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  1. Westview only lose last year was to a 1a school. Edit I see it was already mentioned now.
  2. This will be your 1st real test. The combined record of the teams you have played is 11-28. GP will the 1st team you guys have played with a winning record. I’m sure you guys will be ready after a good week of practice.
  3. Had to post this totally not about the game.
  4. Brother in law might have something different I guess. Either way that’s a impressive defense the 1st half
  5. Think Price figured out what NC State was trying to sell wasn’t going to be to good for him. Price just committed to App St. Good pickup for Coach Bentley. John Mark will do a good job coaching him.
  6. That was a good win. Price is committed to NC State.
  7. Oh I know you would know about the SMC. The conference has over 30 state championships. That tells you a lot.
  8. Murphy beat SP Friday night 34-28. Murphy might finish 4th in the SMC this year. Andrews beat Mitchell but Mitchell QB is out right now. Andrews has couple of kids that are really good.
  9. I did enjoy the T last week reading how Murphy couldn’t handle South Pitts speed by some posters.
  10. Yeah you don’t want to make this momma bear mad. They are a great family.
  11. Yeah Andrews might make a run in the playoffs. Playoffs in the West in NC is going to be crazy good in 1a. When Mitchell QB comes back healthy they will be a tough out. Mount Airy, Eastern Randolph,Thomasville, and East Wilkes is looking good.
  12. Yeah my old high school has been battling Robbinsville in wrestling these past few years but getting the best of them. Robbinsville might be the team to beat in the conference. Swain is looking good so far this year and Andrews has a really good team this year.
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