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  1. After many of terrible seasons coaching the Father Ryan faithful Bruce Lussier finally sees the light and quits but some people might call it retire, either way he's finally gone. Who will the Irish get next year to coach them? Will it be from the current staff? Or a outsider? Or just maybe the coach that took them to their last championship in 1998, who happens to coach at Hillwood now? So many questions but at least we know that it's all uphill for the Irish now because they have been at the bottom for a while....
  2. Yea lucky for Ryan they can always count on their football team to lose before wrestling season starts.
  3. I wouldn’t call him a great cradle-man because we all remember what happened when he hit that suicide cradle on TJ Satterfield in the Baylor vs McCallie match. And he didn’t scramble much when TJ Satterfield had him on his back. But congrats to him on the trophy I’m glad to see he’s a great representative of Tennessee wrestling and The Baylor School.
  4. Oh I'm sorry, I’m glad that Ensworth doesn't control the media in Tennessee and TSSAA (like a certain Frist Family that donated millions of dollars to start the school). So go ahead read and believe everything that comes from the paper. I rather believe what I've heard from former players under Coach Bowers at Ensworth. The TSSAA wouldn't dare touch Ensworth because they know that if they tried to penalize them Ensworth would take them to court (like BA did) and they would be bankrupt. And if you read me correctly I said MBA has done their fair share of recruiting as well just not to the extent of Ensworth. But lastly you won't see MBA players go take classes at Nashville State because they can't pass the classes at their own school. Maybe Tim McGraw will sing a song about Ensworth and that will change my mind because he’s not bias. Oh wait....
  5. It has been many falls since anyone has able to beat Ricky Bowers and the other school off Highway 100 (in the post season). It’s very refreshing to see a new team (MBA) hold up the golden football. This is the best thing that could have happened to Tennessee football because Bowers was killing it by getting kids to play for him that had “academic scholarshipsâ€. Now maybe parents will look at other schools now to send their kids to play football at besides the school off Highway 100. Before everyone says well MBA and BA are doing the same thing. Ricky was (and still is) taking it to a level never seen before in the history of Tennessee football. He was actually sending football players to Nashville State to take classes because they couldn’t handle the academics at the school off Highway 100. That’s not helping anyone that’s only hurting the players because they think they can get away with anything because they play football (IE a certain former player for Vanderbilt). A school like MBA not only builds good football teams they also build great men for example every student (yes including football players) have to take Latin. I highly doubt Richardson and a certain former player for Vanderbilt were taking Latin. I have only one concern. Will this loss make Bowers and Co recruit even harder for football players in Tennessee and forever kill what is left of what we truly love about high school football? Time will only tell.....
  6. I have heard from many reliable people inside the Father Ryan community that its Bruce Lussier’s last season as the head coach for the Fighting Irish. Just want hear if anyone else had heard the same thing because I have been hearing this sheet music for years.
  7. Well said but I would have to say Baylor comes up as much as Father Ryan. The reason keep bringing up Father Ryan is because right now they are the "best" team in the state. And Baylor is to be considered the second best team (I know Murphy was hurt but so was Eli King). And everyone knows that McCallie won't beat Baylor it hasn't happened in years (2006 state duels). As team McCallie hasn’t even outscored Baylor in a tournament in years (except the 2010 McCallie invitational but three Baylor state finalists were out). I think a few years ago Baylor outscored McCallie 52-6 in a duel, that’s embarrassing and they are supposed to be rivals. In recent years this has been a very lopsided rivalry (I know there were some close ones here and there I.E. last year’s state duels). They don’t have a sellout crowd anymore because people know McCallie always finds a way to lose to Baylor (ever since getting the death penalty). And that is why people bring up Father Ryan because they will bring a better match then a Baylor/McCallie match. It’s the same with Father Ryan when they wrestle MBA this weekend no one cares about it anymore because everyone knows MBA will get killed by Father Ryan instead everyone in the Father Ryan crowd is talking about Baylor and the State tournament. Traditionally speaking the two best teams in the state are Baylor and Father Ryan and they will always be intermingled when talking about one or the other.
  8. Or one that says "Ensworth Keeps Buying Bar" because thats all they do when they want something they just raise the money and go buy it. IE football players, facilities, they even bought Ricky Bowers.
  9. Well I have talked to a LB that started for Ensworth a few years ago and he said that about everything that cowboypete has stated is true for the most part. Not sure about the Antonio Richardson part but other than that he said it was spot on.
  10. You forgot a blessing from The Holy Father and then they need to have Jesus back there at QB then they would have a shot at Ensworth.
  11. Yes maybe they can't match all the teams in their leagues recruiting budget but they never have in their history. but there is one team they sure can match with and thats JPII and guess what they lost to them last year. And if they are being coached well then someone redefined what a good coach was because they haven't won a meaningful game in years. And a good coach will pull off an upset every once in a while but FRHS has lost everygame they are suppose to lose. They have lost to MBA for the last 13 years it used to be a rivalry but now its more of a secure Win for MBA every year.
  12. Yea it's a different team then the last two years they are worse. The last two years didn't lose to overton while this year did. And he can't blame his offensive coordinator this time because his old one that he fired coaches at overton!! And there is a reason Father Ryan doesn't have any D1 athletes its cause they don't win games!! No one wants to send their kid to a program that doesn't win games. To be honest they might not win a game this year. I just wonder how much longer frhs with put up with losing year in and year out.
  13. Father isn't going to the iron man next year the farthest they go north is to Cincinnati and the new word is that coach Simpson kight be fine with his now new head assistant coach and former wrestler of his Davis Dempsey. Because Davis really knows his stuff and can relate to the kids and is probably one of the most underrated coaches in the state. He is true technician when it comes to showing moves to the kids and will held guild father Ryan to another state title again this year
  14. I think everyone in the father Ryan community has the highest respect coach Smith not only because of his achievements as a wrestler but also as a wrestling coach. I know Adam kabla is leaving for Walsh Jesuit thats also why i asked who was going to replace damon because i knew adam wasnt and I have talked to father Ryan people and I have never heard anything but good things about coach Smith. And you ask how he has helped Eli king? From what I have heard Damon took him under his wing and personally trained him.
  15. Looked in the Tennessean today and it basically laid out that Ricky bowers is the best coach not only in d2 but ever in Tennessee history
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