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  1. Scratch this....old age getting to me
  2. I think next week will answer some questions.
  3. Horses mouth? You talk to the whole team?
  4. Refs going to need some liniment for their backs from bending over picking up flags.
  5. There's probably 20 teams from the West that would beat SP.
  6. I watched last year's Fayetteville/Red Bank game. It's on youtube. Did those 6 play?
  7. There is 24,000 high schools in the nation and about 25 SEC RB's recruits per year. That's 1 RB out of 970 schools. Odds are SP ain't one of them schools.
  8. I will take 4 players offered by the OVC...lol....but yes DI players don't grow on trees.
  9. 247 or Rivals has no Fayettville kids ranked in the top 70. That's 3stars or better. D1 players are rare.
  10. Trying to figure out what the complaint the op had. If you live outside the City limits does that mean you can't go to the City School or vice versa?
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