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  1. That viral video of Matt Lowe sprinting and sliding on the sideline vs. Halls last year may have driven some page visits.
  2. FYI, Knox County Schools just announced an expected $4.4 million budget reduction, due to loss of sales tax revenue. Granted, that's only ~0.9% of our overall budget, but it'll be interesting to see how other school systems handle this inevitability. I would think that some areas may take a bigger financial hit than others. Interestingly enough, KCS plans to cover nearly half of that loss by cutting the fat at central office
  3. Good point. Tax increases and levies aren't temporary, in most cases. Tightening the belt is probably the most reasonable short-term solution. I know this isn't a popular opinion in TN, but I favor a tax levy in certain cases simply because most teachers state-wide are underpaid.
  4. Not trying to nuke this thread, but wouldn't this COVID situation warrant a modest property tax increase, just to help keep everything afloat?
  5. https://www.nfhs.org/media/3812287/2020-nfhs-guidance-for-opening-up-high-school-athletics-and-activities-nfhs-smac-may-15_2020-final.pdf Yikes.
  6. Trusley is the big loss, and Powell's success will heavily depend on the ability of Jordyn Potts to step in and be a solid replacement at QB. He played a lot of mop-up duty as a freshman last year, so he's seen a lot of varsity snaps, but the stakes will certainly be different next season.
  7. I think SD has to prove that they are/were more than just Elijah Young. Their loss to Seymour was telling, so I would expect SD to come back down a bit next year. You have to think that Central is still the favorite in the region, even with all of the attrition they will have to deal with, including the loss of Rosser. I would also expect Gibbs and Halls to be in the top 4 conversation, simply because Carter, Seymour, and Sevier Co were so far behind the top 4 last year; those 3 teams would have to take a pretty big step forward, or have one of the top 4 take a big step backward, to clinch a playoff spot. In region 3, I wouldn't expect much change in the top 4. With all of their returning talent, OR, West, Powell, and Fulton should be your playoff teams. I would be surprised to see one of Karns, Clinton, and/or CC nab a playoff spot in that brutal region. But who knows. It's only January
  8. Yeah I don't think it's as simple as that. My understanding is that KCS still has to approve it. Craney should get it, but stranger things have happened.
  9. Good to know. Didn't realize they had already signed off.
  10. I think Georgia will have some "unofficial" say in the matter, depending on how cooperative/supportive they are of Mayes and his right to transfer.
  11. I will never dog a husband for supporting his wife, especially in an endeavor such as this. She's getting a phenomenal opportunity, I think everyone on this board is happy for the Rosser family.
  12. I'm just here to see the reaction of a certain someone...
  13. They've got to prove it to me on the field before I'll believe it. They've not been in that conversation in over a decade, and I don't think 2020 will be any different. They are a 7-8 win team next year, which is another step in the right direction. But if anyone thinks that we are suddenly going to see 1998 all over again, that's just not going to happen in this era of the SEC. The league is a LOT more top heavy than it was two decades ago.
  14. They are on the right track, but I'm not sold yet. They still have a ways to go to catch the likes of Bama, UGA, LSU, UF, etc. If they can develop a QB, that would be huge.
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