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  1. osunut2

    Cummings to Halls?

    Great question, BT. I think he's a solid get for Halls, considering the circumstances. He definitely won't have the horses that he had while at West, so it'll be interesting to see what level of success he can have.
  2. osunut2

    Best team in District 3-AAA?

    Definitely will be fun. Just feels like everyone is chasing Bearden and Maryville. The Rebels are making a very strong case in district 4, and they aren't at full strength.
  3. osunut2

    Best team in District 3-AAA?

    District is pretty wide open. Powell lost a close one to Central. I still think OR and Powell finish 1-2. District 4 should dominate region play.
  4. osunut2

    Best team in District 3-AAA?

    Agreed. I don't think Powell is the clear-cut #2, but I do think they will finish 2nd behind OR. They just don't have enough offensive firepower this year.
  5. osunut2

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    I don't know if anyone "made" the state pay for it, but OR applied for the maximum amount of state funding (with the required promise of a funding match) and TDEC approved it. I'm surprised that TDEC approved it to begin with, given the specific nature of the project. Yes, Blankenship must now be open to the public, but IMO, the project doesn't quite meet the requirements established by the Local Parks and Recreation Fund (LPGF) program. According to TDEC, the LGPF program "provides state funding for the purchase of land for parks, natural areas, greenways and the purchase of land for recreational facilities. Funds also may be used for trail development and capital projects in parks, natural areas, and greenways." So does that mean that Blankenship will be reclassified as a park?
  6. They couldn't get out of their own way in week 1. Bobcats had a ton of turnovers; four or five to none, I believe, including one at the goal line. The following week, they played a good Fulton team. That one was a bit of a toss up, from what I remember. It really wasn't until the Halls game at the end of September that Central really started hitting their stride, IMO.
  7. Not sure what the TSSAA verbiage is, but the NCAA rule is pretty simple. According to Rule 6, Section 1, Article 2 (Rule 6-1-2-a): "After the ball is ready for play and for any reason it falls from the tee, Team A shall not kick the ball and the official shall sound his whistle immediately."
  8. They called the 5 yard variety, but I agree.
  9. Central will win it, as HC turns it over on downs at the Bobcat 24. Incredible performance by the Central defense. HC will finish with 131 total yards.
  10. Another big 4th down coming for HC.
  11. HC converts at the Central 29.
  12. 4th down upcoming for HC. 1:36 to play. HC out of TOs.
  13. 2:26 to play. HC takes over at the Central 44 after another poor punt.
  14. HC forces a 3 and out. Central punts in to the wind again, but HC hits the kicker. They will rekick.
  15. Central can ice this game with a couple of 1st downs.