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  1. The more I think about it, a double elimination style, only two teams advance type district tournament in basketball sounds better. You remember how exciting district tournaments USED to be?? I remember when A would straight up pack Milligan. AAA at Central used to have folks sitting in the rafters. AA would fill Treadway Gymnasium. It's not like that anymore. Aside from the game where Unaka's boys pooped the bed against Cloudland, the areas district tournaments were devoid of all any and all excitement this year, except for AA. Part of the reason for that is A and AAAA had NO elimination games. Everybody advances anyway. AAA only had one, and I think everyone knew Elizabethton's boys weren't going to advance. District tournaments with more games and more teams being eliminated would, in theory, mean more excitement. Every game after the opening round would mean something to someone. And the extra days it would take to do this would be somewhat offset by Regions being one less round. Just a thought. (btw @dogtruth part of the reasoning for taking only two to regions in baseball is now that the Regional tournament is a nice, square, double elimination tournament. Last year was the 1st year of that, and I think it worked out extremely well, especially after 20 years of single pitcher teams throwing their ace in both win or go home games (Monday region semi-final, Friday or Saturday substate.)
  2. Baseball plays double elimination tournaments, that's why they only have two advance.. Don't get me wrong, I'd be ok with only taking two teams while playing a double elimination format, but I'm not sure alot of folks would get behind the added two nights it would take to accomplish that (without having teams play two games in a night, which I don't like in basketball). I say if we're going to play with 4 classifications, only take the top 3 teams from a district tournament, and make both the consolation (elimination) and championship (1st round by) games mean something.
  3. Well, it's like I tell my child. They don't NEED it. They just want it.
  4. None of this will ever happen because the T$$AA won't pass up a chance for a dollar, but all that aside... Taking only 3 from each district makes the most sense. It makes the district consolation game meaningful. Also look at the numbers: When we were operating with three classifications, we had 110-120 teams per class. 64 advancing to regions was about 55%, and I feel that's a fair, solid amount of teams. But now with 4 classes, there are 85 teams per class, but still 64 advancing out of districts. That's over 75%, which is ridiculous. If we made the district consolation game an elimination game and only have the top 3 teams move on, that leaves us with 48 teams, which is back at (you guessed it) roughly 55%. An added bonus to that would be the district champion gets a by straight into region semi-finals, which makes winning that district championship game an even more important. IMHO, I'd only be in favor of taking the top 2 teams from districts if they made (at least for the last 4 teams remaining in district) a double elimination format, like baseball.
  5. Take 26 up into VA, stay on 58/421 till Clinchport. Take a left into VA 600, and it takes you all the way to Kyles Ford. It's really not that bad. I'd personally much rather have to drive to Sneedville than Cosby, honestly.
  6. I saw them a couple of times at the Ladies Classic, they looked like they were starting to unglue.
  7. https://portal.tssaa.org/common/classification/?type=middle
  8. I can tell you in MY area, every school that is a member participates in the post season. In fact, in my county, some of the small basketball only school's membership would fluctuate every season. If they felt they were going to have a decent team and a chance to advance in the postseason, they'd pay the fees and be members. If they were going to have a bad team, they wouldn't join that year and save the money.
  9. Sure, there may only be 306 "Middle Schools," but that surely doesn't take account all the K-8 member schools. There's nearly 200 registered eligible schools in Single A alone.
  10. Out of curiosity, roughly where are you located? I ask because nearly every single school east of Knoxville is a member.
  11. It was a tight, UGLY game until about halfway through the 3rd. You would have watched them today and wondered "how in the heck did these girls beat Oak Ridge??" They pulled away in the 4th after CD gave up like 10 snowbird layups.
  12. I dont believe 99.8% of us could find anyone who could hit 17 of 21 from behind the arc in an empty gymnasium, let alone during game conditions. The folks who are trying to diminish 17 of 21 because she was playing a far inferior opponent can take a hike. Now flip the coin, and I could understand why some people might think that running offensive sets and setting multiple screens to give your star player, arguably the best player in A, open looks at 3 point shots while the game is obviously in hand up 40 points + in the 2nd half against a far inferior opponent is a somewhat... Distasteful.
  13. I'd counter that the best A team in East TN is UH. Returned pretty much the whole team from last year's semi final run. Arguably the best team east of Morristown, in any classification.
  14. Of course there's gonna be some tougher games, but the Lady Landers are going to be favored in every single game this year. I'm just worried the same thing that happened to the 04-05 Unaka team will happen to them once the can match them step for step.
  15. I just looked at y'all's schedule in its entirety. IF it isn't missing any games, there's a very realistic chance y'all cruise into sectional with like a 30-0 record. I understand y'all gotta go to NG and Hampton, and those are never a given regardless, but I really don't see much of a challenge in there.
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