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  1. As previously stated the Westview job is a tough one. They are just coming off their first winning season in several years, numbers and athletes are down, and they are playing in a very tough region. In its current state, they wont be competing for a region championship anytime soon. Hopefully with Westview being one of the smaller 3A schools they will drop to 2A and in a couple years, will become much more competitive in doing so. On top of those challenges, Weakley County is one of the lowest paying around which makes it very difficult to hire a successful coach away from another program. I strongly believe at this point they will need to hire an up and coming coach which they already have in house that I hear the players love. In regards to parents being too involved, I believe it may be due to them just wanting whats best for their children. I'll use myself and my situation as an example. When my son was ending his middle school years and starting to look forward to his new beginning at Westview there wasn't much to look forward to. Westview was still in a downward spiral and had won very few games, we contemplated going elsewhere but chose to stay as he didn't want to be away from friends. We played the next year and after another very unsuccessful season Coach Cantrell resigns. Many other parents including myself were happy to hear of his resignation and were looking forward to better days ahead. In comes McConnell, he gets the players fired up, changes the culture the best he can, gets them started in the right direction and ends up getting them into the playoffs. Great, all things are looking up! Then they aren't, he resigns and heads home. Bring on another coaching search, these are fun right? I mean I truly wouldn't want to be in the principal's shoes and have the responsibility of hiring a coach for a program that just isn't currently a great job and that doesn't really compete financially with others around. I get it, it's hard, really hard!! What I can't understand that was done is not reaching out to every possible candidate that shows interest. I heard from several reliable sources that there were in fact, several coaches that had shown interest in the job that were never even contacted. Why wouldn't you try to reach out to everyone possible, especially those that have expressed interest. If all I've been told is correct, only 3 interviews were conducted. One of the candidates took another job shortly after, one was offered, given time to decide his future with the program ultimately turning it down, and then the other option respectively declined as well. Where does that leave us 48 days after Coach McConnell's resignation? Still without a coach and no where to look but inside. Which is fine, as stated before, I think he could be a great up and coming coach for Westview and the players love him but I do believe more should have been done early on into the search. As far as parents "threatening" to leave, I'm somewhat in touch with many parents and have no knowledge of anyone making threats. I have however heard some state that they might be contemplating leaving if they didn't feel the program would continue in the right direction, those that made those comments definitely wouldn't be considered "cancerous", are great kids, and the true definition of a team player. In my opinion I hope all involved choose to stay and make the best of their remaining time at Westview but I do, to some extent, understand their frustrations and wanting for their children to have a chance at a more successful program. I just hope they know what they are getting into and remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.
  2. Still nothing offical on a coach I guess??
  3. Was pulling for Wolfe to get the job but as of today its sounding like Renshaw took another job and Gray got offered, hopefully we'll hear something offical soon.
  4. Seems that you may have heard of a possible announcement coming soon. Hopefully the hire will be a good surprise and that it will be someone that can do good things at Westview with intentions to stay for the long haul (the kids and program need that). I've heard several names floating around and I, like many others I've spoken with, share your desire for Puckett as the man for the job. However, I don't see Westview knocking it out of the park. Westview didn't actually get much interest in the job as I expected. I'd hate to see any kids leave the program over a coaching hire because that would only worsen things. Maybe Westview can fall to 2A after next year and can be more competitive in the future.
  5. And you might add that according to the TSSAA website, while looking at historical data in boys/girls basketball, baseball, and football, the only sport in which Martin Westview has ever achieved more success in is girls basketball.
  6. I'm not sure Westview has a clue about Westview Football.
  7. I stand corrected, hearing too many chiefs and not enough Indians was part of the reasoning McConnell left and im not referring to Simpson
  8. 3 weeks, lol. Football wise its been better for years, Westview might have won 16 games in 4 years, LC won 15 just this year alone.
  9. Maybe not towns but I know one trophy case that's much larger and isn't full of just round balls. Lake County also has its share of NFL guys so don't argue that.
  10. McConnell left to be with family, go back home, and got a bump in pay in doing so.......that’s it, nothing more to that story. Puckett seems like a smart guy, I’d doubt he’d even consider replacing his son with Ty. I’m sure he’d put his kid in a position to get the ball in his hands as often as possible, why wouldn’t he, the kids a playmaker himself. I’d personally like to see them both in the backfield together, they could be dangerous. UTM Simpson doesn’t interfere like people often suggest he does. I agree with everything else.
  11. That's true, I would assume they'd move asap. I'd like to think they'd favor Martin over Lake County.
  12. I mean absolutely no disrespect to Lake County, but I think if someone can do what he has done there, then he can be successful anywhere. Yes, it's a very tough district, but if given a few years to work the boys in the weight room, I think he'd get Westview back on track. He'd also be bringing his son with him as well, that would be another much needed target for Simpson. I think the Puckett kid will be either a sophomore or junior and could really compliment the QB and his spread offense. I think if Puckett is interested in the job they need to make it happen.
  13. I wouldn't have a problem with Simpson helping in the search, afterall he does have experience in hiring coaches. I've also never heard of him trying to run things while Coach McConnell was in charge. I'd think if anything he'd be willing to help in anyway possible if needed. As far as coaching style is concerned, I think any coach could easily adjust their style to fit Ty's game. Yes he can sling it but he doesn't hesitate to fly up field when needed. Only deference is Ty wouldn't be able to take the pounding up the middle all game like LC's Snider but don't think he'd need to, especially if the Puckett kid was lining up on the same side of the ball. I think Puckett would be a great at westview if they could land him but then again not sure he'd leave Lake County.
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