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    I'm so disappointed in this coaching staff. I've never in my life seen coaches call more stupid plays. Huntingdon iced their own kicker tonight. Lined up to kick a go ahead field goal and then called time out to talk it over then sent the kicker out there to miss it. Here's the good one. 2 minutes left Milan 0 timeouts Huntingdon lines up in the SHOTGUN, HANDS THE BALL OFF and FUMBLES for the 4th time losing all 4 instead of taking 3 knees and running out the clock. Never seen such stupidity in all my life. Congratulations boys you earned the victory your coaches should be taken out to that pasture behind the fieldhouse and drug thru the crap maybe it would make them a little smarter
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    The point made in the highlighted sentence is the key. The investigations regarding changing grades and other allegations were not concerned with TSSAA rules and regulations. Apparently TSSAA was only concerned with what other investigations revealed, because they conducted none of their own, other than to obtain what was self reported by Trezevant at first, then Shelby County... see the board minutes. One of the administrators in our system was intrigued enough by the hullaballoo that he compared the enrollment number provided to TSSAA by their administration against the number provided to obtain money for rear-ends in seats, and they did not match. I fully intended to let sleeping dogs lie, but this keeps surfacing, and you keep replacing Teli White on the pedestal every time someone questions his morals or intentions. Before you begin with "show me the proof" and "he was exonerated"... find out if it matters to you for yourself. I didn't personally check, I accepted the word of the man that did as fact, so crucify me if you wish, but if it matters to you, it's there for the finding.
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    I hope someone turn Powell in for recruiting
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    I was just trying to help a brother out man. You said you wanted to trash talk lol
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    So I see Greenback is driving up the road this Friday to take on the Wamplers. GB should take this one 34-7.
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    Truth! And it is legal. If a kid doesn’t want to be a Falcon, I am perfectly fine with that. My problem is the blatant acts of some in the county that go out and recruit these young kids walking the halls of middle schools that feed several different high schools. We have all benefited at some point or another from out of zone kids but my problem is with the adults involved. Nobody wants to speak on that however, let’s just look the other way as long as it benefits those we support. Injuries and youth have been the downfall of the Falcons thus far.
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    Guess I’ll be quiet for the rest of the year...playing for second in the West
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