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  1. Schultz is the best player to ever touch a basketball at that school .. so that would be tough to match
  2. Never know what kind of Foreign help they will get. Now that I look at it I may change my mind I had them at 4th but you guys may be right
  3. Think NG can stay up there they lost a lot I am pretty sure .. Hampton shouldn't lose
  4. Who Yal got in the league next year ? I'll say Hampton Unaka Cloudland NG UH
  5. In boys this league will run through Johnson County and South Greene ... Atwood and Hoese by far the best coaches .. and CD Group is just athletic no real basketball players .. and the big boy is lazy .. no way you beat a Hoese and Atwood coached team being lazy
  6. Also I think you guys are over reacting to the press .. it was nerves mostly I believe .. they will settle in .. ask Hampton about the press .. it was a lay up drill .. now I know Hampton isn't clay county but still .. I agree clay is better overall .. but don't count out ng they find a way to hang around seems like
  7. 33 Schultz Is not a post he's a guard ... they don't post him on the low block a ton he's scores down low off offensive rebounds mostly .. they use him a lot at the elbows and then if it's 1 v 1 it's 2 points .. if they double you're not taking it from him it's a wide open 3
  8. I may be totally off but I think ng can play with them... nothing flashy about ng but they have a kid who can flat out get it done with some nice pieces around him
  9. What are the best match ups in the first round and I would love some insight and predictions
  10. If by can play you're talking about 33 your big kid .. I'll have to respectfully disagree .. Burley for Hampton wore him out last night
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