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  1. GP has not chance at all to win this game on Friday. If they do it would most deffinently be considered a fluke. But, IF they make is to play Alcoa, which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, they would absolutely get slaughtered. So REALMENWEARKILTS, you are absolutely out of your mind if you think that you guys are any good. You have not played one single good team. Every team you have beaten has been absolutely terrible. You could not play with the 2A teams in other regions.
  2. You are exactly right. The quarterback isn't exactly the problem though. Why take out someone who has had 1000 yards rushing in the previous year? The coaches should have stuck with the veer and their record would be much better.
  3. the pigeon forge tigers team now should be 7-2 or 6-3. they should have a winning record. even though people say the reason they are losing is because of all the players that have quit, they still have better athletes on the field right now than they did last year, and last year's team atleast got to go to the playoffs. so, maybe it isn't exactly the player's faults. they could have had victories over many teams, but for some reason they can never score. i have not been able to see every game, but the games i have seen pigeon forge has better athletes out on the field. maybe we shouldn't blame the players.
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