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  1. He coached the Titans to a 13-0 season and I garuntee you I ain't joking.
  2. Patience....... I've asked the same exact question but I think they want to make sure this hire is the best for the longevity of the program. After last year I definitely don't blame them.
  3. Hope Pirate Mike gets well. Will be praying for him!
  4. From what I've heard he will never retire. He's obviously one of the best coaches to ever do it in Tennessee but I honestly believe it will be harder for him at Boyd than what people think not saying he won't be successful I truly believe he would be successful anywhere he goes. I just think it will take him longer to be dominant at Boyd than other places.
  5. I agree with you. I have no doubt he will have tons of success but I don't think it'll be as easy or happen as quickly as what people think. Baylor,Mccallie,and Chattanooga Christian will still have a huge impact on recruiting in the chattanooga area and the amount of competition out of the Nashville area come playoff time will be a lot tougher.
  6. @Roy Dillardwhat's this im hearing about that Simpson man from Beverly Hills
  7. I'm not sure what number we are on his priority list but I do know it's high enough for him to have made at least 3 visits down. As to the second question why wouldn't he come?
  8. Roy I garuntee you that @TheTruthHurts22ain't too smart or he's been hiding out in the fiery gizzard with those jailhouse fellars and missed that Hargis man announce Baylors new coach.
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