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  1. A major problem at Cleveland has been that they have not been able to keep the “right” guy when they had him and they DID hire the right guy before Cummings. I don’t have a dog in the hunt and probably won’t attend another CHS football game but best of luck to Coach Wheeler. The kids and parents there deserve a good hire.
  2. Had the right guy in Crawford. Hope the new guy does well but it won’t be easy. Lots of things at CHS outside of x and o’s that can eat a good coach up if he’s not ready to work hard at building relationships, instilling compassionate discipline and continually having a presence at the Middle School (without recruiting). It’s open enrollment with 2 6A schools and another 5A school in the county. The Bradley program is now very appealing to a lot of kids because of Coach Floyd and the type of offense they run. It won’t be an easy first year or 2. They have lost a ton of kids from the Middle School program in the past couple of years. Hope he realizes the challenges in front of him.
  3. Crawford had a ton from players, parents and administrators.
  4. Gonna take a couple years to get that program turned around. It won’t get turned around unless they can stop the Bear pipeline from the Middle School. It’s not gonna be easy as long as Coach Floyd is at Bradley.
  5. Gotta be the right “fit” at Cleveland regardless of x and o’s ability. Best of luck to him.
  6. And fooseball has the inside track.
  7. If they live in the city a move to the county in Bradley bus zone should get him eligible.
  8. Probably so. Hope he does well there. Interesting to me that another poster referenced Halls being glad the previous guy was gone. The Cleveland kids loved him and respected him while he was here. Just goes to show that finding the right “fit” is important and that a record at another school is not an indication of success at a new school.
  9. His record at CHS was 21-21. 0-4 vs Bradley, 2-2 against Walker Valley and managed to wreck one of the most talented group of middle schoolers to come through the program in addition to dressing 45 kids this year. His record at Cleveland speaks for itself and that is all Cleveland folks give a darn about.
  10. I think he left on his own but it had been a rough 2-3 years I think. He said as much to both the Chattanooga and Cleveland papers. Hope he does well at Halls. Cleveland job on paper is great but the County is open enrollment and if you start losing kids from the Cleveland Middle School it’s hard to get the train back on the right track. Bradley is the “cool” program right now because they have a coach the kids respect and play hard for and the program is winning. They better keep Coach Floyd at all cost because he’s a good one. Whomever gets the Cleveland job will have to make his first 10 priorities keeping CMS kids.
  11. I doubt it’s him. I think they will go younger. Would be fine though.
  12. Kids liked and respected him. They liked and respected Bosken too. I must say I think Adam Renshaw is deserving too. He’s a good man and solid coach. Probably should have gotten it last time. I personally think a recent former qb would be a great hire too but he would be awfully young. Will be an interesting process. Cleveland is a great job if you can keep Middle Schoolers headed to Cleveland High. Gonna take a couple years to right the ship.
  13. Geez Foose tell us how you really feel!!! Hope they get the hire right this time.
  14. Cummings didn’t run the veer for the last two years. They were straight up spread. Discipline was also not a problem under Crawford. The real exodus of players came in year 3 and 4 at both the high school and middle school. The failure to discipline players was a real problem the last 4 years.
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