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  1. We will have tryouts for the 2018 travel season Saturday, March 24th 7:00 pm at Donelson Christian Academy in Nashville 15u, 16u, 17u...Check us out on Facebook Music City Heat Elite. Text 615-573-5677 for additional info.
  2. Music City Heat Elite 17u has 2-3 spots open for 2017 travel season ....1 post, 1 wing and possibly one guard. Based out of Nashville, practice in Franklin. If interested contact Coach Kevin Rimmer 615-573-5677
  3. Music City Heat tryout schedule will be as follows: 9th grade(15u)-Monday, March 16th and Tuesday, March 17th 6-8:00PM 10th grade(16u)- Wednesday, March 18th and Thursday, March 19th 6-8:PM 11th grade (17u)- Saturday, March 20th and Sunday March 21st 4-6PM All tryouts will be at Montgomery Bell Academy 4001Harding Rd Nashville, Tn. 37205 All boys 9th-11th grade welcome. We will be participating in league and tournament play. We are members of the newly formed league Elevate Basketball Circuit. This league consist of league play followed by playoffs,then championships. This is a grade based league.No exceptions. NO playing down. We will also hit 3-4 tournaments ending in the aau showcase in Louisville in July. We are a travel team that work players on skills and fundamentals that can help players to play on the next level if they desire. We can do this be playing in a league like EBC where teams don't have to get in super pools to be seen by college coaches. With simple league play and centrally located games, you won't have to play 20 miles from the main court. We develop players first. Contact info at musiccityheat.org or for more info at leaguelineup.com/mcheat. Check out the new league at www.elevatebasketballcircuit.com.
  4. Question. Can anybody name a better duo than the twins? Just curious. I'm living in Middle Tennessee, but I will throw out Jenkins and Whiteside at Knoxville Webb if the Coach there would let Jenkins play the 2. Not saying they're better, but they will be hard to deal with this year.
  5. You're right and its always been like that....but I expect any body who comes out of the West to play a better brand of ball than I have been seeing...or have I been gone too long...lol. Man Hamilton looked like they've never seen ball pressure before in last year's tournament.
  6. I can agree with the post more because of the twins basketball IQ and ball hawking defense. I can't think of two guards in the same backcourt in years in this state that commits to defense like them. Maybe one but not both. Chase Nappier could be that "scorer" if need be, Braxton the floor general, but they are both unselfish kids that just want to win. I can remember when they were 8th and 9th graders playing high school ball, you had some of the same schools that won't put them on the schedule now, go over and run through them pretty good including CPA. I told them these same teams won't play you all when you are seniors.....I was right on that one. Don't think BA or CPA can beat them this year...IMO...but that's why they play the game. If you got a better duo, hip me to them..I'm going off what I'VE seen throughout the state. Booker at East is a total beast...Batman with Robin(Upton)...right now the twins are BATMAN and BATMAN tho. Just My Opinion .Off topic a little....I'm from Memphis living in Nashville.. can Memphis please get their best teams up here to the glass house in Murfreesboro....not impressed "AT ALL" lately. With the 2016 class, the mid-state area is closing the gap in a hurry.
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