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  1. I could have sworn I heard him say 317
  2. Wranglers don't go with sweater vests
  3. Seems your source is in the know or does it?
  4. You turning up the knob on the pressure cooker OB....lol
  5. Didn't they just have one of the best seasons in school history?
  6. Anybody want to see the difference in 40 time and football speed watch Kelly run the Ga.commit down from behind in the Oakland game in the first qt. Thought some of y'all would have mentioned that.
  7. Hum....y'all just might be a little too familiar with each other.
  8. Saw about 4 or 5 actual pancakes.
  9. Wow I can't predict what my wife's fixing for supper much less 5 years down the road. I did hear though that SP had a 2 year old that crawled a sub 4"4 forty.
  10. SP 07 team weren't to bad! And don't forget there use to be just 3 classes.No one on here knows who the best team was.
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