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  1. pujo


    Thats more than we have, started with a few more but after a day or 2 of the rough stuff, some made like horse poo and hit the trail. Its not for everyone.
  2. We are very much alike, Don't mind getting 1 or 2 every now and again but if you live off transfers,it don't really seem like that big of an accomplishment. Thats the thing I love about small town football.
  3. For sure a lot of transfers these days and we may pick up some over the summer, If so, its nothing I know anything about. We scrimmage this coming Friday but will be without the baseball kids, we'll be better when they return. We should be a better team by the end of the season, a lot of new starters and they should improve as the season goes by.
  4. He better stick with Wendy, that pole watching sounds like a rough game to me.
  5. For sure, I'm sure we'll have PLENTY to work on.
  6. Don't reckon we got anyone new. Just a work in progress.
  7. Hard to say, gonna take a ton of work for us to reach our potential. We should have a chance to win most games and hope to at least compete in all of them. I'm sure next Friday will expose areas to improve upon.
  8. After next Friday night. Were going to be a little different this season.
  9. Good deal,hope we run into you guys again this season,if its at Hampton, I owe you one.
  10. Good example, Peabody beat Westview, McKenzie beat Peabody, SP beat McKenzie, Cloudland had every chance in the world and probably should have beat SP, Hampton beat Cloudland 33 to 0. You can't just go by a one game deal and determine outcomes and strengths of teams. Its a ton to do with matchups and game planning.
  11. pujo


    I'd say baseball is over you you fellers, I know we start today but we'll be without several baseball players.
  12. pujo


    When is spring practice and do you guys have a scrimmage.
  13. Not punching it in from the goal line and the early fumble took us out of the game.Regardless they were VERY hard to stop Think if we had focused on stopping the run,we would have been better off. We came trying to stop the pass and it actually made us until we couldn't stop anything. Westview was just a great team.
  14. Tennessee High and Sullivan East for Hampton, we'll be short handed but It,ll give some of the younger kids a time to show what they can do. Not a bad situation.
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