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  1. Beech had 3 visible backs that were visible because of their scheme. Beech runs the I and the Wing T, which puts multiple running backs on the field at a time. That is why its seems that they have the better athletes. I however still feel that Gallatin has the overall better athletes as a team.
  2. I'm an outsider that has watched Gallatin play. They have the athletes and those athletes are better than every school in the neighboring area excluding Mt. Juliet (who is a 6A school). You can name drop Hurd at Beech and Malone at Station Camp, but overall Gallatin has the better athletes as a team. If you dropped Crabtree, Osteen, Perry, etc. in as the head coach you would win and win immediately.
  3. Alcoa by 3 scores. Rankin tends to get conservative in title games (but its also why he has won them all). If they can pull out some unlikely scores and throw the kitchen sink at em' then West TN has a shot. But i doubt it
  4. Does Oakland finally break through and get a championship under Creasy? If I was a betting man, i'd say so. But Whitehaven can score, and score fast. Whitehaven can play from behind better than Oakland can because of offensive identity. Defense wins championships, and defense will win this game. Nah mean cuh
  5. Henry county's physicality will be too much for KC. Predict a high scoring game. HC 35 KC 21
  6. TC will win by two scores. I think they are going to get back to winning ways. Nah mean cuh
  7. Cornersville will win this game 23-14. They will have a safety in the game.
  8. This game will come down to who can make the most big plays. MJ did it friday against Blackman. I'm hopping on the underdog bandwagon and going with MJ. Anyone if its going to be on TV?
  9. Beech by 3 points. Game winning field goal takes it. Book it!
  10. Heard from a reliable source that GQ may be returning to the high school coaching ranks in Tennessee
  11. Blackman has too many athletes compared to MJ. Plus their in season schedule was much more testing. I would say Blackman 42, MJ 14.
  12. Watertown by a quarter dozen touchdowns. Too much juice in the legs of the runner.
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