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  1. Memphis East

    I don't think Penny thinks a AAA championship is much of a bar to clear. Looking at the schedule they'll play, he wants this team on the National radar. To that end, Boyce and Wiseman's absences will be felt. Still attention is good, it's good for his brand, and, by extension, markets his kids well.
  2. Franklin

    Franklin lacked size on the defensive line, and needed more difference-making skills players on the offensive side of the ball. As has been discussed elsewhere, both of those issues will be solved in coming years by welcome additions from sub-varsity. That aside, they took some razor-think close losses against a few really good teams. The season was a failure, but it was closer than you might think just looking at results on paper.
  3. Memphis BB

    Wow, TSSAA has teeth after all? Who knew?
  4. Franklin

    Honest question here... I'm reading here that 40+ freshmen start their FHS careers playing football, while Franklin regularly graduates only about half that. What level of attrition would be considered normal (or acceptable, if that is a different answer)? I think I remember reading somewhere that Brentwood had like 40 something seniors this year. I have no idea if that is normal, nor do I know how many freshmen started playing in the Fall of 2013.
  5. Franklin

    I hope the Wrays find what they are looking for.
  6. New club team

    I thought the amazement about club costs was feigned. It's not like Munciana is ignorant about what people at other national-caliber clubs are paying. Perhaps they were just taking a swipe at paying that kind of money for lesser training and level of competition. Munciana is a very different situation. They own their facility, and the overall COB is much lower there than almost anywhere else in the country.
  7. New club team

    Back to the original question, what's the back story? A couple years ago, the owner (or just operator?) of the Franklin Fieldhouse, being a businessman, was in the market for a tenant. He generated some interest from Munciana, one of the premier volleyball clubs in the country, and started issuing press releases to the effect that Munciana would be launching a satellite organization based out of the Fieldhouse. Curiously, those stories were also accompanied by wonderment from Munciana about the costs of club volleyball, and how expensive it was here, and their new program would be keeping costs way below that of competing organizations. In parallel, he also went to the press with lots of stories about how A-Game was going to have to close down. Shrewd on his part, timing these releases to create the impression that he is in the midst of building the only nationally competitive volleyball community in town. But then both stories quietly went away. To be fair, A-Game is still in some sort of limbo, but it doesn't seem to be slowing Alliance or Upward Stars down any. A year later, basically the same scenario played out, only this time with Sports Performance. Hence this. By the way, TP is every bit as expensive as every other club in town.
  8. #1 Ravenswood at #1 Cane Ridge

    By the way, Ravenswood is an outstanding maker of Zinfandel and other hearty red wines from Northern California. It is also a destination on Chicago's famous mass transit system. Ravenwood is a Williamson County high school whose football team is still playing.
  9. Memphis BB

    MP says Wiseman is eligible, part of their reasoning behind crowning East as the preseason #1 team in the country. MP Preseason High School Top 25 Boys Basketball National Rankings
  10. Memphis BB

    So any insight into Wiseman's status? Hard to see how TSSAA makes him eligible without explaining themselves...
  11. New club team

    Strictly speaking, Sports Performance wasn't banned from USA Volleyball... only the Club Director was. As a result, he was the leading force behind the creation of the JVA, which eventually merged its end of year season championship with AAU. AAU, for its part, has had its own issues with sexual abuse allegations. Sports Performance (and its incarnations throughout the country) are safe, there is no risk they'll be banned from play. In a related note, I was kinda wondering what the top TPV team schedules were going to be, but these are not posted (not publicly, anyway). It will be interesting to see how those teams fare against the top teams from other clubs. On the one hand, it is in TPV's best interests to set expectations low for this first year. After all, their model is to be successful over the long-term, after the cumulative effects of many years of intense training. On the other hand, they have this page on their website, comparing Sports Performance 2017 results against Club West, Alliance, and K2, and making the case that Sports Performance is better than all of them. Which is pretty much indisputable, but Chicago >>> Tennessee in volleyball. Thing is, they don't really specify that it's the Chicago club they are talking about here. So if I am a naive volleyball parent looking for a club in Middle Tennessee, which is probably their target audience, I'm thinking, "Hey, these guys are better than everybody else." That sets some impossibly high expectations.
  12. Franklin

    New story was published in Columbus, adding two more data points. First, the Wray's concern was that when Jake returned from the concussion protocol, he had to earn his starting spot back. Second, they named the other parent who had voiced concerns. Peter's son graduated last year and now plays for Austin Peay. Link: http://www.dispatch.com/sports/20171103/ohio-state-gameday--recruiting-watch-prospects-family-high-school-program-at-odds
  13. Franklin

    I thought this story had died without resolution. And it may yet, but Mom Wray kept it on life support through the local Fox affiliate (see here: http://fox17.com/news/local/franklin-high-school-families-concerned-about-coach-say-football-culture-is-unhealthy) She suggests that Jake was pressured into returning too quickly from his concussion, and that both boys were suspended when she and her husband complained about this. Second, the story adds (in answer to BT Mafia's question) that another parent voiced concerns.
  14. New club team

    I don't think the success ceiling on mid-state club volleyball is a matter of athletes, it's coaches. Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Columbus, Austin... all these areas are drawing from about the same population as Middle Tennessee, or less, yet are much more successful fielding nationally competitive teams. Volleyball is culture in those areas. The difference is coaching, and in particular, getting quality instruction for athletes starting at a very young age. Furthermore, it takes years to train a coach to be relevant at the National level. Middle Tennessee is probably a decade or more from having enough coaching depth to maximize its success on the national club volleyball stage.
  15. Franklin

    BT, I am not aware of any other complaints, but neither am I close enough to the situation to have any authority. One would think the journalists who first ran with the story would be doing that digging? That said, what do you mean by singling the Wrays out? Webb didn't initiate anything.