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  1. 2018 Patriots

    Which Patriots are we talking about here? Oakland?
  2. Memphis sweep this year???

    They probably playing the closest to their ideal level of anyone in the tournament. Well-coached, intense and physical and solid on the ball defensively, but not deep. The Anti-East, if you want to think of it that way. I don't know any of them personally, but I would have to think MJ is probably in the "happy to be here" category.
  3. Memphis sweep this year???

    East is a question mark for me. They are bringing more horses to the tournament than anyone in a long time. But the expectations put on this group might not have been fair. They had a lot of early season uncertainty around their roster and eligibility questions. That affects chemistry, makes people question their roles. Then they had a rough holiday spell where they learned maybe they weren't as good as everyone thought. (Simeon and University School I get, but Olive Branch?) Then they haven't been tested since. Is that because the schedule got light all of a sudden? Probably. Or did they just put it together in mid-January and have been The Machine ever since? Maybe. We'll find out. No TN team can take down East when they are right. Both Blackman and Bearden are good enough to beat them when they aren't.
  4. Penny to University of Memphis??????

    It was always going to turn out this way, and makes perfect sense for Memphis. It's all about recruiting talent, keeping the top kids in the program for a year or two, winning with them while you can, then moving on to the next set of McDonald's All-Americans. Penny can do that. He can sell the vision, he already has the relationships with the right kids and third parties. He might even compete well in the transfer market. Gotta think Todd Day will be part of this too. If I'm John Calipari, I am not happy about this news. Penny is going to get the kinds of kids Cal used to be able to count on. Memphis is running off an outstanding coach, and a class guy.
  5. Mount Juliet at Franklin Sub-State Game

    Franklin has had some unexpected losses this year (Page? really?) but seem to be peaking. A team that rides shooting as its primary weapon is never a sure bet, but even on off shooting nights, Franklin has won games with defensive pressure leading to easy transition points. I'm sure the gym will be packed and loud. Franklin has very little inside presence on either end of the floor. Mt. Juliet isn't much taller, but they they do have some strong kids down low. If Bryan Aiken and Isaac Stephens can own the glass and maybe get some cheap, early fouls on what little depth Franklin does have inside, Mt. Juliet may have a chance. If not, hard to see a win for them. I'll call 15 3's for FHS in a 10 point win.
  6. New club team

    I didn't look that far down in the results... yes, strength at the 13s and 14s would be encouraging, and in fact a little surprising... the Sports Performance model historically hasn't lent itself well to competing in the lower age divisions. Did the exodus you were talking about in those ages show up in Alliance's first weekend?
  7. New club team

    AES results suggest it wasn't a great opening weekend. On the one hand, it looks like the 18's team had a good run in pool play, then were rewarded with the opportunity to get rolled in the first round of gold bracket by the K2 18's (who, to be fair, are probably a top 20 team nationally this year). But the rest of the TP teams looked outmatched against middling competition, just looking at scores and results.
  8. New club team

    Wasn't there, but AES results make it seem it was a real cakewalk for the Alliance teams. Surprising, I would have thought Tsunami and Union would have made it competitive.
  9. Franklin

    I missed the Army All-American game. How did Max do?
  10. New club team

    Looks like most of the TPV top teams, including that 16's team, are registered for the K2 event next weekend (Jan 20-21). Unless they played an event that was not tracked in AES, I think this would be the first competition for the club.
  11. TSSAA please help with Officating

    I've seen maybe 25 games at the varsity and sub-varsity level this year. In a few cases, officials are clearly mailing the effort in. That is inexcusable. MOST of the time, though, they really are doing their best. But we are talking 60+ year old guys who simply can't keep up physically with the pace of play, so they end up out of position to make a call. In those cases, they either guess or punt (IE, call nothing). The solution here is, obviously, to make it more worthwhile / accessible for younger officials. How to do that is less obvious to me. This isn't limited to high school, mind. I was at the Vanderbilt / Tennessee game last night and saw exactly the same phenomenon.
  12. New club team

    No TPV teams are in this event. Based on the acrimony between Trigg and Alliance, I would be surprised if TPV played in any events where they might run up against an Alliance team, especially events hosted (or in this case, co-hosted) by Alliance.
  13. New club team

    Has TP published any information? Schedule? Rosters? I found the web presence on the Franklin Fieldhouse page, but that is even less useful than the Alliance website (which is really saying something).
  14. Franklin

    This thread has become clickbait by this point.
  15. New club team

    Sports Performance founded JVA as an alternative to USAV competition when their club director was banned.