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  1. pujo

    Lunsford retires from cloudland

    My guess is Coach White, think he coached at Happy Valley at one time, was the head Coach at Unicoi before coming to Cloudland. Its still up in the air but thats just my guess.
  2. pujo

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    They Hired a whole new staph, Got um in training, it'll really be a mess next year.
  3. pujo

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    Player of the year in the region at qb, but they got a stud lineman From Greenville, Good chance he will be lineman of the year in 2a. Only played one way at Greenville, I'm sure he'll be on both sides now. 295 and can move, They just got better.
  4. pujo

    Lunsford retires from cloudland

    Mark Byrd, was a dandy but also had a solid team around him.
  5. pujo

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    I've got my eye on South Greene. That bunch may be pretty darn good.
  6. pujo

    Hampton 2019

    Well I know of one, ole wee dab. My Littliest buddy. Crawling now so should have him doing push ups shortly. LOL
  7. pujo

    Hampton 2019

    Be a freshman next year, won't be eligible or even ready for that matter next season, should be mature enough by the sophomore year. I'm in 000000000000000 hurry but should be fun watching him develop physically and mentally.
  8. pujo

    Hampton 2019

    Never a doubt about the work ethic with yours and you always have a few who are willing to go the extra mile. Think its been going well but you always have the dreaded summer and those foolish dead weeks. You guys will still be young but got lots of size. I'm expecting a good year.
  9. pujo

    Hampton 2019

    Depends on the work ethic or lack of, they work hard and can limit injuries,could be a pretty good bunch. I like what I've heard up to this point.
  10. pujo

    Region 1A

    Been a really good year for a YOUNG Hampton team. This team has potential in the future. Same for football. I can see some strong teams in the near future.
  11. pujo

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    Yes he could, would have been a Great Receiver or even running back. The other kid was a true QB. I was there the night you guys lost to Cloudland ,you had a very good team, I helped prepare Cloudland for you're passing game. I was very impressed with the way you guys played and the respect you showed even in defeat. I talked to several of the kids. Could be you was one of um.
  12. pujo

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    And Merry Christmas to you also, You are all really good people and I'm sure we would all be good friends. Good luck with the BB and hope that youngun heals well and fast. God Bless
  13. pujo

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    And Cloudland has never had anything close to that, that about how many transfers they've had in 25 years.
  14. pujo

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    Mark Byrd wouldn't have even been the QB at Cloudland if another kid Had went to Cloudland , He lived in Carter Co near the State line and went to Avery, had another kid who would have been an all state Receiver that did the same thing. With those 2 ,Cloudland would have really been loaded.
  15. pujo

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    Apples and Oranges Ladykee, thats not you're fault. Tis what it is. Think the last good transfer Cloudland had was about 2003. Actually lost the best Player in this County to Elizabethton .Was a senior this year and a 4 year starter, I'm sure he will be on the 4A all State team when it comes out.