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  1. yes a last second shot from half court and then got beat by 20+ at AE.
  2. First of all like you stated, "We are still trying to figure it out right now!" No matter how many players played last week, I voiced my opinion so why get all up tight about it? AE being down??? Uh, lets just say they're going to shock a lot of people this year. Don't overlook the Roadrunners. Saying they won't finish in the top 3? Uh who finishes ahead of AE?
  3. I got to see Alcoa at Oak Ridge team camp. It was good to see some of the Alcoa football players back on the hardwood. I like the way they're playing up tempo but I don't think they'll be able to hang with most of the teams in the district. I believe Alcoa will keep it close for 2 1/2 quarters and then they'll get wore out. The new coach: well let's just say he didn't make many friends at the Oak Ridge team camp especially the players that were working the score clock/taking stats.
  4. I get what you're saying about The East used to having problems and I totally agree with you on that point. However, like the principal says, " We live and grow together we can get over anything if we stick together!" With that said, the east will be ok. Hopefully, the current east coach told the AD about a possible change and hopefully the AD has someone in mind. And No he's not being pushed out.
  5. I agree with the Junior class being loaded at Alcoa and what you said about DEPTH at AE is very true. That's one of the main reason AE can only compete with Alcoa for a half. They don't have enough bodies on the sideline. In my opinion, AE should've stayed in 2A but that's just my opinion.
  6. idk about this one either.
  7. Uh, I disagree with that statement. I didn't see that last year! The first game at AE, AE whipped Alcoa. AE just had 2 costly mistakes in the secondary which lead to 2 TD's.
  8. Not a Shot at Fulton but why none of their coaches are mention for Head Coach openings? An.d its going to be interesting like many are saying if that person(east) gets the job. I just hope that school has a plan b if that coach decides to step down and take that job
  9. Knoxville Webb Team Camp; I didn't get to see Webb play but supposedly they dominated each team they faced. The few teams I did get to see, I was very impressed with South Doyle and Fulton (Can't believe I'm saying that) haha ! South Doyle have some pretty nice guards and one I want to say is a combo guard who can jump out the gym. He had 3 unreal dunks against Knoxville West on Saturday afternoon. If they can stay healthy, I'll say they'll make some noise this season. Fulton, I thought for sure they would be down this year but you know when you mention Fulton you gotta know their defense is what they live by. They smothered poor ol' Stone Memorial on Friday night and Stone couldn't handle the pressure from the smaller Falcons team. I'll say Fulton will be good but its really going to take a coaching job from Jody to get the Falcons back in the Boro
  10. Uh please explain the, "blocking somebody" post? If you don't know, AE's line was mainly Freshmen and Sophomores last year. The OLine should be one of the strengths this year
  11. So what's the latest? What names are being mention? Since Speas is the new man in charge, will a Fulton Assistant be named head coach?
  12. If that's the same one I'm talking about then Alcoa will be fine next year. May still lose to AE and Fulton but we'll see.
  13. I’m hearing you all already have one that’s transferred in but my question is, will he be eligible ?
  14. Oh yea, well you can tell I'm not a Fulton fan either hahah I forgot about those players.
  15. You’re right about AE being senior heavy but AE is AE they will be at the top regardless. Fulton 6 seniors???? Page and Davis are the only 2 i know about . Who are the other 4?
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