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  1. I watched Goodpasture play Pickett co in region and I have never seen a 1a school have as many good players.They went 9 or 10 deep and didn't drop of any. If anyone can beat them they will have to be pretty talented.
  2. Why do they not make all private schools play in league of their own? They put multiplyr in and then make rule that don't allow it to be used. They obviously believe they have unfair advantage or they wouldn't even have it but then to pass some rule that doesn't allow you to move more than one class scrap. With football having six classes and all other sports having three how is that fair. 21 schools have smaller enrollment than Goodpasture and are having to play 2a. Looks like money of the private schools always wins.
  3. Rumor has Barry Smith going to Smith County any truth
  4. I dont beleive coach watson is quitting. I see him everyday and he has said nothing about quitting. If he does I beleive their may be an in house move so that would iliminate Coach Sanders. Coach Watson has an assistant that has been at the school for some time. He may want the job if watson is truly quitting.
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