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  1. BAeagles123 how do you know so much about BGA if you go to BA? Just a thought...
  2. Yes, I agree. I have watched Jacob play at BA for many years and while I can see why people doubt his ability to play for a school such as North Carolina I also see all the potential he has. Tall, lanky kid with a great arm and a compact, short swing good for fastballs up in the 90s. So far he has had a great year though. He is their number 2 catcher and he has potential to do great things there. But yes, his dad most likely played a role in that recruitment but hey, he's there and playing good ball so more power to him.
  3. rake23

    Brentwood Academy

    He meant last year. But I agree he is definitely a good player I'm not saying that at all, but it just seems like he is put on a pedestol at BGA as a phenom. In my opinion he would be better if people didn't think he was so good because that would make him work harder.
  4. Stating my opinion is now "talkin crap"? I don't even know what you mean by that but I'm not here to offend anyone just simply contribute what I see and evaluate.
  5. If I wasn't 59 years old I might just do that.
  6. rake23

    Brentwood Academy

    Buddy Alexander, BA's head coach, is my good friend which is why I keep up with BA more. MBA is young this year but I live right behind BA so I attend more of their games. I'm just there because I love to watch boys doing what they love and I love the game. Killed might not have been the best word but he got hit around a little he was not lights out.
  7. rake23

    Brentwood Academy

    No I am actually a retiree that follows baseball in this area. My son went to MBA and played there. And yes, Dove generally has consistency issues early in the year but he ended the season with a .397 batting average so I'm not sure how inconsistent that is. I'd say pretty good. Plus the rumor out is he is committed to Georgia Tech. I'd say that eliminates him being overrated. Good player.
  8. rake23

    Brentwood Academy

    im guessing you go to bga?
  9. England gets too much hype. Yes he throws hard but if he gets hit a couple of times, which every pitcher does its just the game, he is too much of a head case to stay in the zone. He loses composure quickly. Simpson on the other hand is just mediocre at best. He is big but throws straight and just isn't very hard to hit. This lefty I hear about should be interesting but BGA is just really really young.
  10. rake23

    Brentwood Academy

    First of all no one believes you go to BA if you say they will get beat by 7 when they play BGA, who only has two legit players, England and Moore. BA killed England last year and Moore is solid but BGA is still too young to put up 7 throughout the whole series. BA has too many weapons to be beat by BGA by 7. Granted it could happen, but it is doubtful in my opinion.
  11. rake23

    Brentwood Academy

    Not sure. I don't go there we just play them but I know they have a good amount returning from their State Championship team last year. Key names: Luna, Dove, Floyd, Blalock, Lennington, Lepere, Lundborg(hurt last yr)
  12. How will they be this year? Repeat?
  13. The powerhouse Georgia Tech
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