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  1. When Willie shows who scored how many on any given night, it really doesn't tell the story. Miller had 28 at half one night and 24 at half another. Coach getting everyone playing time. Miller could be scoring 40 many nights if playing much in the 2nd half.
  2. OR misses 27 yd FG with 37 seconds left. Fulton wins 27-26.
  3. Fulton 27-26. 6:35 to go.
  4. Fulton 21-19. 3:16 to go in 3rd
  5. It's true, but thought better of broadcasting. On a related note, perspective of what is an issue changes with age.
  6. JV beat CC 32-26 in 4 OT according to Clary's twitter. Frosh?
  7. OR defense for the last few years. Get an athletic linebacker to play traditional LB or strong safety type in coverage depending on the formation. 4 and 5 wide - somebody has to cover.
  8. I sure hope not. Just awful. OK, got that out of my system. Go Cats!
  9. Thanks. No better place to raise a family. I wish everyone with great big, little kid linemen knew that and would move to the Ridge.
  10. Something about success does its own recruiting. When my kids were little, I was willing to move to Farragut (soccer) or Maryville (football) just for sports. They declined and wanted to stay in OR. Both had pretty good careers at OR, but no state titles. Just loved their town and their friends. I don't blame anyone for legitimately moving into an area for sports or academics. Personal choice.
  11. I don't see Jacquez Johnson on team site roster or photo. Could have been a good one.
  12. This thread has been . . . interesting . . .to read.
  13. Not that I am aware of. He played some QB in the 8th grade. Messing around in HS before practice he was the best punter on the team. He played with my son 5-9 yr old. 10 yr they split into three teams. 11 yr old they all played on one GREAT team. Then middle school. 2012 Jefferson 12 Robertsville 14 was a great game. Lots of talent on the field, but Tee was the man.
  14. First practice when he was 5 years old. Everyone knew if he toughened up he would be great.
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