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  1. Captain beating teams 62-0 doesn't help us very much. Gotta play some teams that will challenge us.
  2. Chances are very slim that will ever happen.
  3. I definitely agree with you. I'm not sure NJ has anything to offer that is remotely close to SP.
  4. He was close to a coach that recently was hired at NJ. Best of luck to him
  5. Some folks selling empty promises as @OLD PIRATEwould say snake oil salesman. Pirates will still be competing for championships and the kids that leave will be paying $10 at the gate come November.
  6. Not surprised especially after the thumping we gave them last year.
  7. I left Sequatchie off my list but yes I think they will be much improved and would add them to the top with MTCS,and Franklin. Pirates will have a very tough regular season next year.
  8. I'd say MTCS and Franklin will be the toughest games. Chatt Prep, OS , and sale creek could be closer than the past.
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