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  1. Appvol

    Lunsford retires from cloudland

    King I’m going to keep my mouth shut. Most knew it would only be 3 years and deep down you knew it to.
  2. Appvol

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    I’m going to say the 2001 Cloudland team was one of the best public schools since the 2000s that got beat by Ezell Harding in the finals.
  3. Atleast it had Coffey from Cloudland on it. He would of started on any 1a team at RB and been just as good. Don’t know if got the respect or his due as far as 1a goes.
  4. Appvol

    Class 1A 2019

    It’s on page 15. I quoted your post. I didn’t post the dates or region games.
  5. Appvol

    Class 1A 2019

    I would agree after next year maybe. Miller is going with my son to Witten right now.Making sure the left side of the line will be ready.Blair will do a good job running the ball. I posted the team schedule next year for you.
  6. Appvol

    Class 1A 2019

    Still wondering why you think 5 games will be a struggle to win.
  7. Appvol

    Greeneville Football 2019

    This is who I would of like to see a game against this years Greeneville team.Either one of these teams.You guys like good football and would of enjoyed watching a game against these 2 schools.If Pisgah would of won their 1st round playoff game they would of got beat by Shelby. This will 4 out of 5 years they have been to the state championship game in big 2a. http://www.wbtv.com/2018/12/08/shelby-beats-hibriten-win-aa-western-regional-final/
  8. Appvol

    Class 1A 2019

    Why will next years team struggle to win 5 games?
  9. Appvol

    Class 1A 2019

    Playing Hampton twice,South Greene, Sullivan North, Happy Valley, Johnson County, and Avery. Nothing set in stone.
  10. I watched last night finally when the stream started working. Im one of the few that thinks you guys would win it in 2a in NC. You guys looked really good last night. It was fun to watch.
  11. Appvol

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    Could luck Friday. I wish Cloudland could of played Greenback. Don’t think we could of got the W but would of liked to seen the game.
  12. Do you Greeneville guys go to NcPreps any.
  13. Appvol

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    Here is a good article about Murphy’s coach. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2018/10/19/david-gentry-road-400-wins/1681612002/
  14. Appvol

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    Today was just a bad matchup. Especially with 2 freshman corners. That INT before the half changed the game. Could of been 19-17 at the half. I left at early. If Pruitt can go 6-6 with Butchs players he has done a great job for his 1st year.
  15. Appvol

    1A semi final Greenback @ Whitwell

    Their coach just won his 400th game this year. They have won several 1a state championship in NC. Only 75 miles from Greenback.