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  1. That was 3’s coming out game . Hopefully he’ll have a bigger outing next week along with the other 2 members of the 3 headed monster
  2. Sorry for all the typos, “ I’m speeding and texting and driving “
  3. Miss our games too. We’re back to that saying , “Kick It Deep Kick It Deep!” This year
  4. Back to the GP game; There were a few fans sitting amongst the AE faithful trying to start some stuff. Luckily like the players , we let the scoreboard do the talking for us . It’s Hard to be a Roadrunner !
  5. AE Offense wasn’t clicking at the beginning of the season like the are now . Heck we even have a PAT kicker now ......No excuses being made I’m just saying , starting my talking early. I’m ready for round 2 .
  6. So those same players play every year ? It’s the name on the jersey
  7. I know it was week 3 but I wasn’t impress with AHS when they played AE. Yes they mercy ruled AE but still
  8. A lot of people get scared because of they see the word, “Alcoa” on the jersey of the team in front of them. I feel as though Alcoa can be beat . I’m not saying GP could beat them but some team in 3A MAY get them this year.
  9. Hahahaha and your response was , “we got speed too” and or “texting and driving ...”. Alcoa can be beat ! You all just have to come with a better game plan.
  10. I told you all key in on #6 all you want , others will show up ..... 18/289 3TDs #3. .... Who Dat talking about beating AE?
  11. We Kicked a PAT so the coaches heard you lol
  12. Looking forward to a decent game . Hopefully, AE comes out with the win..
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