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  1. Central named Jeff Fox,a former middle school coach,a couple of weeks ago. No word on who the assistants will be. Coach Winchell will probably be back as his son will be the starting quarterback at Central again this year. Probably one of the best quarterbacks in the region,just a great athlete. If I hear any more I will post it. If anyone else knows anything,please let us know. Also hearing all the assistants at East are going to stay.
  2. I couldn't agree with you any more Blazer. I think you are right on the money. Hope you knew i was just "Funnin" you with the Ohhhhh!!!! I really enjoy reading your replys. But I have to say, OK,you got me, What's going on at Happy Valley? And I thought I had good sources!!!!!
  3. Ohhhhh,formerblazer,guess you got told!!!! Don't let that bother you,I have some really good sources and I was having trouble believeing it too. It took a while to get it all explained to me so that I could grasp it all. Oh well, nuff said about all that. I think Coach Colobro is a good choice, but I wonder if the kids at East are tough enough to play for him? Will they be able to endure the tough discipline and rules that Colobro brings with him? guess we'll just have to wait and see. Does anyone else out there have any thoughts about this?
  4. Heard yesterday from 2 really good sources that former Gate City Head Coach Nick Colobro has been given the Head football job at Sullivan East. Don't know when it will be formally announced. I find this to be very interesting. He is retired from the Gate City school system so I wonder how long he plans to stay at East. There is no doubt that he is a great coach,2 state championships prove that,but who will the assistants be? Will the present staff stay in place? All questions to be answered. Stay tuned.
  5. The football coache's job at Sullivan East has been posted on the Sullivan County School System's website. I guess we just wait to see who will be named the new Head Coach. Am hearing a coach from Georgia has applied and maybe a couple from this area,don't know for sure. It will be interesting to sit back and see what happens and who ends up with the job. Has anyone heard anything different,or any more than what I have?
  6. Well,here we go again. Found out the head coaching job at East is supposed to be posted on Monday on the Sullivan Co. school web site. If not on Monday at least this week. Then who knows how long it will take to name the new Coach. Got a feeling the new guy will be brought in from the outside,but who knows for sure. Spring practice at East has been in early May the past few years and probably will be again this year. Sure would like to have the new Coach in place before then, but I don't look for that to happen. If anyone out there hears anything different,please post it,there are a lot of folks wondering what is going to happen. Just to be clear, Ralph Nelson is a Great Coach,a real stand up guy,and a great father and husband. He has been a great role model for the kids at East, both football players and students, and he will be missed. The best football season in school history happened under his watch. Best of luck Ralph,you will be missed.
  7. Just confirmed that Nelson accepted the job at Science Hill today. Don't know how long Sullivan County will hold him to his contract, but I believe that when Carter left South, he was released the next day. I am hearing that the Coaching job at East will be opened up. Who knows how long it will be before someone is named. I may be wrong but I believe that the current assistants are running the off season workouts and will run spring practice if necessary, although I don't see any real need for spring practice if a new head coach is not in place. About all you could do is work on fundamentals and conditioning. Hope something is resolved soon for the sake of the kids and assistants at East.
  8. Hearing today that Coach Ralph Nelson interviewed with Science Hill and that this Friday could be his last day at East. He has met with the team and informed them that he was indeed going to Science Hill.I know Central has named a new coach , now I guess we wait and see what East does. Hearing the same rumors that Rusty Harrison could be offered the head job. If not, am hearing that Harrison could end up at South with Sam Haynie. Anybody got any thoughts on all of this? Spring practice is just around the corner.
  9. I ,too have heard the Scott Nelson has resigned at Central. I have also heard the name Matt Chandler mentioned as a possible Coach at East. I agree with a previous post that Chandler would not leave Tennessee High to come back to East. It really does not make any sense. I do know that Matt is a very good football coach, but he has a really good situation going at THS. I would be more inclined to think that Coach Reynolds,who is already on staff at East would be the first choice. He has Head coaching experience and seems to well liked by the kids,from what I hear. I still believe that Ralph and Scott Nelson will end up at Science Hill with Carter,just as was speculated 2 months ago. I just wish this whole thing would get finalized so East and Central both could move on.
  10. Crawdad, I couldn't agree with you more. That's exactly what I have been saying all along. I do have it on VERY GOOD [insider info} that Ralph is going to Science Hill. He has told a couple of assistants that he is just waiting for the position to open up. Supposedly the old coach has not left. We are hearing,in Scott's case that he was informed by the Principal at Central that he would not be retained as the football coach next year,so he is in a little different situation. My worry for East is that if this doesn't get settled soon,who will run spring practice? If you don't have a new coach in place by then,maybe the interim coach should just condition. Why practice offensive and defensive schemes that you might not use when a new coach is named. I agree with you when you said for the sake of the players,parents, and community at East,something needs to happen very soon.
  11. Very interesting reading guys. I am not familiar with the Harrison you guys are talking about. The Harrison I mentioned is Rusty Harrison. He has been the defensive coordinator at East for the past several years. He played high school ball at Central in about 98 and 99. Was a very good player and a great guy. I think he would be a good choice for the Head coaching position at East. I have it very good authority that Ralph is going to Science Hill,just waiting for a position to open up. What worries me is who is going to handle spring practice at East? If a new coach is not named by then,how will an interim coach know what offensive and defensive systems to work on,and how about the players? Will the come out,not knowing who their coach is going to be? I think East is in a real bind right now. It's a shame,since they have finally gotten into a conference where they can hopefully be competitive. I really hope this gets settled soon.
  12. Well, it seems that things have stalled out for the time being. The folks at East are still hanging,wondering what is going on with Coach Nelson. Is he going or is he staying,they would really like to know. Heard that he was going soon, just waiting to hear from SH about the opening. Still hearing that Scott Nelson will go this summer. Do know this,Coach Phillips does not want to be a Head Coach at this time,at least that is what is being told. Coach Harrison would probably take the Head job if it was offered at East, if he doesn't take the P.E. job at South. This thing should be settled as quickly as possible, if nothing else,for the sake of the players at East who just want to know who will be coaching them next year.
  13. I agree with you. South will simply re-load and not skip a beat. They may not make it to semi-finals this year but they should be in contention for the Conference championship. Sam has paid his dues,and I have know him for several years. He is really good with the kids,they like him and I believe they will lay it on the line for him. I wish Coach Haynie all the best.
  14. Update: am hearing that Ralph Nelson will be leaving East ASAP to get started at Science Hill and that Scott Nelson will join the staff as soon as school is out in May. Also hearing that East Assistant and D-coordinator Rusty Harrison may end up at South,taking Stacy's old job and joining the coaching staff there. That leaves Coach Reynolds and Coach Hughes and one other full time assistant. I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Anybody out there heard anything different?
  15. If everything we hear is true,and Ralph Nelson does indeed go with Stacy to Science Hill,and Scott Nelson Follows,what does East and Central do? So far it has gone down like most everyone thought. Does East and Central promote from within or are we in for another round of guessing. I hear a coach from Georgia is very interested in coming. He is a native of the Tri-Cities and a former Head Coach at one of the Knoxville schools. Anyone care to dive in on this one?
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