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  1. Same here. Not sure how I feel yet. Not enough info. 1-9 last season & 20 points per game offensively doesn’t sound too impressive for an OC....time will tell. Trying to be open minded.....
  2. It’s all good. I never intended any disrespect to BPM, I was just curious & he very kindly answered me. Thank you again BPM. Yes, I am an unapologetic, passionate football mom, but I’m also more intelligent than most of you on here would give me credit for. FYI...mama bear clearly indicates I’m most likely not a “sir”, ya know, context clues.
  3. No sir, no threats. Just simply stating the obvious fact that people would/should be considering other options in the event that the administration was not able to secure a successful head coach. Which, may I add, they have yet to do.....So now we are approaching month 2 of the ongoing search for a head coach. Funny that this is what you chose to pick apart & respond to out of the last several posts. Great effort on your part, but you are still wrong. Not one threat has been made by me, just some friendly advice given to those who may need it. Also what say your “inside sources” about why Westview is struggling to fill this position???
  4. Thank you, sincerely, for your response. I agree with every word, & I appreciate your honesty. Academics is at the very top of the list & will always come first. Our high schooler is an A+ student, we always expect his best with academics. Again, thank you.
  5. True. You said a mouthful there. Would you care to give your opinion on my last question in the previous post? To be from Milan, you sure seem to know a lot about what’s going on over here in Martin.
  6. The whole narrative about the parents being the problem is false. You can spin it anyway you’d like & it’s still bs. If anything, parents are fed up with the politics of it all, the lack of consistency, integrity & professionalism. To my knowledge NO “threats” to leave have been made by parents. Many legitimate concerns have been raised by parents, & rightfully so, given the state of the program over the last several years. Why, when looking at all the successful programs across West TN, would parents not be considering better for their kids?! Enough is enough.
  7. FACT...2 coaches have turned the job down. There are others that pulled their name from consideration for the position. Where there is smoke, there is fire & seems to me, there’s a whole lot of smoke. Funny how you continue to refer to your “inside sources”, but yet have no idea what you are talking about. The truth is, no successful, proven coach seems to want the HC job at Westview. The BIG question we all need to be asking is why?
  8. I completely agree with you. Wolfe should be a top choice for Westview. I have heard, however, that he may no longer be interested in the job. Not sure what is going on. Unfortunately.
  9. Without a doubt. A+ hire if it turns out to be him. Westview football would be lucky to have someone like Josh Wolfe. How can you not like the guy? Wolfe is an all around outstanding person, the kids really relate to him, they love him, and he loves them. He’s in the coaching profession for all the right reasons and it shows. With the right support staff in place at WHS, he has potential to do big things. Absolutely a hire the parents would be pleased with having at the helm.
  10. Interviews that have already taken place and can be confirmed are: Adam Renshaw from Cleveland, Josh Wolfe from WC It appears as though Brandon Gray from Adamsville was a top choice among very few, along with Don Coady. It should be very interesting to see how it all plays out. Stay tuned.....
  11. You all may discount what I said here, as of this moment, it has been spot on. They will announce their mediocre hire soon so get your popcorn ready. Any parent who has a son at Westview that is serious about football, my advice to you is to consider the success & resources your child can have at almost ANY other school. Westview administration is enept at best, & is completely comfortable with continuing to stay a mediocre football program.
  12. That comment was really meant more as sarcasm to the other guy to be honest. You make some very valid points here & although I agree that Cantrell being promoted within was the right move at that time, he wasn’t successful, & I’m thankful they moved on from him. I cannot speak highly enough of Coach McConnell & what he did for Westview football. He loves what he does, & it shows in his love for the players. We hate to see him go, but we understand & wish him nothing but success. Really my main concern is that they take their time & make a proven hire here, someone that’s in it for the long term. Players & parents have dealt with 2 coaching searches, & at some point enough is enough when our kids could easily be playing at other places. These boys work hard in the classroom & on the field. They only get 4 years to make it count.
  13. Oh sugar I promise you I’m no “newbie” even if I’m new to posting on here. You didn’t come at me? That’s exactly what you are doing now. It’s ok, I’m pretty thick skinned so if it makes you feel better so be it. I apologize if your feelings got hurt. I hope it makes you feel like a real man to tell a lady to shut up. I won’t be responding any further as this is irrelevant to discuss. Bless your heart.
  14. Third times a charm or three strikes you’re out. However you look at it. Westview HAS to make the right hire for the program here long term, no doubt. You can take your sarcasm & have a seat. No one is disputing the fact that Westview is not sitting pretty right now considering this is our 2nd coaching search in less than a year. The talent is there, those kids are hungry & ready to work. They deserve a proven coach who will get the job done & stay.
  15. You said it best earlier. It’s just hard to argue with facts. Stats speak for themselves.
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