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  1. AE is on the way back up, can AE get on OR schedule next year? OR at AE next year in basketball, wassup? Former OR assistant now Head Coach at AE , Coach Bertram, would love this game
  2. Austin East Schedule (Not Completed) William Blount, Carter, South Doyle, Gatlinburg Pittman, Alcoa, Kingston, Union County.... Looking to fill 3 games. I think they're already filled I just haven't heard who yet.
  3. Just keep laughing at AE, once that Alcoa dynasty dies this year, I'll be laughing at you all. And next years Region come on now; Kingston, AE, Union County, Scott County, AE..... Such a boring region but its time to knock the Blount County Champs off.
  4. Yall not moving to 4a you already said that hahaha and Basketball, aye we got some new coaches and they know the game . So watch out for those ROADRUNNERS in basketball, yall don't want that smoke in basketball. Best of it, we got Alcoa first game in a Hall of Fame matchup haha
  5. Congratulation Black Knights you all got to see the bad AE (2nd half) that we was praying didnt show up! Good Luck next week! *Pals is a must if GP is traveling to CD
  6. Trolling ? Never that , AE will be back soon and very soon . Our new AD will stop allowing other schools like Alcoa to RECRUIT our zone players away
  7. Hold up, I don’t cry about yall moving up I know you know and everyone else knows yall not moving up cause yall cant win in any other classifications .
  8. Lol, well nvm i forgot the cloud benders not making it to round 3
  9. Hahahahaha that was for the nosey people like yourself. Hope to beat those Cloud benders in round 3
  10. AE has the speed to compete with CD . Should be a good game
  11. How many times has a 4 seed beat a 1 seed? Those records means nothing . AE will be prepared trust me !
  12. Don't let the 3-7 record fool you. Those Roadrunners are looking to start their new season with an "upset" over CD. Its a 5 game season so if those Roadrunners go into this game thinking that, I see them traveling up the mountains to GP for a round 2 rematch.
  13. We have had basically 14 days to prepare for Alcoa, I think if our offense gets to rolling, it may be a game to watch. I totally agree with you that it USED TOO BE the game to be at. I mean it still can be, I'm telling you a well rested AE team is liable of upsetting Alcoa. Plus a key member to their offense supposed to be back this week after missing basically the whole season due to injury (went out GP game which was week 3). If I was coach I would sit that young man out until next week which starts a new season but I don't know what they're thinking. Hopefully, they use their head. Defense has swarmed to the ball all season. The OLINE has had a decent season as well. It all depends on which AE team shows up! If the team shows up that puts up points just be prepared for a good game. If the team shows up that don't produce points, yea it could be 21-0 at the end of the first. I just think we had plenty of rest and the hurting players will be 100% so AE should be going into this game.
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