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  1. Not much of one, at least not tonight. Halls runs a 3-4 defense, and I was impressed with their linebackers' ability to beat blockers to the point of attack. Powell has a very good offensive line, but they haven't looked great when it comes to run blocking. They ran it pretty well against Clinton. And they've run well enough this season to keep teams honest. But the one thing they lack on offense is a game breaker at running back. They've got 3 guys that have all gotten significant carries this season, but they don't have that go-to back that they've had in the past. In the final minutes tonight, with the game on the line, Connor Wheeler was getting the bulk of the carries, and he's a freshman.
  2. We'll see how it goes, Willie. What I saw tonight is what I expected to see next week. Hopefully Lowe has something up his sleeve. The one saving grace for Powell right now is that their defense the past 3 games has been light years ahead of where they were in August. It also helps that Walter Nolen is in better game shape now.
  3. Believe it or not, I think Clinton exposed them last week. The only offense they could really muster against Clinton for ~3 quarters were QB scrambles and some plays in the running game. Clinton got pressure with 4 down linemen, and just played 2 and 3 deep zone coverage. The only mistake they made was losing contain on Potts, and he made them pay a few times. Halls didn't really get any QB pressure tonight, but they did a great job of spying Potts, to go along with that 2-3 deep zone look. Frustrated the heck out of the offense. Potts wanted to take the top off the defense, but it was rarely there. When it was, he couldn't hit it. I don't think he had a single keeper tonight either.
  4. If they sit back in a 2-3 deep zone and keep an eye on Potts to run, we'll see exactly what we saw tonight. Powell's only points came off of a short field caused by turnovers. They just don't really have a great running game to counter that, so Lowe is going to have to get creative.
  5. Both Halls and Clinton nailed the blueprint for neutralizing the Powell offense. We'll see if OR follows suit.
  6. I'll give Cummings some credit though. He clearly watched Powell's film from the Clinton game. They sat back in a 2 or 3-deep zone a lot tonight, and they dared Potts to either find those soft spots or to take shots down the field. They also did a nice job spying him.
  7. Yup. The fumble that set up the winner score was really close. I've watched the replay a few times, and I'm not so sure.
  8. Powell survives, 14-7. Great performance by both defenses.
  9. And on the next play, Collins takes a bubble screen and scores a TD. Unreal. 17 seconds left, Powell leads 14-7.
  10. Wow. Halls fumbles the ball at the Powell 37 with 27 seconds left.
  11. Powell turns it over on downs at the 20. Halls ball with 1:30 left. I don't know what Powell is trying to do offensively, but they are an absolute mess tonight.
  12. Big INT by the Panthers. 4 min left, Powell ball at their own 40.
  13. Wow, Powell gets a terrible spot on 4th and short. Halls takes over at their own 44.
  14. The body language of the Powell offense is telling...
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