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  1. We'll see. He is a salesman, no doubt about that. Lowe is certainly the better play caller, so from an X's and O's (and player development) standpoint, this move won't hurt. I'm not sure that you will see Powell drop very much in 2022, with the returning cast that they have on offense, but I do think 2023 will be interesting if we're to gauge the impact that JJ had.
  2. Lowe handed the keys to the offense to JJ a couple of seasons ago.
  3. Gonna miss him. Great guy.
  4. I believe he's currently an assistant principal at Northwest MS in Knox County, and is completing his EdS at Carson Newman.
  5. They made the quarterfinals his second year back.
  6. I don't expect either of them to. I think most assume the family is moving again to be close to Walter in College Station.
  7. Interesting resume timeline, which isn't captured in that screenshot. https://www.dailycommercial.com/story/news/local/tavares/2019/12/11/dugger-resigns-as-tavares-football-coach/2094353007/
  8. Agreed. They've got some nice pieces in their front 7, but Walter is impossible to replace. That position was a huge issue in 2020, and you also saw it when he wasn't on the field at times this season.
  9. I think the key here is the "state’s highest class." Prior to the first expansion, I think Cleveland made it to the quarterfinals once (1985 I think). They've never made it beyond the 2nd round of the playoffs in their entire history when playing in the highest classification.
  10. Two words - Scotty Whitt. He carried that Clinton team on his back in 1992. Did everything he could to single-handedly beat Gallatin in the title game, but came up just short. He's one of the greatest running backs I can remember in the history of east TN HS football. Sadly, his life spiraled out of control not long after his senior season. Their 2009 team was really good too, which was led by Darian Stone and Weston Hazelhurst. That team was good enough to win it all, had it not been for Anderson County upsetting them early in the playoffs. They had some good teams in the late 90s (not the level of 92 or 09), but what's interesting is that they haven't had much success at all since they were bumped down in classification back in 1999. Outside of 2009, they've only had a two winning seasons since 99. What really hurts them is an Anderson County program that is consistently winning these days. You just don't see both Clinton and AC competing at a high level at the same time very often.
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