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  1. CASC95

    Bearden State Champions

    Really wanted them to win last year. Glad they did this year. Congratulations!
  2. CASC95

    Manassas vs Columbia at State Tournament

    Really impressed with CA. They had some nice plays drawn up. Manassas was really talented, but it seemed like a few players were just chucking it.
  3. CASC95

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    Fayetteville had more total rebounds in the 1st qtr (21) than Humboldt did the entire game (20). Fayetteville ended with 49. The game definitely changed when #20 went out. That's too bad, I wanted to see both at full strength.
  4. CASC95

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    Watched this game. Game changed when #20 when out. He had 16 points 8 boards the first half in only 13 minutes.
  5. Got us a game between Humboldt and Fayetville so far.
  6. #30 for UH had 36 of teams 49 pts against McKenzie. Lost though.
  7. CASC95

    Clay County vs Pickett County tonight

    Congrats to Coach Walker, the coach that PC let get away.
  8. CASC95

    Loretto vs Douglass Championship Game

    I watch a lot of college baseball and if his numbers translate (which no doubt will since he competes against quality opponents), he should be drafted highly by MLB. I would like to see him play at Vandy, but it would be hard to pass up the opportunity to play immediately in MiLB/MLB.
  9. CASC95

    Penny to University of Memphis??????

    Deal set - http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/22834086/penny-hardaway-agrees-memphis-tigers-coach
  10. CASC95

    Loretto vs Douglass Championship Game

    I was curious about this comment. So I went and checked out last year's State Tournament Baseball and Weathers is a gamer! He had two complete game shutouts with 28 Ks and batted 9 for 11 (with 2 homers). Those are almost unbelievable numbers.
  11. CASC95

    Loretto vs Douglass Championship Game

    Douglass couldn't weather the storm Loretto put on them.
  12. CASC95

    Loretto vs Douglass Championship Game

    Loretto state champions!!!
  13. CASC95

    Loretto vs Douglass Championship Game

    Loretto up 64 62 2:27 4th. Loretto ball.
  14. CASC95

    Loretto vs Douglass Championship Game

    Loretto up 61 52 Loretto