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  1. If they can hold it together for a few years, I think it'll be ok. They got a some good looking little fellers in there Jr. Pee Wee and Grasscutter programs.
  2. It will be interesting to see how the young fellas at Unaka turn out over the next few years. The thing that will make or break them will be their ability to develop a line. Their middle school team last year had tons of speed at the skill positions. They could move the ball, and were actually kind of fun to watch. But their weakness was their line.
  3. It's quite easy to see, reading the posts on this thread, why in 40 years or less, youth sports will be a thing of the past. Folks won't even be able to talk people into officiating for any amount of money.
  4. Not hating! Just being brutally honest. Two hopped to the pitcher; he had it before the runner even cleared the home plate cut. The SS busted his butt and was at 3rd covering lickity split. Runner was off the bag nearly 25". He was a sitting duck, and the play should have been made on him. Even playing it safe, the pitcher could have looked him back twice and still got the batter runner. If they could have gotten him to take just one step back, that would have made all the difference in the world. I'm glad to see them win though.
  5. Awesome job Greenback. Great to see a Region 1 team (except y'all aren't really a region 1 team lol) win it all. But that has to burn for TCA. Have a season as stellar as there's end up for naught because if two absolutely, completely dumbfounding mistakes.
  6. How do you NOT. Look. The. Runner. Back??? That was a terrible bunt, should have never scored on that. Jeeze.
  7. Correct. Any other position has to be a pinch runner, and the sub will be burned if the starter re-enters. Courtesy runners are not considered substitutions, and can therefore be entered later in the game.
  8. Combination of saving potential injury of pitcher/catcher on the basepaths and helps speed up the game in between innings as they should (hypothetically) be ready to hit the field as soon as the 3rd out is recorded.
  9. Its been that way ever since they went from 4 teams to 8 in 2003. In 2003 Davidson Academy did it to USJ, 2012 Riverside did it to Eagleville, and in 2014 JCS did it to Grace.
  10. I really, really do hope Greenback wins. That said, I've always thought it was straight bull how they ditch the double elimination for the championship game. Tip of the cap to Greenback for winning 3 games in less than 24 hours with their backs against the wall, but I think Its a crock TCA isn't afforded the chance to take an L and keep going, like Greenback was able to.
  11. What is all the fuss about?? District championship games in this area were on the 18th/19th of Feb. The State tournament started Wednesday. That's only 15 days between district championships and the start of state. 15 days to play 4 games in between. That's seems plenty reasonable to me?
  12. Friend, I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in any assessment that joker has to give. He predicted UH losing to the 10 win #4 seed from district 2 because "they just might be a better team than UH." On a serious note, if a shooting team with no experience in the Murphy Center comes up against a larger team in the first round, I'll always pick the big boys. Shots just do not fall for inexperienced gaurds in that building.
  13. It really tickles my pickle when you have to end up eating crow.. Which happens quite alot.
  14. Just looking at the score, I wonder if UH is using their lenght to spread the floor and play Bayless ball? If so, that's a smart game plan against an explosive team like Harriman.
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