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  1. I can't say enough how proud I am of this team. True definition of team. No team in the tourney scored out of the forties against them, fantastic defense.
  2. We really appreciate the respect for Hampton. We don't get the press or attention teams down state get, but we go down and compete. Hampton, in their history, has shown they don't back down. Will they finish the job this year, or fall just short? Either way, we're proud of our team and our school. Props to all the teams still alive!
  3. Quite likely Cadon Buckles for Hampton, he's a Mr. Basketball finalist this year. Great player, better student, excellent young man.
  4. Lots of fouls on Hampton isn't unusual with their style of play. We'll see what adjustments are made at the half.
  5. Big congratulations to the Lady Dogs of Hampton, three years ago they could hardly get the ball up the court. This year the same team is 24-1 and conference champions after beating Cloudland 48-25!
  6. The Hampton girls put a hurt on Unaka up Stony Creek tonight, 78-32
  7. The Hampton girls played an ugly game, but won. They missed a ton of shots, but managed.
  8. I don't doubt that, going to Baileyton is always tough. Good luck!
  9. The Hampton girls get it done at South Greene, winning 55-53 to stay undefeated!
  10. Hampton looked pretty impressive against a one-loss Chuckey Doak team tonight, leading the entire game and winning 86-61.
  11. Scary injury situation here at Hampton. Prayers up for the Oneida player hurt, freak football play, player hasn't moved in several minutes.
  12. Hampton is playing very tough. Perhaps Boone took them for granted a bit, but the Dogs are showing they can play. The second half will be the story: if Hampton can maintain their intensity, and if Boone can get any offense going.
  13. Well I've waited to see if someone would start it, so I guess I get the honor! Thoughts on this one?
  14. That two week period earlier in the season of covid-cancellation and bye week really seemed to throw the team off, they were really rolling along up till that point. They seem to be getting that aura back now.
  15. Just saw where Oneida lost tonight, 56-55 to CSAS!
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