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  1. It is sad that Baylor and Signal Mountain are the only Chatty volleyball being talked about. There was a day that GPS, East Ridge, Red Bank and Notre Dame were always in the mix. What happened, coaches retired, or were forced out. This won't be popular but I will say it. Club volleyball has had a negative impact on some programs. Parents pay for club, club tells paying parents that their high school coaches are awful, parents get high school coach replaced with a club coach. How many times has this happened in the last 5 years, 20, more? Club is a business, there are some great club coaches, but there are some great high school coaches. Coach Brock, Coach Neely, were both better than ANY club coach we have ever had. Now, club has made some average high school coaches look great. Signal Mountain, Baylor, Farragut totally club driven, even on here, some posters, like SJ are really into the club scene. SJ can you even name five high schools that you think are well coached?
  2. I saw my old friends Paul Brock and Dail Cantrell this weekend at the Club tourney here in Chattanooga! My granddaughter plays. It is nice seeing these people who I knew for so long. Paul is retired from GPS but Dail is still going strong at Anderson County. His daughter's team beat my granddaughters team in the semi finals. He told me all of his daughters team were 6th and 7th graders from the SAME middle school! Anderson County is going to be loaded for the next few years!
  3. ORcat, what happened to Oak Ridge?????? They have looked really weak when they have been here in Chattanooga. Also, what about CAK, how do they stack up with Stone?
  4. I liked the setter? She and the big hitter worked well together. If those are your normal hitters why should she spread it around, they were much weaker. It only looked like you had the one strong hitter but they might have been just having a bad day. Inconsistent hitting will kill an offense. If that is a problem it is a big one. I heard several parents grumbling about who should be playing. Are you one of the coaches? I am really curious about Stone Memorial, have you played them yet?
  5. Farragut looked average at the Tandem this weekend. They got knocked out first round. They have a really good OH (didn't get name) who hits hard. I also like the setter! The middles were slow and they have 2 really weak hitters. The lack of blocking will make them an easy out against any team that hits hard, or who has 3 or more hitters. They couldn't stop a strong middle. They make too many errors, and when they get blocked they quit hitting. I was not impressed, and made a point to watch them because of the hype which appears to have been dad or coach generated. How is Karns this year? They looked strong last season. What about Stone Memorial? I think they could make noise in AA. Does Catholic have anything? Didn't they move up to AAA?
  6. Greenbrier is a 1 hit wonder. We see them at sub-state. They never had anything before the 2 sisters, haven't had anything since.
  7. I agree with 1 hit wonder status. It takes more than a championship to be a championship caliber program. Coach talks alot about the history of volleyball in TN. She was around when it began. East Ridge is a volleyball power and Coach Neely is like Coach Paterno at Penn State! GPS and Baylor are becoming programs. Oolteawah has earned program status. Coach would say that Father Ryan; Anderson County; Sullivan South, Brentwood and Page are powerhouse programs that shouls always be respected. Like us, they may have a down year now and then, but they show up to fight hard every match, and more ofton than not they will beat you. Greenbrier is alot like Hume Fogg who had a good run with a great team. One hit wonder.
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