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  1. who will they turn to now? puckett? alcoa d cord?
  2. when momma is ringing the dinner bell you come home boys! especially when she told you it was prime rib
  3. great site......... it has maryville 24 vs alcoa 21
  4. i saw someone mention 5 star matchup had predicted scores maybe? anyone have a link to that site? i use sonny moore right now for picking the winner each wknd.
  5. they might have 10 balls but it is time to show them who the defending champ is.
  6. heard hankins and rang both turned the job down...i know nothing new to report and that has already been mentioned.....if you talk to any alumni they say they have the funds to hire a good coach but i do not feel that is the case talking to former coaches on staff and they person that cuts the checks for the county....HEARD MCCONNELL IS INTERVIEWING
  7. where did the game thread go from last week? lake county at freedom prep?
  8. incognito campaign...going to have to go speed limit to nashville tonight to watch brentwood academy at mba....CAN'T WAIT!!
  9. i would not be surprised by a golden tornado win tonight in trenton....uc always takes it to another level for the playoff run....darn fine coach.
  10. if haywood can avoid the flags on themselves it might be a game. However from what i saw during the game against Briarcrest. they must have had 10 personal flags called on them in the 4th quarter alone.
  11. i like ravenwood....but whomever moves on to round 4 will not enjoy the whipping they take the next week.
  12. the brentwood crowd was very disappointing. the qb for independence had been pulled early in the first half to get back into the game and lead the comeback. However he was selfish and should have just given the ball to sheffield on the wr sweep on the last play instead of trying to make a play and be the hero himself.
  13. David Barker will NOT get that job. i was told that Simpson does NOT like him for his son. Ward may be there but imo his is just trying to get a raise from Crockett. i heard from a radio source in Carroll county that Swenson is considering the job.
  14. heck of a game i witnessed friday night in the cold windy air....i thought independence had the best crowd and the best player on the field....however the qb got selfish in double ot and didn't give it to him on the wr in motion sweep.....should have.....very surprised no one has been on this thread.
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