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  1. Mariah Ollis was, in fact, not at that game as she was sick with the flu. Not sure if anyone else was sick or not, I didn't stick around for the OS/Coalfield game so I don't know. BTW, what the heck happened in the OS/Wartburg game? Did OS just not play that good or was Wartburg that much better?
  2. Next round looks like Wartburg/Oakdale and OS/Coalfield. I'm gonna predict, in a mild upset, Oakdale by 3 and OS by 12.
  3. Looking at who all is left, it looks like OS/Coalfield could be an intriguing match-up as Coalfield has beaten the Lady 'Cats earlier in the year so they could very well pull a shocker once again if OS doesn't play well. Plus you have Oakdale/Wartburg which is a pretty tough match-up in itself as Wartburg's surprised a few people this year and Oakdale always is tough plus with district tournaments anything, and I mean ANYTHING can happen. Those are four pretty stout ball-teams right there and all might very well get to the second round of the region playoffs seeing how Region 3-A's a bit down this year. Thoughts?
  4. Talent's not really the big issue with Kingston as they've got some good players on that team and some good underclass players. The big issue is ATTITUDE. I won't name names, but there are a few players with some glaring attitude issues. I'm amazed Coach Anderson has put up with the bull he's had to deal with from some players. At least he can handle it because if it was me, I would have quit coaching a long time ago. On the positive side, Tayler Smith is a very underrated player for Kingston and has stepped her game up big this year plus players like Neal, Brooke Smith, and Lunsford give them some pretty good hope for the future.
  5. Greenback will run away with that region. Rockwood, Harriman, and Midway will probably all three battle for second and Grace Christian is probably another year away from being a threat.
  6. I don't think it's wise to be saying OS won't have good post players. I think Barger is gonna have a breakout year as a post with her being probably the #2 scoring threat instead of #4. She may not have Lauren's size, but I think she did a good job last year and I'm sure she'll step up. Cindel has the potential to be good and Mariah showed she CAN contribute with a few double digit point performances last year, so don't sell the Lady 'Cats short. Will they run over people like last year? No, but they're still OS. The talent well there's not drying up anytime in the next few years. They've got some freshmen that'll be good in a couple years as well in Katie Harvey, Sarah Davis, Hannah Raby, and Maleah Murray. Plus they still have some pretty good talent at the middle school level. Then again, maybe I'm seeing this with purple-colored glasses.
  7. 1. Greenback 2. Berean Christian 3. Rockwood 4. Harriman 5. Midway 6. Grace
  8. While I'd like to see an upset, it just isn't happening this year. That said, I think Coalfield is gonna at least keep up with Hampton for a half. They'll definitely have to stop Jaynes and Irick because those two did the damage last year and Coalfield's secondary will have to step up. I think Coalfield gives Hampton an early scare, but in the end, it's just gonna be too much strength for Coalfield as Hampton will pull away late. After thinking some on my earlier pick, I'm gonna modify it to 34-14, Hampton, but it'll be closer than that score indicates.
  9. Midway by 15 Harriman by 1 Hampton by 20 (Please prove me wrong Jackets) Oneida by 13
  10. Grace could give Midway some real fits with their passing game. That said, I wouldn't call Midway's pass D weak by any means. But from what I've heard about Grace, their ground game is a bit suspect at times and that could really play into the Waves favor. Midway is just a bit more physical than Grace is right now but in the next year or so that gap will be narrowed greatly.
  11. Okay, now I may be accused of looking at this with purple-tinted glasses, but here goes... 1. OS- Top team here until proven otherwise. Christopher and Barger should make for an excellent tandem, Mariah Ollis has shown promise off the bench last year and should step up in a starting role, Kelsey Hall is an excellent role-player for the team as she may be the quickest girl on the team and knows how to contribute, and Cindel Howard has some potential to be an excellent player for the Lady Cats. Factor in Coach K's proven ability coaching and I see no reason why OS won't be the top team in the region, however, it's gonna be tougher than last year, no doubt. 2. Oakdale- Returns a lot of talent and started strong last year before slightly tailing off but all starters return and they could potentially give the Lady 'Cats fits at the top. 3. Coalfield- Still a year away from very huge impact but the arrival of the highly regarded Alaina Jordan could really help out a team that already looks very good in the coming years. 4. Wartburg Central- Lots of players returning, but I think the transition to the new coach might hurt them a bit at first but come January, they'll be dangerous too. 5. Oneida- Don't let the low ranking fool you. Coach West has stepped up time and time again and the Lady Indians are always a tough team. 6. Sunbright- Still another year or two away from major impact in the district.
  12. Coalfield is going to play Hampton closer than people think, but I think eventually Hampton's physicality will win out and Hampton will be waiting for the winner of Oneida/Unaka. Hampton- 34 Coalfield- 20
  13. Grace Christian could really give Midway a run for their money and the Waves can NOT afford to overlook this team. Grace played Hampton very tough along with Cloudland and had Coalfield on the ropes. But I don't think Grace has seen anything like "The Four Horsemen" all year and I think Stansbury, Poe, Ray-Ray, and Harley Davidson supposedly back this week is going to equal to a Midway victory, but it's not going to be a cakewalk. So... Midway- 34 Grace Christian- 20
  14. Without being there, I'm gonna take the high road on this one and say when you pit two schools that just utterly resent one another for whatever reason, a fight is gonna break out at some point. I'm not condoning what either team did but I can understand why it happened.
  15. Final Score: Midway- 67 Greenback- 38 The big story though is that Midway's Harley Davidson had to be taken to UT Hospital and I was wondering if anybody knew the extent of the injury? Hopefully he's not hurt bad.
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