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  1. os played graet and controled the ball very well goodluck to the bobcats firday night agaist sweetwater!!!!!
  2. os by 3 tds good luck to both teams go BOBCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hensley where was u at at the os coalfield game i looked for u there and my brother was there so see ya tonight sasquatch has left his footprint!!!!!!!!!!!hensley where was u at at the os coalfield game i looked for u there and my brother was there so see ya tonight sasquatch has left his footprint!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. HAMPton will win this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luk to both teams!!!!!!!!!
  5. go cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. yea well u should be all over the field did u get to go and play down there,.,., meet me up at the coalfield game and we will talk bout the butt whoopin flordia gave u lol.,.. did utc not work out for u lol go vols the sasquatch has left his footprint!!!!!!!
  7. good luck to the bobcats hope u suprise everyone with a hard fought WIN!!!!!!!!!!
  8. my older brother played for coach k and him being my brother i wanted to do every thing he did so i always wanted to play for him,,., even though i didnt get to i have alot of respect for coach k,., i dont get to see him alot but every time i do he always greets me with a smile and it make me happy me to know that he still cares about me and asks about my bro,.,. but i do have to say congrats to the bobcats as being one of the former players this year i heard that they worked hard in practice and it payed off,.,. good luck to both teams and i will be at the [email protected] game friday cause i think it will be a good game.,., good luck to the bobcats at rockwood and the green waves and the jackets,.,., hey fearbong what happen at the flordia game???? jk keep ur head up talk to after the game friday good luck it will be a tough one!! the sasquatch has left his footprint!!!
  9. this will seperate the men from boys !!! a classic rivalry this will be a good one good luck to both teams coalfield 21 wartburg 14
  10. well said logcabinman way to give os boys some support they will win if they work hard in practice and the will come out fired up and ready to play no more gangsta stuff either straight up G! lol go bobcats!
  11. bobcats will be fired up and ready for whoever so bring in the calvary no way they lose at home!
  12. division I AA region 2 u coming to the game???
  13. everyone better be there at the game friday!!!!!!!!
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