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  1. Yup. 30ppg. 10+ rebounds a game. 3 steals a game. Averages a double-double a game constantly being double and triple teamed every night with absolutely NO support. She won't get the recognition she deserves though cause she's from the East and she plays on a team that'll struggle to win 10 games . If it wasn't for her, Unaka would go 0-30 this year.
  2. I'd argue that this year's Hampton team is possibly BETTER than the Hampton team last year that was 3 seconds away from playing for a state championship.
  3. That's ridiculous. I drive to both places multiple times a year, I know it's only about a 5 minute longer drive Carter County Schools. **Quick Google mapping, and it's about 5 minutes of a longer drive for NG as well**
  4. Late to the party, but that's an understatement. That Twin Springs team that made it through SW VA all the to the semi finals last year, I saw them get completely outclassed by a terrible Cloudland team midway through the season.
  5. Plenty of talent coming up from where? Their freshman team is terrible, and both Indian Trail and Liberty Bell are floating near the bottom of the middle school standings. LB is especially abysmal.
  6. Crockett seems like it would be the logical fill in. They've hosted districts for baseball the past few years.
  7. If Ramsey isn't seriously considered for Miss Basketball, it'll be a travesty. This Unaka team is arguably the worst I've ever seen WITH Ramsey in it, and she's still averaging 30+ being double and triple teamed every night. She's scoring about 75-80% of their offense. And I'd take Hampton over Cloudland, personally. They're just so much more explosive on offense.
  8. I'm sorry, but I'm going to keep beating this dead hourse. I can't feel sorry, at all, for West TN schools complaining about a long drive when Chattanooga is closer to the western extremities of the state than Nashville/Rutherford County (you know, the magical "centralized locations") is to the eastern extremities of the state. Could also be because I had to ride in a school bus nearly 1100 miles round trip, at the end of May, three years in a row to play at rundown ballfields in the disastrous Spring Flings Memphis put on.
  9. And if this is how folks would actually use the NIL ability, I'd be estatic with it. Like how Fulkerson at UT did those Pal's radio ads. Athletes should have always been able to do that. But inevitability, greed will ruin what should be a good thing, just like in the NCAA.
  10. Ok, fair enough. Lets change it from Mountain City to Cloudland, Hampton, or Elizabethton. All three of which have made it to at least the semifinals as recently as 54 weeks ago. Take the aforementioned drive times and deduct from the Mtn. City time roughly 20 minutes (Cloudland,) 30 minutes (Hampton,) and 35 minutes (Elizabethton.) See, just a small change in the metrics and my point is still valid, while your argument is now completely moot.
  11. Jackson does not, old Lambuth Stadium has nowhere near the capacity. U of M would have to put some major work into it. I would personally be down with a Chattanooga, Rutherford County/Nashville, and Clarksville rotation though. I don't see that ever happening, but that would be a nice little arrangement.
  12. You really oughta familiarize yourself to your own state's geography, superchief.
  13. Brandon Bradley I believe... Lord it's been 20 years, can't remember too much. 6'6-6'7 and strong. Did most his work in the post. Was all-state that season. Surely he went somewhere NAIA or D3 to play ball, but I can't remember. If you defended him physically and harassed him, you could get in his head and throw off his game. Which is one reason Unaka and Cloudland both beat them twice that year. Both those teams played hard and tenacious in your face defense back in those days. Their post players played mean, like football linemen.
  14. Jan 2003. UH had a kid originally from Science Hill, Bradley was him name I believe. Big strong forward, and UH was like 17-0 and ranked #1 in the state. Anyway, Bradley gets sick, and Coach Gordon doesn't want to play without him. So he decided to postpone the game because the roads were "too icy" up Stoney Creek. Even though Carter County Schools were in session that day, and the following day. Anyways, UH racked up a few more wins, then Unaka went to Brooks the next week and gave them their 1st L. UH only lost 5 games that year, and Unaka was the only team to beat them at Brooks. Their only other loses were @ Roan Mtn, up Stoney Creek, against Cloudland in the district tournament, and Greenfield in the State Semi-finals.
  15. The thing that irks me the most, I suppose, is that half the folks here seem to think Cookeville is "east TN," Chatt is "wayyyyyyy in East TN," and that TN ends entirely at the east boundary of the Knoxville city limit. Y'all, there are TWO MORE hours of Tennessee PAST Knoxville; the TSSAA serves like 45 schools east of Knox County. Let's take the 3 farthest flung corners of TN, Mountain City, Tiptonville, and Fairley High School in Memphis, and look at drive times to locations being tossed around here. It takes roughly 5 hours from Tiptonville to Finley Stadium, and a few minutes more from Fairley. And y'all make it sound like y'all gotta drive across the entire blamed state. Well, it takes LONGER just to get to Nashville from Mountain City. Finley Stadium, UTC. Mountain City: 4 hours 15 min Tiptonville: 5 hours 5 min Fairley HS: 5 hours 15 min Tucker Stadium, TTU. Mountain City: 4 hours 10 min Tiptonville: 4 hours 30 min Fairley HS: 4 hours 40 min Floyd Stadium, MTSU. Mountain City: 5 hours 15 minutes Tiptonville: 3 hours 40 minutes Fairley HS: 3 hours 50 minutes FirstBank Stadium, Vanderbilt. Mountain City: 5 hours 25 minutes Tiptonville: 3 hours 10 minutes Fairley HS: 3 hours 25 minutes Fortera Stadium, APSU Mountain City: 6 hours Tiptonville: 2 hours 45 minutes Fairley HS: 3 hours 40 minutes Graham Stadium, UTM Mountain City: 7 hours 45 minutes Tiptonville: 55 minutes Fairley HS: 2 hours 30 minutes Liberty Bowl, Memphis. Mountain City: 8 hours 30 minutes Tiptonville: 2 hours 5 minutes Fairley HS: 25 minutes It's a shame Tech and MTSU don't really seem to have any interest in holding the Blue Cross Bowl. Drive time wise, those are the most ideal locations... Boy Cookeville sure does suck though. And to answer your question of "how would 'east' TN people like to drive to west TN?" Heck, folks that live in northeast TN gotta drive 3 hours+ to get to ANY of the locations mentioned, even the ones in "eAsT tEnNeSsEe." So forgive me if you don't have our pity.
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