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  1. Congratulations to both Nate and The Baylor School. With Nate being from Georgia is Tennessee technically allowed to claim him
  2. I am a registered voter in Davidson County, was a graduate of MNPS and had two sons attend MNPS but they did graduate from a private school. Let’s understand that the reason that I take every opportunity possible to call out “KING JOHN” Cooper is that he is the son of a segregationist (I am not sure most people even know this), he fully supported and endorsed a 34.5% tax increase during the middle of a pandemic, he lowered the number of people that could attend the council meeting on the 3rd reading from 50 to 25 only to raise in to 50 again on the following Monday. MNPS and all of Davidson County should be flush with money and the MNPS should not be completely atrocious. Again, what has “KING JOHN” Cooper ever really done for minorities or MNPS? Let’s not forget that the convention center was paid for with tax dollars and he along with his political cronies made the decision that Davidson County did not need the $200+ million that the Republican National Convention would bring to the city. I don’t care what side of politics you are on you don’t walk away from that kind of money.
  3. Probably 65% of the time in Nashville and the other 35% in Texas
  4. 1. Let’s understand that Vanderbilt University does not own Vanderbilt Medical Center as it was sold to a group of private investors a few years ago. 2. If it was an outreach program for Vanderbilt Medical Center I totally understand how they have made the decision to explore paying options over charity work. MNPS has more than enough money to pay for certified athletic trainers after the 34.5% property tax increase that “KING JOHN” Cooper both promoted and implemented during the middle of COVID-19
  5. There are currently two questions that must be ask and answered: 1. Why are there only 6 full time athletic trainers currently working in MNPS when you have twelve high schools in the MNPS and why are they quitting to take jobs at other high schools? Do the other schools pay more than MNPS? 2. Why is Vanderbilt planning to leave MNPS and only do private schools? Again, is this a financial decision or is Vanderbilt not receiving the support that they need from the people inside MNPS? What we do know is that due to “KING JOHN’S” 34.5% property tax increase for property owners in Davidson County, this should not be a financial issue. We also know that without certified trainers in every MNPS you have major safety issues that “WILL” result in major litigation (this will cost Metro Public Schools a fortune and the only thing saving them is that they are only allowed to be sued for X amount of money) if something serious happens to an athlete and a certified athletic trainer is not present on site to treat the athlete.
  6. Maryville has made a living by out coaching other teams! Maryville is fortunate that they play in a weak region that allows them to play a lot of young players that are still learning the system but will be more than ready to contribute by the end of the season. If Maryville had to play in the region with the Murfreesboro or Williamson County teams they would not be fortunate enough to play as many players early in the season and therefore they would have a major drop off when the injury bug hit.
  7. I am presently in Texas (Houston) and I can honestly say that the private schools are gaining ground in many areas. Yes, out in the suburbs the public schools are still strong but that’s due to not having a metropolitan government that they have to deal with every day. Most all decisions are made at the local level. Another thing that everyone must understand is that the property taxes are extremely high in most suburban areas due to the school board being allowed to set the tax rate. Yes, the school boards establishes what an individual would pay in property taxes and that allows for great public school facilities. With that being said you have people in upper class neighborhoods like Brentwood (TN) that would be paying over $50,000 per year in property taxes.
  8. It’s a controlled scrimmage and absolutely no one should care who won. A true scrimmage is played like a regular season game and I have yet to see any high school in the past 25 years have a true scrimmage. The idea of a controlled scrimmage is to work on various situations that will occur during a regular season game. Special teams play accounts for roughly 1/3 of a game and plays a major role in winning championships. Did they spend 1/3 of the time on special teams?
  9. Vote for anyone but "KING JOHN" during the next election for a Davidson County mayor. i would write in Mickey Mouse before I voted for the man. The problem is that most of the MNPS employees are not residents of Davidson County.
  10. The national wrestling news media is saying that Cody will more than likely Grey Shirt. He will live in Iowa City and begin working out with the Hawkeye Wrestling Club and Head Coach Daniel Dennis. If something happens to starter Max Murin I could see where Tom Brands may want to pull the Grey Shirt and insert Cody into the lineup depending on how he is doing in open tournaments.
