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  1. Wish they were still in 2a, like the region now but it was even better when GP was in it.
  2. Lack of depth and kicking game for Cloudland will wear on them as the game goes on. I do expect Cloudland to hold their on and get the full attention Of HV but in the end I see HV pull it out. The war of attrition is not on the side of the Landers.
  3. Good don't get you no where,they would have to be Great to get anywhere in 3A. Beating Hampton would not be much of a measuring stick.
  4. I sorta agree with Warrior ,a lot of games will be tossups.
  5. Improved, This is gonna be a 4 team tussle. I could see 3 wins when the playoffs start. All depend on the health of these teams. Not sure any of the 4 can beat you cats, but I bet you will be tested.
  6. Don't know where this came from but I'm betting they are WRONG
  7. Hate to hear about Colby, hope to heck he's alright. Much respect for that young man
  8. Love that youngun to death, Fine kid. I've him since he was in Diapers. The whole family are good athletes.
  9. I'd have to give the Rebels the edge but I do think it will be a 4 horse race. Wouldn't dare count Sullivan North out. No one in this conference will have an answer for the Monster you speak of. Could easily be lineman of the year in 2a. Man among boys. Love having a competitive conference,
  10. Shouldn't have to play anyone better than Tn High in the regular season, still don't mean you'll win um all ,but should be able to compete in every game. This team has potential.
  11. Think you are right on both accounts, bitter sweet.
  12. Wouldn't put a quarter on it either way,Hampton has a lot of size and some good skill players. My guess is you guys will be the toughest team on their schedule. Hampton has a lot to figure out before game 1. Its a work in progress.
  13. Not for sure but I think Hampton scored once against the starters. Was a really good scrimmage for both teams. Thought Hampton moved the ball more consistently ,Just give up about 3 big plays .
  14. Too much of a mismatch tonight to tell anything about it. Do think if Hampton stays healthy, they'll be in every game they play. Top 4 in this region could end up several different ways. Its for sure up in the air at this point.Makes for a fun year. Next weeks scrimmages should be much more revealing.
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