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  1. A fun side bet will be if the TSSAA will refund the officials the registration fee they payed to call 4 says of baseball and/or softball. I say fat chance.
  2. If you folks think this ISN'T being politicized at least somewhat, you're probably too naive to have a real adult conversation with. The media is playing this for ratings, ruining the economy and wrecking people's retirement. And I'm not talking about ball games or NASCAR races. If you haven't checked your 401K in the past few weeks, you probably should. And for what? An unpreventable virus that MIGHT, worst case scenario, kill 0.0002% of the world's population. With a lion's share of fatalities happening to the ederly in poor, third world regions.
  3. This. Is. Just. So. Stupid. Every single bit of it. H1N1 was exponentially more contagious, and killed nearly 15K in America alone, and nobody cared.
  4. High school basketball is the worst (fundamental wise) that it's ever been. Kids come into the 9th grade and can barely advance the ball while being pressured without carrying, traveling, illegal dribbling, it any combination of the three. Most have no clue how to run an offense. A shot clock would be the detrimental to the development of high school basketball players in this state. On the other side, folks, y'all don't want BillyBob from the crowd running the shot clock. The game clock gets screwed up multiple times a game, but barely any one notices because the game clock only DIRECTLY impacts one possession a period. A shot clock directly impacts every single possession. Imagine 10 or 12 possessions being screwed up a game directly by the shot clock operator. You would need a trained/paid shot clock operator for it to work. A lot of schools don't have the money for that (thats not taking account Of actually having to purchase install the equipment) and, quite frankly, we don't have the bodies to do it either.
  5. 19-10 I think. They've got UH later this week, so they'll be a 20 win team.
  6. Free throws have been the death knell of this Jr Landers team for the past 2 seasons now. And it's just a darn shame, because they've been superior, in every other facet of the game, to any other teams they've faced.
  7. They should. Only teams in the sectional that can play with them are Nolichucky and Bulls Gap. And that might even be a stretch
  8. Cloudland went stone cold in the 3rd, only scored one or two buckets. Hard to beat a quality team doing that. First time seeing NG's big girl. To be perfectly frank, I wasn't too impressed with her offensively, but she was extraordinarily disruptive on the defensive end. Excellent acceleration/speed for a post player in this area as well.
  9. As a rule of thumb, that dude typically tries to act like a big wig sports analyst, while in reality really having no clue.
  10. While Unaka, and especially Hampton, aren't very strong this year, even comparing those two teams to UH and North is absolutely laughable.
  11. I told you that bunch from Mountain City was gamey this year. Leon has done a fine job.
  12. That NG/SG score can't be right.. Can it?
  13. Lets call a spade a spade. Once they got up 2 scores, Witten started calling straight vanilla on offense. And still tacked on two more scores.
  14. Why? Why even try to fair catch a punt at the 5 yard line??
  15. Greeneville out of the way. Anderson County out of the way. Don't have to worry about Maryville in the Semis.. They just might could pull it off this year.
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