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Everything posted by cbg

  1. Why did Chris Debien not wrestle for UTC
  2. That is not what I am saying. My feelings are that the times and family dynamics have changed since the TSSAA rules were written in the 1960's. With more than 50% of all marriages ending in divorce kids do not live with both parents their entire academic career. Often the student athlete is living with their mother and for whatever reason she cannot continue to care for the child so the grandparents who live on the other side of town have to care for the child. Rural areas of Tennessee are much different from the inner cities and the problems they must deal with on a daily basis. If you want to examine a bad rule you need to explore why a student athlete can be playing for public school XYZ as a freshmen and then transfer to a boarding school in Tennessee as a sophomore and be immediately eligible. Everyone can debate Memphis East and Penny all they want but if the boarding schools ever decide to really begin recruiting (they have) you can turn out the lights because the party is over. They have enough money to go and get every athlete they like if they so elect to do so.
  3. The TSSAA does not have the money for a long court battle so this will not go to court. I have said for a long time that every TSSAA student athlete should be granted one FREE transfer without any questions being ask. If a second transfer were to take place the transfer must be legit with the family truly having a change of address.
  4. The real question is how many schools have had the opportunity?
  5. With all this discussion regarding who is the best P4P wrestler between Noah & Alex I ask the question: What schools are legitimately recruiting both wrestlers? A form letter inviting someone to a camp is not being recruited.
  6. I can't disagree with you regarding both McDaniel & Whitworth. I would say that Coffee to me has a great upside due to the fact he is a great athlete, has not wrestled very much on the national circuit and most of the great heavyweight athletes want to compete in football. To be blunt the competition at heavyweight in college is not as great as it is in the lower & middle weights which should allow Coffee the opportunity to go much deeper in the NCAA tournament. Other issues that will play into the equation is are these athletes able to stay healthy at the next level, where they elect to attend college (does the room have a winning tradition of producing AA's with multiple AA's as practice partners) and last but not least are they able to break into the lineup sooner rather than later in their career. Gaining match experience as a young wrestler is so valuable.
  7. With all the discussion as to who the best P4P wrestler in Tennessee is at this moment I pose the question as to who will have the best college career and why?
  8. cbg

    Da Haven

    Try 5 or 6 years. It was truly a dumpster fire that was left by Butch Jones, the former athletic director and that nut job chancellor UT had at the time.
  9. I have said it for years that if The Baylor School & The McCallie School ever decide that they want to dominate in every sport they will have no problem. Take a boarding school with unlimited funds and use those resources correctly you should finish in the Top 25 of the nation in every sport.
  10. What is Boom Ranch? Who is coaching at Boom Ranch? Where is Boom Ranch located?
  11. Many things can change over the course of 20 years. MNPS system is so messed up that while it could be fixed it would take a miracle. Nashville is much like St. Louis, Missouri and Cincinnati, Ohio in that families look to attend a private school or move outside the county in search of a much better a safer school system.
  12. You have a county that reports over 41,000 residents and you only have two (2) high schools with that being Franklin County and the small Class A Huntland. Let's also note that you don't have any real private schools or magnet schools to compete with at this time. I know that you MUST have the support of the school board and administration but you must also have athletes. So what's the problem with Franklin County not being able to win one single game against a team that finishes the season with a winning record (reported on this website) in the past several years?
  13. cbg


    The are really only two reasons not to attend the USA Wrestling Cadet/Junior Nationals in Fargo, ND if you want to wrestle in college: 1. Cost, but that can often be worked out if that is the only issue 2. Kids & or their coaches have a fear of getting their backside handed to them and going 0-2. The reality is if you don't have the skill set to go and compete at this tournament you probably don't need to be wrestling in college.
  14. Does Franklin County have a realistic opportunity to win (I am not talking about finishing 3rd or 4th in the region) and go deep in the playoffs? Is there enough talent in the school to compete with the top 10 teams in the state?
  15. If everyone that was supposed to attend Baylor showed up and they are able to separate into different weight classes they are the best and it should not be close at the end of the season. As the old song says: Turn out the lights The party's over They say that all good things must end Call it tonight The party's over And tomorrow starts The same old thing again
  16. That would be Finger Lakes Community College. He would have to be a part time student (less than 12 hours) and then workout with the Finger Lakes Wrestling Club which trains at Cornell. How many of the Tennessee wrestlers are returning NCAA Qualifiers?
  17. cbg

    Father Ryan

    We are currently dealing with a soft society of individuals
  18. cbg

    Father Ryan

    Talks down to his players using vulgar language? How many good high school football coaches have you ever been around that didn't use colorful language? I was told many years ago by my father that I should listen to the message not how it is delivered! It's a good thing you never played for Boots Donnelly, Tom Fiveash, Joe Drennan or Tommy Bateman. The best thing that Father Ryan could do would be to convince Coach Donnelly to become the AD and allow him to fix the whole athletic department. Now to do that Jim, the board and administration would need to stay on the other side of the bridge and allow him to do his job because they don't have a clue as to what is broken much less how to fix the problems.
  19. What is a closed door meeting and who is not invited?
  20. cbg

    Father Ryan

    Put Boots in charge of the athletic department and the whole sports program will get better not just football.
  21. cbg

    Father Ryan

    IMO, adding a 7th & 8th grade to both Father Ryan and JP2 would really help both schools as students are leaving Catholic grade schools after the 6th grade. When this is discussed it is always brought up that it would hurt the current Catholic grade schools in the Nashville area but that is not true. Remove the 7th & 8th grade from the grade schools and use that space to add child care beginning with infants and they will make more money than they are currently making. It would also allow parents that have children in the day care program to view the school and make the decision to attend Catholic grade schools after having a positive experience in the daycare. This should be a big win for both the grade schools and high schools.
  22. Let me be very honest in saying that I like James Torres but I have a difficult time with the state chairman not living in Tennessee. It's just not good business to allow that to take place! Now if Torres has told you that he is definitely moving back to Tennessee in six months I may consider that acceptable.
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