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  1. crazzyness

    District to State is an eternity

    What is all the fuss about?? District championship games in this area were on the 18th/19th of Feb. The State tournament started Wednesday. That's only 15 days between district championships and the start of state. 15 days to play 4 games in between. That's seems plenty reasonable to me?
  2. crazzyness

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Friend, I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in any assessment that joker has to give. He predicted UH losing to the 10 win #4 seed from district 2 because "they just might be a better team than UH." On a serious note, if a shooting team with no experience in the Murphy Center comes up against a larger team in the first round, I'll always pick the big boys. Shots just do not fall for inexperienced gaurds in that building.
  3. crazzyness

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    This dude here.
  4. crazzyness

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    It really tickles my pickle when you have to end up eating crow.. Which happens quite alot.
  5. crazzyness

    Region 1A

    Just looking at the score, I wonder if UH is using their lenght to spread the floor and play Bayless ball? If so, that's a smart game plan against an explosive team like Harriman.
  6. crazzyness

    Region 1A

    That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the scores the other night.
  7. crazzyness

    Region 1A

    The politics in this county makes me want to vomit.
  8. crazzyness

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    I'm late to this. Wish BB the best of luck, but I think they'll end up regretting this hire. Boskin is a Grade A jackwagon with an ego and short temper, and he doesn't relate well with the kids.
  9. crazzyness

    Lunsford retires from cloudland

    Ahh King, it ain't all gloom and doom little buddy. Sure, things are looking kinda bleak in the short-term, but they had a darn good looking group of grasscutters up there this past season.
  10. crazzyness

    Rules Question

    Seems kind of redundant to say again, but the free throw not drawing iron is a violation, therefore the throw-in must be administered on a spot on the baseline.
  11. crazzyness

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Mike Lunsford has decided to call it a career at Cloudland.
  12. crazzyness

    Region 1A

  13. crazzyness

    Region 1A

    1st, good job to UH for taking care of business.. But here's the thing. Its garbage statements like this that make people resent UH. And the thing is, its not even the players. With very few exceptions, we always got along fine with UH players, and have had friendships with them after I graduated. It's the fans/parents that were always the problem. "Que the banjos" like Greenback folks are mentally inept, inbred hicks, and you are superior to them. The same way with showing up to Unaka in years past in tattered farm clothing and "go eat your beans and cornbread chants" trying to mock folks. And of course, who could ever forget UH fans going up to Hampton dressed in raincoats and waders right after the Doe River flood that killed a handful of Hampton residents. Have A little class. Even IF some Greenback fans were acting like fools, coming on here and insulting their comminity with snide remarks makes you no better.
  14. crazzyness

    Region 1A

    Now see, there's a difference. When you do it, you're just being a knucklehead trying to trigger folks... But I think this guy ACTUALLY believes what he's saying.
  15. crazzyness

    Region 1A

    All this talk of Greenback possibly beating UH is absolutely laughable. Its preposterous. They're an 11 win team. From District 2, the 4 seed. They've lost to Washburn. They've lost to Jellico, twice. They've lost to Berean. They've lost to First Baptist Academy. They've lost to Unaka... UH wins by 20+. Unaka should beat Jellico, but that 3 hour his ride is a wild card. NG/Hancock should be a dandy. That is if there are any roads left coming out of Sneedville by Saturday. Hampton will probably give Cosby all they can handle. I'm sure Ned has made those boy's lives miserable the past few days at practice, they should have a fire under their rears come Saturday.