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  1. I thought it was the right call to go for two, and I think you had a good play called. When the ball was snapped, I thought your back was going to walk in. Defender made a play and filled that gap. Looking forward to a potential rematch. Let's hope we get to see it!
  2. Felt pretty even to me. Hopefully Round 2 will be much cleaner.
  3. Wow, Powell wins 21-20 in OT. Powell jumped offsides on the tying PAT attempt, so West opted to go for 2 from a yard and a half out. They didn't get it. I hope we see a rematch in November!
  4. Yup, a lot of them were exactly that.
  5. Headed to OT. Ugly ugly game. Things have settled down a bit, but somehow Powell is still in this despite 200+ yards in penalties.
  6. Powell has to have over 200 penalty yards in this one, and we still have 11 min to play.
  7. I don't have a problem with hard hitting football. I have a problem with intent to injure.
  8. I can't blame a coach for trying to protect his QB. That poor kid was driven head first into the ground late. Clear intent to injure.
  9. Wow, this officiating is terrible. Definitely intent to injure on that late hit.
  10. This game is getting out of hand.
  11. West is improved, but I'm not sure that comparison says a whole lot. None of those 4 are nearly as good this year.
  12. It does look like they are going to stream it. They are partnered, but DCM hasn't carried every Powell game this season. I'm sure it has to do with funding.
  13. I'm not aware of anyone streaming this one or covering it via radio. What a shame.
  14. For whatever reason, I don't think they are streaming this one.
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