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  1. Thanks for the kind words and keeping up with him. Hoping he does TN proud in college and beyond.
  2. Have we ever met? Hate these user names. Ha ha never know who I am talking to.
  3. It’s not just about hard work. It’s about having knowledge to provide and motivate the kids to do the hard work. You and I can start digging a ditch right beside of each other. You have a shovel and I have an excavator. You will work 10x harder than me but I will be more efficient and will do a better faster job. That’s is what knox has done in my opinion
  4. This may be a little long but I will do my best to answer. To answer your question directly I think the average kid can be successful if they are willing to put in the work. Having said that they will need dedicated parents, decent partners and a very good coach. I attribute Hunters success to this. We moved to an area that had a super good coach. “Joe Kemmerer”. Hunter held back in 8th grade and a kid from NC did the same and stayed at our house most of the year. Those two along with Joe did a 3 hr private everyday, took an hour break then did a 2 hr club practice. There were times they was beaten up but they pushed through it and made huge jumps in their wrestling ability. Hunter starts HS and Randy Shelton and Atlas Fagundes gave him everything he needed and more. Got him into the best HS tournaments in the county and provided a tough room. They always gave him and others the option to leave practice early to go To club. After Joe left, ”us hammer parents” mostly Rick Jacobs recruited Nahshon Garrett to run club and Hunter made another level jump. So hard work isn’t the only answer in my opinion, you must have good coaching and dedication from the parents and kids. Most of Hunters HS schedule was as follows. Leave the house at 5am to lift before school, do HS practice, run by the house grab a quick bite then drive an house to Kingsport to practice, return home around 9pm eat do homework and repeat. Most kids aren’t willing to put that kind of Quality work in. a lot of people just quote hard work but it has to be quality hard work and Hunter was blessed to have quality coaches that cared about him. Hunter wasn’t ever naturally gifted as a wrestler. Heck his first year he got pinned almost every match. It wasn’t until he completely dedicated himself that he started having success. If you ask him today he would still say he wasn’t good enough and he has to get better. It’s his mindset that has helped him have a little bit of success in wrestling. we aren’t sure if he will start right away or not. He’s doing very good in the room and Robie told him to be ready to go straight in. I trust the coaches completely and know they will do what’s best for him and the team. I think Hunter would like to redshirt, but would also do whatever the coaches ask of him. Thanks a bunch for keeping up with my boy. Sid
  5. Facts but all of these guys think they know better. Just jealous that they aren’t good enough to compete with Cleveland. I have coached a long time and I 100% respect their work and dedication. Now when we wrestle their kids we want to beat them bad but how can we hate on them for putting in the work. My son was very successful in HS and I am a retired military guy that coaches at Greeneville. We don’t have the money that Cleveland has, I don’t make the money that a lot of the top talent does, but hard work and a commitment to the sport will overcome a nice facility and a fancy bus. Just my thoughts. Sid Mason
  6. The way you look at stuff is just ridiculous sometimes. You said that anyone could step in that position and have success and you are probably right for a couple of years, but most of the coaches wouldn’t continue to develop the younger guys, the other coaches don’t travel any where near the amount of time that Knox does. He and his staff are responsible for continuing to build and improve the program. I am in no way a Cleveland homer, heck I coached at Greeneville for the last 4-5 years but I respect the amount of work and time that they put into Cleveland. No amount of money can duplicate their passion and work ethic. just don’t understand why people like you constantly down play what Cleveland has accomplished. They are excellent coaches and put their heart and soul into the program 12 months a year. show me another team that works that hard and they will be successful too. Would love to meet you one day. Or at least know who you are. Anyways behind a user name. Sid Mason
  7. Very well said sir Sid Mason
  8. Thanks for keeping up my my son. I appreciate it
  9. It was a rough year for Greeneville in that respect but it’s all good. We did our best and sometimes it just doesn’t go our way. I would have like to seen what we could have done with a semi healthy team.
  10. That would be my dad and yes he’s very proud. Ha ha
  11. Let it go sir. He knows everything. Ha ha
  12. Greeneville qualified 9 the year before and won a traditional state title. You stated it wasn’t fair this year because we only qualified 8. It’s 100% fair because we had the same opportunity to qualify 14 as Halls did. This year just didn’t go our way, no excuses. We had kids get hurt, sick, etc…. We as coaches could have done a better job keeping them healthy and focused and won another title. A traditional title may not mean anything to you, but I can promise you that the Greeneville coaching staff and the team are very proud of that title.
  13. Really? You don’t know how NFHS sanctioned tourneys work?? Every state that participates in NFHS tourneys has to have a hydration test. Every school still has to follow decent so, no you can’t just drop. The hard core cutting takes place at tournaments like Super 32 where decent isn’t required and they have overnight weigh ins. Kids like mine drop at tournaments like that is because that is where he is most competitive. He manages his weight really close and stays low for several big national tournaments. Then, when that is over in mid Jan he goes up a weight class. Not to be arrogant, but why cut weight when it’s not needed to pin or tech your way through 4 state titles? If Hunter lived in a State like PA or NJ he wouldn’t ever go up a weight class and he would stay low because that’s probably what he would of had to do to win state titles there. You are also incorrect about the majority of 106 pounders going up after a big tournament. The overwhelming majority of those kids hold that weight all year long. You are just seeing the best kids in TN traveling to those places at a lower weight class then go up for the state tourney. That’s not how the rest of the country works. would love to meet you one day. My name is Sid Mason
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