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  1. Maybe the TSSAA has allowed Wilco transfers to play immediately more often than not, but the county’s zoning own policies have largely prevented anarchic free agentcy. There are a few major exceptions, such as “open zone” schools to alleviate certain situations of overcrowding. Years ago (long before Nolensville opened), Ravenwood was hit HARD by this rule as it allowed RHS-zoned kids to openly transfer for any reason including athletics. Brentwood and Centennial feasted off Ravenwood’s zone in the pre-Hester years. Of course, when the Raptors on-field performance drastically improved and Ravenwood became a place kids wanted to transfer into and play, only then conveniently the county had a zoning policy and that “rules are rules.” Heck, when a Ravenwood-zoned Centennial player transfered back to Ravenwood a handful of years ago, he had to sit out a year for transferring despite being at his ZONED school.
  2. When Hester was getting kids from Metro Nashville and Rutherford County to enroll at Nolensville while pretending they were legitimate WilCo students, everyone ignored it. Now a few players openly and transparently decide to go to Ravenwood and everyone has a problem. It wasn't even that long ago (2011-12) when Ravenwood-zoned athletes were abusing Williamson County "open zone" rules to transfer to rival schools only to have success AGAINST the motherland. Even today, Ravenwood doesn't have the advantage of being in a county (South of Knoxville, *cough cough*) where anyone can attend schools out of zone, albeit for a fee. And unlike a certain school in Murfreesboro, Ravenwood doesn't have a former principal hand-drawing the county's school zone boundaries in a gerrymandering-like scheme to ensure the neighborhoods with the best athletes end up at the right school. But at the end of the day, it won't matter, because the Raptors will be getting better each day, and taking care of business when the lights go on each Friday night. Ravenwood still ought to be getting to work, because I heard the trophy case needs a little more room for another Gold Ball.
  3. Matt Daniels is not messing around. All the people who throught the Raptors would cease to exist as a powerhouse when Hester left have some explaining to do. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjjyKii0b_iAhXjnuAKHWMmAD0QzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tennessean.com%2Fstory%2Fsports%2Fhigh-school%2F2019%2F05%2F28%2Fcollege-football-recruiting-reggie-grimes-transfers-ravenwood-tennessee-vols-alabama-crimson-tide%2F1258117001%2F&psig=AOvVaw12R04blsLmFN-C7qe3-_Ub&ust=1559181343698051
  4. If history serves me right last time Oakland played Whitehaven the Patriots went full wing-t until late in the game when they fell behind and panicked. Did not look anywhere close to the same team execution-wise while running their famous “other stuff besides the wing-t.”
  5. While I believe the hit indeed was helmet to helmet, the rule that an ejection also translates into an automatic one game suspension is archaic. Even if you do something that warrants an ejection, I don’t understand why sitting out the rest of said game (the definition of an ejection) isn’t enough in the eyes of the rules.
  6. What he meant is that what WH is doing this half is unstoppable schematically. Saulsberry can coach, but even if Ravenwood’s coach was Nick Saban, there’s nothing he could be doing do shut down WH at the line of scrimmage.
  7. Unfortunately for Ravenwood, this is true tonight.
  8. 30-24 WH. Tigers just out-athleting Ravenwood. Raptors have good coaches but no adjustment can change what’s going on. Hope some sort of spark changes this game.
  9. Haven now within two. Gotta be honest even when Ravenwood was scoring and taking a big lead I felt it was more to do with good situational football (big plays, turnovers, field position) than anything else. WH has really controled line of scrimmage the whole time, especially when they are on offense. Hope to hold on here.
  10. I think the penalty yards were given from the previous spot, making 2&25ish to 2&15.
  11. It looked like helmet to helmet from my angle. Whitehaven fans not happy, neither would I be if that would be called against my team. Oh well. We took the yards and scored the next play. Haven is good at the line of scrimmage so I’ll take any points. Game far from over.
  12. Little rain today, but a little rain never killed nobody. Ravenwood fans were everywhere in the Wolfchase Mall. On our way to the Haven now, looking forward to a good game. I’ll take the Raptors by a score but whatever happens, we thank Whitehaven for having us at the annual-ish Black Friday showdown.
  13. Ravenwood in 2015 was basically a wing-t out of a shotgun. That team was fortunate enough to beat Whitehaven (Probably the best Whitehaven team in the last few years on paper) largely because of special teams. After a WH player made a spectacular run after the catch to go up 13-3 right before the half, the ensuing return TD kept the Raptors in the game and then the 55 yd fg tied it. Completely changed the game. So yes, special teams may make the difference. RHS kicker/punter Luke Akers is the son of former Philadelphia Eagles kicker David Akers and has been great, so if special teams decide the game, I'm cautiously optimistic.
  14. Somewhat but I’ve seen it happen vice versa once or twice
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