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  1. It’s Game Day!!! It’s going to be nice and frosty tonight. It will be interesting to see how that plays into it. The one thing on defense for Rhea that I would like to see is creating turnovers. That is something we really haven’t done as much of this year. Outside the game with Campbell Co when we had 4 INTs we really haven’t forced a lot of turnovers in 12 games.
  2. Yeah Alcoa had weeks to prepare and they executed their game plan to near perfection. Elizabethton did a great Job containing the outside runs
  3. That has been Red Bank’s offense for years. Get the ball out in space on short routes and screens and let their talented athletes do the rest. I agree the running backs that they have are legit. The one thing that I noticed when we played them is their lines are not as good this year. However all those guys that graduated are now playing on the next level.
  4. Yes he did. Came up 198 short of the state record.
  5. Here we go the 1 seed vs 1 seed. Powell offensively is best team we will play this year. While Rhea’s defense has to regroup after that performance. We better be ready for the pass this week and get plenty of pressure on Potts. The offense for Rhea is clicking right now even with two of our better players injured. We can win in a shootout, like the last few weeks or we can win systematically. We can slow the game down and score 35-42 points and play ball control and wear out the defense. We don’t throw it often, but when we do it usually results in a big play or TD. It’s going to take a complete game on both sides of the ball from here on put. If not we won’t be playing the next week. One thing for Rhea not to get sucked into retaliating. It’s no secret that Powell is not the most disciplined team, but Rhea cant retaliate and run our mouths.
  6. Looking back at last year DeSean only had 184 on us last year with 153 coming on 2 plays. I think DeSean will get his yards this time but with the style Rhea plays I think we can limit the yards under 200 again. Defense is playing pretty good and the offense is clicking. Hopefully Mayberry is not too banged up and we can get Elsea and Robinson back for next week.
  7. Third year in a row we are playing Karns. Just have to slow down bishop next week. I hope we do what we did to them last year.
  8. Ethan Davis 16 carries 192yds so far in the half. He now owns the single season rushing TD and TD record and closing in on the single season rushing record
  9. Miller is a very good QB that can hurt you in different ways. I will say the thing I remember as the game went on and Miller started scrambling out more and started throwing up some forced throws that could have led to interceptions. That maybe something to watch for. I feel mcminn is missing that key guy at WR/TE to help out Miller. The RB is small and shifty, but they don’t really have that deep threat.
  10. Yeah hopefully he stays healthy in the playoffs with the increased workload. I definitely can see Martin running the ball more in the playoffs like he did earlier in the season. I’d like to see more production out of Crowe but I know he’s not been 100%. Pemberton always has something up his sleeve for the playoffs that we haven’t seen during the regular season.
  11. I like how Ethan Davis finished the regular season and I hope we get 5 more performances just like them in the playoffs. In the last two games he rushed for 284 and 252 and 9 rushing TDs plus the 96 yds receiving with a TD for 10 total. Campbell is coming off a loss to Oak Ridge but have had a pretty good season. CJ Allen is a very good running back, that seems like he has been at Campbell for 6 years now. The last time Rhea played Campbell was a 35-0 playoff win back in 2015. Is like to see another win just like it.
  12. Yeah I remember that night well. It’s still the one of the largest of not the largest crowd I have ever seen at Eagle Stadium for a game. It was cold that night. I was in the press box luckily that night where it was alittle warmer but not by much. The one thing I remember is Rhea had 4 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries but could not capitalize on them.
  13. I dont know what we were doing on defense in the 2nd quarter but that can’t happen going forward. I thought we played ok on defense in the 2nd half, but definitely could tight things up.
  14. What a stat line from last night Ethan Davis 29 rushes for 284 yds 4 TDs and 2 catches for 95 yds 1 TD Rhea rolled up 526 yd of offense last night. Both teams combined for 1010yds of offense.
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