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  1. My original Top 10 before the season began. I did miss Oak Ridge but picking 5 out of the 8 is not bad. The talk in Murfreesboro was the the state tournament game was played between Riverdale and Houston. No doubt it was great game but it wasn’t the championship. The gold ball was not handed out that night. The Bearettes were down in both the semis and the finals but never gave up. It has been said that offense wins games but defense wins championships. I am definitely a believer after watching this gritty Bearette team. Well done!
  2. Sounds like your a little bitter that your team doesn’t get good players. Great Players want to play for Great Teams. Bradley’s Coach and Lebanon’s Coach are some of the best around. They coach their kids hard and prepare them to play at the next level. Why wouldn’t a good player want to play for these programs?
  3. Cleveland Daily Banner reported that the coaches and media unanimously chose Bradley as the top team. With Bradley loosing Howard, I’m surprised that East Hamilton wasn’t chosen for the top spot. With the Hayes’ sisters being a junior and a freshman, they are going to be tough to beat. Thoughts?
  4. Who’s you top 10 preseason pics? Possibly the most wide-open AAA has been in a while. 1) Houston 2) Bradley Central 3) Riverdale 4) Bearden 5) Arlington 6) Lebanon 7) Blackman 8) Maryville 9) East Hamilton 10) Stone Memorial
  5. Rhyne Howard is an amazing student athlete. She has been on a mission since being shunned from the McDonald's All-American game. In my opinion, she's the best to ever wear a Bearette jersey (and I have seen many greats). She has a crew around her this year that can all score. Rhyne is going to draw the defense and 99 out of 100 times make the perfect pass to her teammates to shoot the open shot. The question is, who do you leave open on their team to help defend Howard? I heard someone say the top 7 that are playing with Rhyne averaged 2.1 minutes a game last year. This year those same 7 are averaging 40 points per game. It is a testament to Rhyne's leadership, the players' work ethic, and great coaching. Good luck to the Bearettes as they finish the season! We are rooting for you!
  6. Post of the Year! I think Rhyne is more of a Magic Johnson / Larry Bird type. Kobe is too arrogant for her style of play. I am looking forward to seeing if anyone besides a Murfreesboro team can bring the title home (they have had it for way too long). There are teams out there that have a chance...Bradley Central, Oak Ridge, and Mo West are viable contenders. Murfreesboro teams do have the advantage of MTSU hosting the state tourney every year. I do understand that it is centrally located to accommodate most of the state but, none the less, it is an advantage. Good luck to all the team competing to get to Murfreesboro. Hopefully, this year will be one to remember!
  7. Greeneville has proven to draw the best teams around for the Ladies Classic. It is difficult to win this tournament once but to do it back to back is a tremendous compliment to Bradley Central. Rhyne Howard is a tremendous player and should be Miss Basketball for AAA.
  8. It is my understanding that the Cleveland High School Assistant AD coached more than one tournament that combined both upcoming 8th graders and current high school players. The Fastbreak AAU club is lead by Cleveland's Head Girls Basketball Coach. So, the Coach and Assistant AD either knew the rules and chose not to abide by them or did not know the rules at all. Ignorance is not an excuse for not abiding by TSSAA rules. Incoming players should be ineligible and program should be punished.
  9. Anyone know the details surrounding the Cleveland High School girls basketball coach practicing/playing his incoming 8th graders and current high school players together under his Fastbreak AAU team last Feb, Mar, and Apr? The last time I checked, that is a recruiting violation. Your thoughts?
  10. Anyone see the USA Today rankings? 13. Riverdale 17. Bradley Central 18. Hamilton Heights Any thoughts?
  11. Being from East TN, I have not seen the teams past Murfreesboro play. My predictions: Region 1&2: Bearden, Oak Ridge Region 3&4: Bradley Central , Riverdale Region 5&6: Wilson Central, Clarksville Region 7&8: Memphis Central, Houston
  12. Who do you predict will be playing in the glass house come March?
  13. Bradley Central can be as good as any team in the state this year. Any team on any given night can win a ballgame but when Bradley starts turning people over with their pressure defense, it can be a long night for their opponents. Looking forward to a possible rematch of the state semi-finals between Bradley and Oak Ridge. Should be a great tournament.
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