catholic. Everything Matt does is first class and his integrity is second to no one. The problem is Matt will not volunteer for the job someone or a group will have to ask him to take the position.
  11. Will Trinity or Saint X compete in the tournament?
  12. At 99.9% of the inner city schools you could have a state championship team and you would be lucky to make enough money to pay the officials and police officers. There is a major difference between suburban schools, rural county schools and the inner city schools.
  13. Pulaski Academy vs Ravenwood could be a good game depending what type of team Pulaski Academy has this year. They were featured on ESPN a few years ago as the team that never punted but who knows if they even have the same coaching staff.
  14. While I said rural it would be any school with very small enrollment numbers. For instance I am not sure that any of the urban areas have public schools with less than 500 students that are not charter or magnet schools.
  15. That's not what the post at the top of this thread says. Why are the fees to attend the USA Wrestling Cadet & Junior Nationals in Fargo, ND just now being posted? Should this not have been posted well before the TN State Freestyle & Greco Roman tournament?
  16. I totally understand what you are saying and I know that nothing will ever change in Tennessee. I do have one question and that is how do the public schools in other states like Florida, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, etc... compete with the private schools that offer financial aid? As a former public school student athlete all I can say is that I would have been livid if someone told me that I was not good enough to compete with a bunch of soft private school kids. It's amazing what kids will achieve when you set the bar high and tell them that they should not only reach the bar but exceed all expectations both athletically and academically.
  17. Don't feel bad for expressing your opinion. Your just like 99.9% of the public in that you want what is best for you and your school not what is best for the sport and organization as a whole. Everyone is selfish in one way or the other it's just that some people are much more selfish than others. The below plan would be fair to everyone: Class A: Small rural schools and no private, charter, magnet, etc... schools Class AA: Public schools and small private schools that do not offer financial aid or work study Class AAA: Public schools and small private schools that offer financial aid or work study Class AAAA: Large public schools and large private schools that offer financial aid or work study
  18. Seven classes is still way to many. Why not just do 3 in D1 and 1 or 2 in D2
  19. You really have nine (9) classes in football today. Six in D1 and three in D2. I remember when everyone played together and there were three classifications. For real competition everyone should be placed back together in four or no more than five classifications.
  20. The problem with the TSSAA change of residence rules are that most of them were written in the 1960's when a high percentage of kids lived with both their mother & father. Today with the divorce rate at over 50%, many children being born without the mother and father ever being married, families moving around so often, kids being bounced between the mom, grandmother or aunt is that the TSSAA and school systems have a major gray area that they are not willing to acknowledge and the kids lose out. I have said in the past and will continue to say that you should give all kids one (1) free transfer once they begin high school. I don't care if the transfer is to a rival school, from public to private, private to public, etc...everyone may transfer one time without any questions being ask. If a second transfer is to take place a legitimate transfer must take place. With regards to having two houses, that is not a crime and is nothing more than discrimination against the affluent families. The only reason the TSSAA has not been taken to court on this issue is that by the time the court hears the case and make a ruling the student athletes eligibility will have expired not to mention the financial cost. Mark my word someone will go after the TSSAA at some point in time and not stop until the issue is resolved. Up until this point the TSSAA has been most fortunate.
  21. If the TSSAA truly lost $413,000.00 last year they you may has well call ALIVE HOSPICE because they are on life support.
  22. Ladies and Gents I am telling you the longer this stuff goes on the more likely the kid will end up at a boarding school like IMG. Remember IMG does not have to follow ANY financial aid rules and can basically do as they wish with regards to providing financial assistance. The financial assistance rules for IMG are not even close to being strict like they are for the private schools in Tennessee.
  23. What about Station Camp? It was my understanding that they were going to add a team for the 2019-20 season.
  24. No I do not know any local companies or individuals that paid high school fields. Every school that I know of that has painted logos, end zones & striping have a group of volunteers that perform those duties on Thursday afternoon. David Lipscomb use to have a group that called themselves the PURPLE SHOE GANG because their shoes would be solid purple after painting the field.
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