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  1. 3:30 Whitehaven (TN) vs Ballard (KY) 5:00 Oak Ridge (TN) vs Woodward Academy (GA) 6:30 Brentwood Academy (Tn) vs The First Academy (GA) 8:00 CPA (TN) vs The Durham School (LA)
  2. The answer to your statement above is due to the fact that the basketball coaches not encouraging their player to play football in addition to basketball. Unfortunately, some Memphis coaches discourages them from playing football in fear of them getting hurt. Furthermore, AAU has taken that opportunity away from dual sport athletes.
  3. Point of clarification....Hamilton didn't have an ineligible player. You have the wrong school. It was Ridgeway.
  4. If Riverdale or whatever Ruco top school is the measuring stick for girls basketball, why not schedule them to see how you match up with the top teams in the state year in year out. It will improve your chances during the tournament time. Unfortunately, coached are concerned about their perfect record and they often have an early exit year in year out in the class house.
  5. Who are you picking in this game?
  6. The home and away team has a scorebook to keep during any game. At the end of the day, the official book is what the officials must go by. This topic shouldn't have anything to do with the officials of this game. Furthermore, why degrade an official for his appearance. Instead of blaming and degrading this official, why don't you go to camp to learn how to officiate. TSSAA can always use people who are very knowledgeable about officiating basketball.
  7. I totally agree with you on everything you stated in your post. I've coached basketball for a number of years before becoming an official.
  8. Independence head boy's basketball coaching job is open. Coach Glass has accepted the Assistant Principal position at Lebanon High School. Congrats Coach Glass on a remarkable job at Indy. God bless you on your future endeavors.
  9. Here is a Rumor/Specualtion for you bro.....lol...It could be a nice connection but it was speculated that one or more of his top players quit while he was coaching at Hamilton because of him showing favoritism towards his sons. Apparently, this happened the year Blackman beat Hamilton in the state. Do you have any info on that?
  10. I was stating that many posters post rumors or speculations about kids going to different schools based on other sources. The only true fact basically comes directly from the parent's or the administration at a particular school. At the end of the day, the parents are going to put their kids in the best possible situation to succeed. If the Lawson's go to prep school, I wish them much success.
  11. You're right, this is a message board. Unfortunately, many speculations are just rumors. People are so worried about what Memphis schools are doing in AAA, within the rules of TSSAA, that their speculations are mainly rumor based. Facts not Alternative facts...
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