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  1. Some of that is probably inevitable, considering how the city of Oak Ridge has changed since the end of the Cold War. I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. The academic rigor has definitely kept OR relevant.
  2. I wouldn't hit the panic button after one game, but I understand the frustration. Let's be honest though, programs like OR have the incredible luxury of being (or expecting to be) a "contender" year in and year out. If this happens to be a down year, you won't be down for long.
  3. Officially, Powell was flagged 13 times for 105 yards. Greeneville was flagged 14 times for 85 yards.
  4. That seems a bit harsh. I'm not a UT or OR fan, but I am a football fan so I am interested in what they are doing since I live here and work in Oak Ridge.
  5. This has been a weird game. Definitely looks like Week 1. AC scored on the opening 2nd half kickoff and a blocked punt return. Clinton has moved the ball but they can't finish any drives.
  6. Has AC's offense touched the ball this half?
  7. You must be late to the party. Look through the AC and Greeneville threads from last season...
  8. Hats off to Greeneville. Both teams looked awfully rusty. It's just tough to get a read on a team in Week 1, especially with a new head coach, new signal caller, and especially after a 2+ hour weather delay on the road.
  9. Eh, they don't have much of a kicker, so I get why they didn't kick a FG on that first drive. That first missed PAT was ugly. His clock management at the end was awful though.
  10. Great finish and a great win for Powell!
  11. Eli Owens just murdered Youngblood. Holy cow what a hit.
  12. Man this is definitely a week 0 game. So many penalties.
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