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  1. Give me a shout sometime. 

    Dave 615-429-0570 ...same number

    1. Sommers



      I sincerely hope all is well 

      I promise, this reaching out is not an issue or something you need worry about.

      If you go to my FB and see this Gregory Mitchell and his far left positions and his daily trolling, I believe you would absolute eat his lunch should you join in.

      I would love to see that because, quite frankly, I know I lost just about every debate we ever had on coach t. That's why I stepped back and just throw things on there for others to see.

      Anyway, I know it's crazy for me to invite you, considering our history, but I'd be most appreciative and encouraged if you'd consider.




    2. texas23


      Hi Dave,


      I was sorry to hear about your wife.  Hang in there.



  2. There is no chance that the games are played. move on with you lives and be safe.
  3. I remember a D1 coach went and brokered the deal for the Ag center to hold the championships. Seems to me they were presented a deal and agreed to it versus making the deal on their own. This looks like a self inflicted injury by the teams and not the TSSAA.
  4. I would say that human nature of any person (coach) is hard to understand sometimes. I could see the reporting coach being upset (if he believed the opposing coach was sanctioning cheating) and going on the idea that this is the consequences of that behavior. And justifying it by "this is what you get when you cheat".
  5. Maybe the SH coach had the perspective that the other coach already knew this was going on. Maybe that is why he did not bring it to the other coach.
  6. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks".........
  7. I agree with this, it should be about the student athlete and participation in the sport.
  8. just a reality check, all in good fun.
  9. who put Wilson Central into the consolation bracket at the State Duals?
  10. re read the title of the post. Unless that entire team is ranked by Hamm, then WrestlingGod is not listing them.
  11. "Tommy".......classic name choice.
  12. That guy is trolling you Fooseball. LOL
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