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  1. Where is Cooper Flynn going to go.
  2. That I understand. Askey and Oakley are also graduate transfers. Once these Covid years are over this portal stuff might settle down. Right now App St and Campbell are top 25 teams in the Country. Be interesting to know how many kids never start at the school they transfer to. It’s really high in football
  3. Or you could go to a high profile program and get stuck in the depth chart and never start. Grass isn’t always greener
  4. Jarvis Little might have a good chance to start as a Freshman with Oakley going to the portal. Sean Carter red shirted this year for App St. He could be at 133.
  5. Jarvis Little is in the finals at 132 Senior Division Casen Roark is in the finals at 132 Junior Division Joseph Uhorchuk is in the finals at 113 Sophomore Division Mason Jakob is in the finals at 120 Sophomore Division Ryder Smith is in the finals at 220 Sophomore Division
  6. Looks like 130 high school kids from TN went to the High School Nationals that start today https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/e3b96a25-86d7-4df7-bf38-9b5a0dfd3b60
  7. That’s really cool. I can remember when I was in high school early 90s Coach Bentley has a sister. She wrestled some when she was young and would beat the heck out of boys. As she got older she stopped wrestling. If there would have been girls wrestling then she would have been really good.
  8. Well portal season is starting. Ethan Oakley and Tommy Askey for App St hit the portal. This will hurt small schools who find kids and develop them.
  9. Enjoyed watching you wrestle at the SoCons. I’m an App St fan and you had a really good tournament. One my good friends I wrestled with in high school son is going to App St. He probably want get any money. May never start but he wants to compete everyday and go through the grind. It was fun watching everyone pull against Campbell at the SoCons
  10. How can you they that though. Just because they don’t start on a team or do good at the NCAAs doesn’t mean they didn’t do well. That they aren’t a D1 wrestler. Go to a smaller level can also cost you way more money to go to school especially at the D3 level. Have you seen the breakdown of states that had AA this year. Heck Georgia just now finally had there 1st National Champion.
  11. You are correct. Coach Bentley at App St took kid from NC who never won a State Championship in high school and he ended up being a AA when he left App St. There are a lot kids on a roster. Some may never be in the starting lineup. There job in the room is to compete for that chance and to make their teammates better. You can’t tell me that don’t make them a D1 wrestler if they are putting the work in.
  12. Askey for App St is a tough kid. Coach Bentley does a really good job at developing kids. That’s one reason I can’t wait to see how Little develops at App St. and what his career looks like. He can be a AA before he leaves I think
  13. Because when you can dominate someone by riding mentally and physically it takes a lot out of the man on bottom. You aren’t going to be scoring a lot points against the best of the best on top.
  14. Carter Starocci says otherwise. That was a dominant ride of Griffith in the 2nd period in the Semis
  15. Was surprised to see App St Askey beat Chittum 17-6.
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