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  1. Praying for your community. Very sad news.
  2. I don't know much about him, but I trust Rankin
  3. Bucs hire former CCS head coach Mark Mariakis as an assistant coach on the defensive side Great hire
  4. New OC is Nathan Simbeck. Been at Knox Central past 2 seasons.
  5. Bucs will be ready for 2022. Great group coming up, and talent up from the past 2 years. Am I saying we will win state, no, but will be be much improved, no doubt. And 2023 should be way better. I'm liking what is about to happen at Boyd Buchanan. Great people make great things happen.
  6. Praying for him daily. He is tough!
  7. The rivalry. Boyd vs SP was huge through the early 2000s. Boyd vs SP in 2003 was the title game in a sense. I guess you would rather settle with copper basin
  8. Hasn't made a difference in the past haha
  9. I was hoping to get SP back on the schedule next cycle
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