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  1. Getting close! Pads and Scrimmage season coming up.
  2. Well, awful quiet in Monroe County. How the bears going to look this season?
  3. Varsity Central 3 Hixson 1 JV Central 0 Hixson 1 In a down and distance game like scrimmage it wouldn't have been close. Central might have been forced to punt 3 times. Hixson had 2 long runs and 1 long pass and that was it. It will be a tough scrimmage in the fall because Hixson will have all their dudes back and starting QB. THAT will make them VERY hard to stop. Hope they play a game like scrimmage. I love getting a real game in before season
  4. Just the rumor/word out of Benton
  5. Switching to the spread this season?
  6. Any truth to Derrick Vestal interviewing for the job?
  7. It looks like 90% rain Friday. Maybe they can get the scrimmage moved to Thursday? I want to see what we look like against someone else as well. Will they play Monday if it gets cancelled Friday?
  8. Political hire but a great hire. State championship experience in the state of Georgia doesn't hurt at all
  9. Not much talent to work with in spring sports imo because Soccer is year round, Basketball is year round, Baseball/Softball and Dance is year round for kids. Sport "specialization" and travel ball is hurting HS sports at Central and smaller schools. The most talented boys play basketball only and are swayed from playing Football. The most talented girls play Soccer and travel soccer, Basketball/AAU and Dance (requirement of making and staying on the team is no other sports). *Softball is very young. 6 Freshman getting valuable PT and most first year players with 1 Freshman pitcher in her 1st year of pitching. Not a recipe for success at the moment. *Baseball only has 11 boys out and 2 of them are injured. You can do the math on that.
  10. They, at the very least, need to give Landius Wilkerson a call. He would be the best head coach! He's living the dream but I'd at least talk to him.
  11. Tellico Plains now has a head coaching vacancy. John Mullinax has retired.
  12. Correct. It is NOT a penalty. The rule was changed a couple years ago. Face guarding is legal in High School Football!
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