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  1. "The old lady" HATES when I refer to her as "the old lady." RBA forever. I digress.... Alcoa people...what are you all doing December 4th? Because yall sure as heaven won't be in cookeville!! -armor
  2. While I am not an alumnus of CPA, or parent, I do have multiple connections there. The old lady graduated from there decades ago (BC Days) so I married into it. The ultimate connection of course is through the blood of Jesus. I'm from Knoxville originally and have a buddy that teaches up there at Alcoa high school. Also know of an assistant coach as well. Popular sentiment is Rankin is a giant butt head (I repented this morning so I'll keep it classy). -Armor
  3. CPA just defeated perennial 6A powerhouse Peachtree down in Georgia. To jog everyone's memory, it was only a short 9 months ago that CPA caused the meltdown of Gary Rankin and his Tornadont's. I'm starting to think this whole split deal is nonsense ; CPA is going to roll up on anyone regardless... #RollLionsRoll
  4. God forbid he admit getting thoroughly outcoached... Ingle and his staff owned them and gave their kids the best chance to win.
  5. Tone it down big boy! Don't allow yourself to be pulled into the goon squad!
  6. Figured you'd be halfway through a sixxer already....thanks for the class, though!
  7. I just spent a solid 20 minutes catching up on this thread and it all boils down to this : "Grown" Aloca men sitting around in their undies all day posting BS.
  8. I never accused or claimed Alcoa does. However, one of my good friends teaches at the high school. He readily admits that open enrollment helps the football team. This is obvious. Also, the fact that there is indeed open enrollment AND no hurdle of tuition is advantageous to you all as well. Comments like yours are ridiculous and very ignorant. I don't understand why Alcoa/Maryville folk will not admit people send their kids to school there for the athletic benefits. I'm also from Knoxville and can attest to the fact that they are both outstanding communities.
  9. Well, well, well. We will see who the true champions are on Friday. CPA practiced last night on Vanderbilt's field and looked good. CPA will shut down Alcoa's rushing attack and eek out a victory. I would say they will crush Alcoa old testament style but will remain humble. CPA 28-24. #SavedByGrace
  10. Time to revisit this prophecy ladies and gentlemen. We are mere weeks away from the total destruction of the Alcoa Funnel Clouds. You may have Purdue's old video board but we will have the state championship trophy when the dust settles. Peter
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