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  1. Bucs fall to ECS 69-57 I believe. Great season Bucs.
  2. reaction

    D2 A 2020

    I don't think Grace Franklin or ECS lost much from last year. Both should be a tough out for anyone this season. I look for Lausanne to be in the mix as well.
  3. Boyd wins district championship over ND 51-29.
  4. I remember when only private schools recruited.
  5. I know Hamilton Heights is not part of the TSSAA but they are extremely impressive. Up by 28 on CCS right now in the 4th.
  6. I'm going to start referring to you as the bag man.
  7. Bucs Beat CCS last night 49-41 to move to 12-2.
  8. 11-2 Boyd plays 11-1 CCS tonight. I haven't seen either team play, but CCS did beat Boyd earlier in the year.
  9. Looks promising. We had a lot of kids in street clothes this year sitting out for next season. Middle school numbers are way up. We had 20 something players last year when we went 0-10, and I think we will possibly be up to 60 next season.
  10. Things are looking a lot better at the swamp. I hope SP is back on the schedule soon as well. Always a exciting game. I love coming to SP.
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