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  1. We lost a legend in Coach Short. Prayers go out to his family.
  2. You are one sick individual, but I have been told that about you from others. Because Oakland had you shipped to Riverdale for some obvious reasons, you continue to act like a little girl.
  3. We have a saying bragg that you are familiar with.......Clowns will be Clowns.
  4. You know what they say about if a mule's backside was square?
  5. I understand that you haven't been part of a successful football team, therefore, winning is something you haven't experienced. I also understand that you were shunned during your time at Oakland, but you cannot let that make you into some buffoon. Every time you say stupid things, it just reveals your ignorance and bitterness. I support the players and the coaches of a school that has surpassed Riverdale's success under Rankin.
  6. By the way, Creasy will let you be the waterboy. They have high quality H2O.
  7. You must be a kid, because no normal adult male would act like such a sniffling little arse.
  8. The only thing bigger than your mouth is your ego. Yes, Oakland did get beat, however, they beat the brakes off your team at your home field.
  9. Nothing against Mason, other than he is not a good head coach. Another safe pick for a University that is mired in mediocrity in more areas than athletics.
  10. Congratulation on Houston for winning the State this year. They are a very hard nosed team with great athletes. Take note of this post Bradleysports23. Be humble or be humbled like Oakland did you this year at your place.
  11. If the forecast is correct (88% chance of rain both Friday and Saturday) no one will be throwing the ball. Sounds like it is going to be a slobbering knocker run fest!
  12. Brentwood lacks in the physicality department. Good athletes, but less physical.
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