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  1. 2014 finished 13-1 with a 35-28 loss in the semifinals to eventual state champ Knox West.
  2. I see what your saying. I would at least switch out Campbell County with Powell.
  3. In case anyone hasn’t heard - the tickets for this game will not be sold at the gate and can only be purchased online. www.ticketspicket.com
  4. I think I’ve only seen him post once or twice this season. Surely he’s not jumping ship on the Owls.
  5. Tough game for the Eagles this week. Best shot will be to try and hold down the big plays, stop Strickland and turn this into a defensive struggle. They haven’t thrown as much as last year but they are very explosive with more than just Strickland on offense. QB seems very mobile and can throw if needed. Eagles can’t play sloppy with penalties and turnovers or this one could get ugly fast. Best team Rhea has played this season and it’s going to take their best performance to even stay in this one and have a chance to pull out a W. GO EAGLES!!
  6. Well you seem to care enough to continually visit and post on the Rhea County threads. It would even appear the Eagles have secured some prime real estate in your head. Ahh but you’re right why would supporters of Rhea County football get on a message board about high school football and discuss that weeks game and how it may or may not go and how each game could affect the remainder of the season? Yeah why would anybody do that? Your right it’s ridiculous. Thank you again for being the voice of reason and making sure we all remember our place.
  7. Gibbs has some fight and some speed. They never gave up even after those long drives Rhea put together in the second half and that says a lot about their team and coaching staff. Their QB is a pretty good ball player and fun to watch. Too many penalties for the Eagles again last night. Part of it was youth and part of it last night was that one near sighted ref who made at least 3 questionable Holding calls. Looks like we are trying to be more aggressive on defense but got to come up with a more consistent pass rush. I believe this secondary may be pretty good but could really benefit from more pressure on the opponent’s QB.
  8. Please remember that getting “blown out“ by Maryville certainly doesn’t make you a bad team or not a contender. Unless your Oakland you’re most likely gonna take a beat down when you play Maryville. That being said I think McMinn looks solid this year and I believe they will take Bearden out back to the “ole woodshed” Friday night. Jalen Hunt is as good as any back in East Tennessee. He can around you or right thru you and when he gets past you he is gone.
  9. Oh yes watch out, CMP usually pulls it off at least once or twice a season.
  10. Yes, he liked to pretend those days never happened but I always enjoyed reminding him.
  11. Wow, We may never hear from Passive Aggressive again. I was hoping he would pop up for this game and throw a few rocks. I miss my friend.... #PAMIA
  12. Yes, I think so too. I wish Rhea would keep McMinn, Bradley and Cleveland on the schedule because those have been traditional rivalries.
  13. Well I wouldn’t call Carter a powerhouse but they were much better than the team Rhea played in the first round of the playoffs last year. Carter played Rhea tough and there were no excuses, what’s Fultons excuse for being 0-3? I thought they had a young team last year?
  14. Oh yeah, we forgot there were some teams in Knoxville. Thanks for reminding us and putting us in our place, just saying....
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