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  1. Yes region 1 is extremely weak but a # 5 seed out of region 2 has no business in the playoffs either.
  2. They've had some great talent over the years. They usually don't whip no one but can be tough to stop on offence.
  3. Access to kids, easy for some of these teams to load up.
  4. Fairness, where everyone plays with people who operate the same way. Reckon Alabama should be in the same League with NAIA schools.
  5. And that needs to go, Charter ,private ,magnet,city and any school that operates differently than pure public schools should be separated. What really needs to be done is address urban and rural. About all the usual powers have access to several kids from other schools period.
  6. Way outta hand and the adults are the one's teaching it to our kids. No place for it.
  7. Pride before a fall, people are just mere humans. Biggest ,smallest, come into the world without anything and leave the same way, it comes down to what you are ,nothing else matters. I love sports and the good values they teach, just think were learning some really bad values these days.
  8. Just let um go anywhere they want to and be done with it ,at least it would be legal that way. To be honest,no one should tell people where they can send their kids to school. All the best teams already attract kids, the bad one's lose um. Sports in general have gotten worse and worse at every level, A kid or even grown up can't score or make a big play without celebrating and drawing attention or just flat out taunting, Was much better when you just made a play and went back to the huddle. Its sickening to me, kids need to be taught to be humble and not like they are some sort of superior being. If so, they would be able to do it as adults. Truth is ,you only have the talent you are given, be thankful and not look down on others thats not as gifted. Our whole society is me,me me. Sad but true.
  9. And I hear York is getting a QB transfer,lol
  10. Think they already do this in North Carolina.
  11. Don't matter who SP has to replace, they are the front runners to come out of the East. Thats just the way it is.
  12. South Greene should be the top team in region 1, I'd also keep an eye on Eagleton. Think its Bledsoe in region 2.
  13. That game was a fight looking for a place and time to Happen. Both teams have issues, NIP IT.
  14. Not sure about that but I think they will get there.
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