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  1. In hoping to add excitement to the games, what are some of the best ways to inject some life into a stale baseball atmosphere. Obviously, winning is important but what would you suggest to help the game experience from the crowd's viewpoint. We love baseball but it is a boring game! How can that be changed to pull in more youth, fans and students? For example, we use walk-up songs, player intros, and music between innings similar to a minor league game. This helps but we want to add even more excitement without creating a distraction. Thanks, Ray
  2. OCSports

    Used Tarps

    Hello All, I am looking to find some info on field tarps. Preferably used college or university tarps. Is there a market for them or is there a best place to find and purchase them. Thanks, Ray
  3. Multiple Coach Openings in Overton County Middle School Basketball program. Deadline is Monday April 2, 2018.Click the link and look for pages 2-5.overtoncountyschoolsnet-my.sharepoint.com
  4. Many openings in Overton County Middle school basketball programs. 3 boys basketball and 1 girls basketball https://overtoncountyschoolsnet-my.sharepoint.com/personal/brentthrasher_overtoncountyschools_net/Documents/Forms/All.aspx?slrid=f246599e-f00c-5000-591c-5db7e89cf37f&FolderCTID=0x012000FE563A7379CB094F8930FAF32134DA34&id=%2Fpersonal%2Fbrentthrasher_overtoncountyschools_net%2FDocuments%2FDistrict Website%2FJob Postings%2Fjob Postings - Sign by 4PM 4-2-18.pdf&parent=%2Fpersonal%2Fbrentthrasher_overtoncountyschools_net%2FDocuments%2FDistrict Website%2FJob Postings
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