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  1. Central's JV was in on that drive as well. They had a couple D line stay in. The rest were young guys.
  2. No sour grapes at all. It happened. I got upset about it. I can even tell you the exact quote but I won't. I just thought. Eh, what's it matter. That's McMinn and it won't change anything. Greatwhite was right. Sticks and stones so that's why I edited it out. Not worth the trouble but it's fine. Still believe what I posted. I lost alot of respect for them last night.
  3. And I'm sure those films have been used by opposing teams to game plan. I wouldn't want my whole season with every play on there. It's common sense
  4. I would think coaches want them off so teams don't have access to all their game film. Live stream is fine but don't leave it on there.
  5. Just wanted to say these people that believe this vandalism was done by Central Football are delusional. I figured sandman would be back to chat about it all. I figure he'll have to reset password first if he remembers his username. Guarantee he's forgotten it already haha. Anyway, Go Chargers! Need opinions on this question. - Should live streams be taken off Facebook when the game ends? - My opinion is yes. Only common sense! You're giving access to opponents. What's your opinion?
  6. Everything is nice now! Coach Davis has put in the hours to clean the place up. Oldcharger was correct. He has done alot and spent alot for the boys. And the McMinn gate isn't as important to football as you think. They don't see that money anyway. I'm pretty certain it goes in the general fund for all sports. The band gets concessions. Oldcharger and Radiocharger, Central had Sequoyah on the schedule for week 1 and they were forced to drop that game and add McMinn back to the schedule. This was decided by the last superintendent of McMinn Schools. McMinn pitched a fit when they found out Central dropped them, especially after their request to be moved down to 5A was denied by the TSSAA.
  7. Had nothing to do with McMinn Central Football. Rogue Senior students at Central. Zero associated with football.
  8. I have seen that they are already transitioning to the Wing T.
  9. Cherokees running WING T? Mullinax influence??? Could get interesting with McMinn switching to Wing T. They have a few weeks before region play begins. Guess they feel comfortable switching now after using it on Red Bank.
  10. Go Chargers!!! Let's get this thread going. Too quiet in here....I hope the house is packed...
  11. Anyone have a list of teams scrimmaging tomorrow night? I only know of one. Thanks in advance! - Red Bank @ McMinn County 6pm
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