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  1. They don't play during the regular season. But I'd certainly love to see them play in the playoffs again.
  2. I would assume Maryville and Catholic. But AC in the opener will be a challenge as well.
  3. Powell's offense shouldn't miss a beat. There is one big question mark on defense though. Walter Nolen masked a huge hole on their defense last year. A guy like him is irreplaceable, so I'm curious to see how they solve the middle of their defense in 2022. Their defense could revert back to 2020 if that's an issue.
  4. The 1999 and 2000 Powell teams were largely gutted in the same way by Helton. I had multiple classmates that went to play for him in the late 90s, and that's exactly how he did it. He took full advantage of that loophole.
  5. I think the hate that Maryville gets is the same that any perennial winner/contender gets (e.g., Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Clemson, Tom Brady, etc). Consistent winners are villainized. I don't think most folks have anything personal against Maryville, it's just that many fans get tired of the same team(s) at the top. I don't openly root against Maryville (or Alcoa), but I'll admit that I have a soft spot for any team that hands them an L. Maryville hasn't lost a district game since my senior year at Powell, and it will be a huge deal when that streak ends.
  6. OR always has the athletes, but they've really struggled on the OL in recent years. It'll be interesting to see if Cummings can address that weakness.
  7. Are they not playing Fulton on 9/23?
  8. We'll see. He is a salesman, no doubt about that. Lowe is certainly the better play caller, so from an X's and O's (and player development) standpoint, this move won't hurt. I'm not sure that you will see Powell drop very much in 2022, with the returning cast that they have on offense, but I do think 2023 will be interesting if we're to gauge the impact that JJ had.
  9. Lowe handed the keys to the offense to JJ a couple of seasons ago.
  10. Gonna miss him. Great guy.
  11. I believe he's currently an assistant principal at Northwest MS in Knox County, and is completing his EdS at Carson Newman.
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