  11. My tax bill shows that nothing was reversed! So when Julia Green elementary school was remodeling both the school and the playground one of the major healthcare companies in Nashville wanted to donate the funds for a super nice playground. They were told absolutely not unless they wanted to pay for a new playground for all of the MNPS. What makes you think that things have changed with a turf football field in Nashville? Let's be completely honest and say that King John's father was a segregationist and King John went to an elite private school and sent his kids to elite private schools. What has the man ever done for the minorities and the public school system in Nashville? Please don't try to deflect the attention to past politicians and keep on the topic of King John. Yes, I fully understand that the MNPS system is and has been a disaster for the past 30+ years but what has King John done to fix the problems. No one is able to say that Davidson County does not have enough money after a 34.5% property tax increase, when he shut everything down due to the pandemic. Also keep in mind that King John went from allowing a gathering of 50 individuals to lowering that number on Monday to 25 before the 3rd reading only to raise it back to 50 on the following Monday after the vote.
  12. With a bad principal at Columbia Central you will see Columbia Academy and Battle Ground Academy get even stronger.
  13. With "KING JOHN" (Mayor John Cooper) and the Metro Council passing a 34.5% property tax increase over the unanimous objections of the citizens of Davidson County there is absolutely no reason that every MNPS should not have a turf field.
  14. It would be nice to see Oakland and Lipscomb square off again this year. Going to be fun to see if TD can consistently keep the Bison playing for state championships.
  15. The lower the level of athletic competition the more influence the coaching staff has over the games. At the high school level it’s all about getting your average athletes to play at a higher level than the other teams average players. The great players will typically cancel each other out. If SH truly has great athletes then it must be coaching or lack of support from the administrators. Personally, I am not convinced that SH has enough good athletes with the size and speed to compete with the better teams from Middle Tennessee. A former national strength coach of the year told me that he can get the team stronger than every team they play against but if they don’t run well enough they are doomed. Speed kills!
  16. RIP Martin Francis. A true legend!
  17. IMO, it's easier for good Tennessee athletes to make the transition to wrestling Greco Roman than it is Freestyle. It appears as if the Tennessee wrestlers are close in Freestyle but they get caught in some positions that their good opponents seem to avoid. With the RTC being in Chattanooga I could see this changing rapidly and Tennessee beginning to compete for national championships in the near future. The USA Wrestling Junior/16U Nationals is truly the toughest high school wrestling tournament in the country and it's not close.
  18. Unless a team is extremely lucky, it truly takes a village (school board, administrators, faculty and parents) to consistently play for a state championship in any sport
  19. Again this sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. I have a difficult time believing that the residents of Maury County are allowing the athletic program to be in disarray
  20. IMO, Columbia Central has major issues within their athletic department! My guess is that way too many hires are made because of the “Good Ole Boy System” and not based on true wins and losses. With the way that Maury County is growing there is absolutely no reason that Columbia Central is not challenging for a state championship in every sport. When coaches show up and are only at a school for two or three months and totally abandon ship you have major internal problems.
  21. Adrian absolutely had the athletic ability to be a NCAA national champion. Unfortunately life off the wrestling mat was less than desirable as he was basically living on his own his last two years of high school.
  22. Adrian Norfleet lost a couple of times his sophomore year but still won the state. A side note was that Adrian finished 3rd (lost by 1 point to the champion) in the USA Wrestling Junior Nationals (there was not a Cadet and Junior Division, everyone was together) after his sophomore year. It is my understanding that he never made a return trip to the USA Wrestling Junior Nationals. He was trained by the great Tony Rowland, so Tony would have all of the details.
  23. The ones responsible for Father Ryan’s athletic woes are the Board of Trust and former president Jim McIntyre.
  24. Personally I wish Gary & the Bucs all the success in the world. However, everyone must understand a few things with regards to the Baylor & McCallie leftovers: 1. In the past 40+ years Baylor has not shown that they are really interested in recruiting the type of players that it takes to win state championships in D2AAA. 2. McCallie has been very good in D2AAA but what is the limit as to how many football players with marginal “McCallie” academics will be admitted to the school 3. Lot’s of difference between the competition level of D2A and D2AAA! My guess is that if Baylor or McCallie really want a kid they will get them unless the family are strong members of the CofC. Not trying to be disrespectful but there is absolutely no comparison between Boyd and McCallie or Baylor when it comes to money, facilities or academic reputation.
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