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  1. what I have been up to here in TX... http://www.ballcharts.com/pvillepanthers We should have another good season with a great shot at winning it all this time in TX largest public classification.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! I tried to view the open discussion board earlier and it said that I did not have permission for viewing and now I cannot find it at all.
  3. Does this still apply? I would be happy to send in my money...just checking if being a moderator gives us automatic plus membership? FYI - still interested in getting the TX version of this going!!! We need a good central message board like this!
  4. Congrats to Jason Fite! Another great coaching prospect that was tutored under the legendary Larry Helton of Lewis County. I am sure he will have those girls winning their share of ballgames soon enough.
  5. What about Lewis County's Bobby Sharp's version of the wingt. He has been running it for ages and they are good year in and year out.
  6. Great to have Meanjean back on the boards with all his wit and humor!
  7. What about the episode at the end of the game? Any info on why that happened?Good job by the radio guys!! Enjoyed listening to the play by play. I miss some hometown radio broadcasting here in TX!
  8. Any idea on who is looking at her or who she is looking at?
  9. I thought that she did a great job handling the ball and seemed to be a great floor leader.
  10. That would be her! Thanks! Saw her play today at the 15U nationals.
  11. Who does this girl play for? Anyone know?
  12. I coach at Pflugerville High School in Texas
  13. They are coming this afternoon to film another pep rally in our gym. All the stars are supposed to be here and they get about 300 of our students to be the cheering section. They usually give away prizes and stuff through the night. Kinda neat to see the whole production thing get organized. They brought in some lights that go on the end of our courts that are easily the brightest I have seen.
  14. I grew up in Lewis County and went to school at Freed Hardeman. Been on Coacht since early on!! The pay and the athletes are better where I am at and the in-laws are about an hour away. With a 20 month old that helps!!!
  15. That show was filmed here where I work and if you look closely you can find me in the pilot and some other episodes. They are here about every 3 weeks to film some more and they film during everyone of our games. We are the Pflugerville Panthers and they use our jerseys and stuff. Really been fun to see but I think it has been a distraction for our team.
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