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  1. I hear what saying my sons freshman year the year they got beat 43-0 the Cloudland JVs won like 65-20. My son a Junior is going to have to step up the on the DL line this year. He didn’t play much last year on the DL but started on the OL. I think it will be a close game.
  2. Why do you think HV is 2-3 tds better. Just wondering.
  3. There is nothing for sure about a new school most think it will happen. There is several elementary schools they could close and combine with others in Carter County to save money.
  4. Hope it’s nothing serious. Don’t want to see anybody get hurt in a scrimmage.
  5. Wasn’t talking about the scrimmage between HV and Avery. I just thought Avery’s line play looked better than last year.Tittle didn’t play offense any against Avery from what I could tell. HV Defense did good against Avery passing Offense.
  6. I will say Avery looked better in their line play. They got a kid from Elizabethton Ty Smith that should be a good ball player. He is originally from Avery Co. went to Elizabethton but came back to Avery.
  7. Rosman was the orange and black team. They are pitiful. Enka was the Blue they are pitiful. Patton was the white team they had some size. How bad was Happy Valley QB dinged up. Was he the one on crutches.
  8. Come on King they could ride with wife. At 6th grade they will take 25 more kids into the school.
  9. King if you really think that you should try to get your girls into UH. Don’t have to pay to go there. Ranked 6th as one of the best schools in the state. If a group of girls tried to get in that where basketball and softball players I would like to see what they could do.
  10. East Tennessee Mountaineers sounds good.
  11. I was told Hampton didn’t score on Cloudland starters.Just wondering if that was correct.
  12. Does anybody know how the scrimmage went today.
  13. King I think you overlooking Blair. He may not have break away speed but he will get you some tough yards. I think the other Birchfield will hold his own. The Black(thats his last name) kid has some speed. I’m more worried about the D this year. Johnson will be hard to replace at LB. King I’m also wanting to see how McKinney develops through the season.
  14. I think the top 2 in each region should be the only guaranteed playoff spot and the rest should be at large. Not every team in a region should make the playoffs if there is only 4 teams.
  15. Sorry meant West for the Nashville schools. Just had East in my head.
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