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  1. I’ve been looking for a picture of him in his AE shirt, thanks for posting . But dang, it’s been way too long since the last one!!!
  2. Staton Stevens is the NEW HEAD COACH at Austin East Magnet High School. He was at the basketball game tonight mingling with students and fans . So for everyone stating that he's not the coach, please find another team to bash or make look bad! He's BACCCCCCKKKKK and like he said tonight when I said welcome back, "I'm glad to be back and I'm ready to get this program back to where it was when I left!" LETS GOOOOOOOO BEEP BEEP!
  3. Yea that's how I feel when I have to take that long walk to the other side just to use the bathroom
  4. You right he did, but he applied other places too and got the same answer - “we want someone that can be in the building !”
  5. I know that, I'm just saying every time you turn around someone post, "AE needs a young coach". but you never read, "Carter/HVA/Central/South Doyle....etc needs a young and up coming coach!" Its always AE and I'm asking why none of the other schools don't need a young coach and why is it only AE
  6. Troy DID NOT apply at AE however, he did apply for other openings within the county. HVA being one that he really wants and he really wants to try to TURN that program around. Most of the principals/KCS policy is that can't hire a head coach that is not in the building, that's why Troy never gets hired because he's liking his current job and it'll be hard to give it up to go coach. Until KCS do away with a coach having to be inside the building policy then a lot of schools will miss out on former NFL players/well qualified coaches that wants to be there.
  7. So he leaving because the school has a new coach? Maybe his family is the the bad salesmen. Coach Headrick knows football and SD new QB coach is one of the top QB's that's came out of SD and also played at UT so that player needs to chill out and be anxious to learn from a former college QB
  8. They need to work on getting bathrooms on the visitor side and also up grade the bathrooms they have to be in compliance with being handicap accessible
  9. Better yet; Gary Rankin will be the new coach . We wanted to keep it hush hush until someone mention him but no one did …. Once it’s announced he will start recruiting Blount County
  10. I’m just going to keep quiet about this , you all think you know more than the people that’s really fans of the program . Continue doubting the Roadrunners , I’ll start reposting once the coach is officially announced. We got a Basketball Title to concentrate on ! Beep Beep!
  11. No excuses made, that's how our season played out last year and you still didn't answer my question, how is that schedule not favorable? Also, with all these openings is AE the only school that could've hired a "young" up coming coach? AE isn't a place where first timer young coaches get their first jig sir. AE is filled with rich tradition ready to get back to the old days. Because you have personally hate Stevens doesn't mean he can't come in and turn AE around. He's won at every program he's been at. Just sit back and quit hating on AE and continue thinking because he won in the 2000's doesn't means he can win in 2024 and beyond.
  12. Outsiders always hating!!!! Numbers are going up at AE and what you mean schedule isn't favorable? Let's talk: 1. William Blount 2. South Doyle 3. Carter- 4. Grace Christian 5.Kingston- 6. Pigeon Forge- 7. Scott- 8. Union County - 9. Alcoa- 10. Gatlinburg Pittman- So explain to me why its not favorable? Secondly, if Staton isn't hire, then Graham will get the job both have been head coach at AE and know how to get the kids out of the hallway back on the football field. SO don't count AE out its not a laughable job and its not as bad as many of you are saying.
  13. Stevens is having to complete some things with KCS that's the hold up, yes its not making sense that its taking this long even though he's worked with KCS before. They're making it hard for both AE and Stevens. Once he finish up with what he's having to do, an official announcement will be made. I think the whole state is hoping Stevens don't get heard because yall already know he's about to get AE back right.
  14. Looks like a pass interference that's never called when it comes to Alcoa
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