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  1. reaction

    1A Season Highlights

    Game headed to OT. Another thriller on the Mountain.
  2. reaction

    1A Season Highlights

    Good luck in the post season. It was fun to get the season started off with a big time game against you guys. Both teams got better after that battle! You guys have a very good, experienced team.
  3. reaction

    2019 Season

    In A from Chattanooga, Signal Mountain and CSAS are both contenders. In AA it looks like Loudon has been playing some good soccer, but the AA favorite is Greeneville for sure.
  4. reaction

    2019 Season

    In D2-A Lausanne, CPA, and ECS will all do well. Knox Webb returns a lot as well I believe.
  5. reaction

    2019 East Hamilton Hurricanes

    Great hire
  6. reaction

    Trent Dilfer named HC at Lipscomb Academy

    Nice hire.
  7. reaction

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    Fun while it lasted.
  8. reaction

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    Not sure. I hate that we are not playing you guys. Looking at the schedule, I'd say we are trying to get some wins haha
  9. reaction

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    Congrats Coach Bosken
  10. reaction

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    At this point your guess is as good as mine.,
  11. reaction

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    I'm with you haha.
  12. reaction

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    It was fun while it lasted. Always fun chatting. That AD of yours is a great guy, and I like his taste in sports teams. I'm sure we will cross paths soon.
  13. reaction

    Boyd Buchanan Job

  14. reaction

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Congrats Whitwell! Well deserved!