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  1. nolesfan


    Congrats to BC Bears! Great win!
  2. nolesfan

    Clay Co

    Is this true???
  3. nolesfan

    Girls State Tourney Schedule for Wed. Mar. 7th

    Mix 104.1 WCLE Cleveland, TN is broadcasting Bradley Central game.
  4. nolesfan

    Congrats BCHS

    Congrats to Bradley Central on a big win! Great night for Rhyne Howard as she broke a couple of records for BCHS. Great game by all the Bearettes! Good luck at State!
  5. nolesfan

    Thanks CoachT and Crew!

    CoachT is a great asset to sports in Tennessee, especially high school! Thank you!
  6. nolesfan


    Congrats to CoachT for 20 years! We've enjoyed the site, the comments, the articles, the scoreboards, and well, ALL of it! Here's to 20 more!
  7. nolesfan

    Sequoyah @ Stone memorial

    Stone WINS 35-0!! CONGRATS..8-0!
  8. nolesfan

    Vanderbilt wants high school football back

    We've been attending the championship games for many years. Cookeville is doing a really good job of trying to promote themselves and TTU. As spectators, we are not bothered by the facilities. And I must say, Cookeville seems happier than Murfreesboro ever did about the fans and games. Both are lacking in attractions (hotels, restaurants) located close to the stadiums. In Nashville, you were able to go to hotel, unpack, and never get back in your car again unless you wanted to (even the cab situation was much better in Nashville). The hotel right at the stadium, made an excellent place to meet people, visit, and relax between games. At Murfreesboro AND Cookeville, you barely get to your hotel to change (add more) clothing and it's time for the next game. You fight traffic and must find parking ($) all over again. I miss Vanderbilt!
  9. On Saturday, Oct. 6, Tenn Tech is set to honor the 40th Anniversary of the 1972 OVC Championship Team. Have heard they expect several of the players to attend.
  10. nolesfan

    Ooltawah's bad sportmanship

    Congratulations Warren County Pioneers! Not surprised by actions after the game. I'm sure owls were devastated-they thought they had the win! Article says as much.
  11. nolesfan

    Vanderbilt wants high school football back

    I agree. There's nothing better than a State Championship in Nashville. Cookeville is better than Murfreesboro, but Nashville is the best! Hope TSSAA can work this out.
  12. nolesfan

    Riverdale vs Coffee County

    Did Coffee really ask for mercy rule in first half or were there problems with clock? Been around hs football for many years and have never heard of this.
  13. nolesfan

    Coffee Co. vs Ooltewah

    Lady Raiders win 5-4...down 4-1 top of the 7th..what a game! CONGRATULATIONS and good luck!
  14. nolesfan

    Coffee @ Bradley

    Officials should be "invisible" especially during playoff games. Last night they were far from that! Found out after the game they were from CHATTANOOGA-enough said! Coffee County people drove 2 hours through rain, snow, sleet, Chattanooga traffic just to get to the game. The stands were not full by any means but neither was Bradley's. People your team is #11 in the state, 1st in the quad, in the playoffs for the first time in 10 years and playing at HOME...get out and support your team!