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  1. That fella been around some.
  2. It looks like we have both. The majority are coaches that have been in the business a while. A few played college ball. A couple daddies that played HS and coach Jr pro and asked to help. It looks like we have one old face back as well, from the McConnell days. From what I am hearing the changes are going to be significant but that’s just people talking. I don’t think we will know until the season. From my understanding Coach Boldin is taking the defense and letting someone new manage the scoring. I would venture to say that Boldin will have his hand heavily on both sides of the ball. His name is the one on the line. I feel like we will have a better prepared team under the new structure. If the details I’m hearing are true. From what I have seen here, 80% of the details on this site are mere guesses, even if claiming to be from the horses mouth. Myself included in that guesstimate. But what else could be more fun other than the game being played.
  3. Now that’s a great question.
  4. I’m at work, can y’all post the score. I guess I can look it up but I’m trying not to get caught playing on the phone.
  5. Trollin has a point about you beagle. ‘Shame on you” is a little soft but I guess in this SFW medium, it gets the job done. You bash waverly but I wouldn’t be surprised if a) you work over here or b) they wouldn’t hire you.
  6. I would guess that there is more at play than all of us know. I’m sure if that is the case the info will trickle out. Has to be more than “Money” or “want to go home”. He was at home when he lived In New Johnsonville and coached at waverly. I’ve read that he got scared off in that region. He is not that kinda guy from what I can tell. I read someone say he had no idea that the job would open up. Well everyone knew Coach Blow was done. Most thought he would stop coaching when his son graduated. I think that was last year or the year before. Nope, not buying the excuses being given. Has to be more to the story, we just need Paul Harvey to tell it to us. (If I’m right). I will add, I also don’t think Mcconnell is the kind of guy to bash where he was publicly. At least I have never heard about him complaining about waverly even if it is such a dreadful place like one of those Benton county yahoos that post on here talk about.
  7. I like it! Losers gonna lose. Just the way it is. If you can’t get the passion and fire for even high school football then you shouldn’t even be on the t. The guy bashing on waverly is making me laugh. Yep we are waverly. Yep we think we are better than most other places. Some have put us in our place but many have not. Several won’t ever. I do like to be rational and respectful but saying you wouldn’t want to raise your kids somewhere Kinda bent me. Half of dang Camden make a living over here and there they go running that mouth. I could write a book about the stupid the flows through Camden.
  8. Everyone in these parts knew Camden was coming open soon. I think it's a testament to what Martin has to offer plain and simple.
  9. True, Milan is a better coaching option but it’s not home, we will all have to wait and see. BPM says Milan has their man and it’s not them. Well he says the name is not in the thread and their names are, so if he is correct then it’s not them. My money is on Mcconnell or Wolfe getting/taking it. I actually think in that order. At least that’s the feeling I get from my Camden friends.
  10. Never say never. Home roots mean a lot as someone raises a family.
  11. Its worse than ours. that says a lot I know but its that bad.
  12. Man this thread has turned quiet. Beagle, so now you hearing McConnell's name getting thrown around. I hear it's his to turn down. What do I know though? I would think that they would want to talk to several people to ensure they are making the right choice. Wolfe needs a conversation to explain his vision. Waverly will be ready for either one of them that's for sure.
  13. I was actually first told this by a Camden person. I have heard it here too but Camden is where it originated. He and Wolfe were the names being talked. Maybe FSU will call him though.
  14. Like I said, the talk on my side of the rive says McConnell will be pulled away from Martin. Im not to sure about that but you know that was going to be the hot name. I agree, its a good job for someone that wants to be in a climate with support and a desire to win. They have supporters that invest in their program. They have kids that can ball. I believe it to be lucrative to a coach with a winning mindset and abilities to back it up. I won't look forward to playing them if they get the right coach.
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