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  1. imagine this Greenway is back on the team for district. Makes you look real good coach.
  2. As I said in my last post, drop the field situation and talk about baseball. Does anyone know what the games look like for the tourney. And also give me your pics for players that are looking to recieve all conference.
  3. dang is that all yall talk about is the field situations. get over it west will never get a football field. and sherwood will eventually become a good field over time. so just drop all the crap. and talk about baseball, and when football comes around u can talk about football.
  4. Im glad u knwo what ur talking about.Ramsey hasnt ever pitched a high school game, he has been behind the plate since he was a freshmen. By the way do u even know Ramsey?East played horrible on the defensive side of the ball. with i think 8 errors.Greeneville came into the game ready to play, and hit the ball very good. While East came in dragging butt around. Hopefully the outcome with be different tonight. Sure Greeneville will go with Cutshaw and Greenway. Should be two good games.
  5. At the meet on thursday, at ###### co. Morristown East looked pretty good in there events. Ramsey ran a 11.1 hundred. Also, a 22.80 in the 200. ask the kids from cocke co., gphs and cosby, about it. He left them like they were standing still. In the 4:2 at the meet in the last leg.
  6. Think about this Tavin Blanton, Tarrell Dockery, Tyler Turner, and Brad Ramsey running the 4:1. could anyone in the conference bet them?
  7. And the prediction for this year was 1. West 2.Cherokee 3.East 3.Jeff.County and so on. Rutledge beat Cherokee that bad, and Cherokee was pitching there ace? Someone had high expectations for Cherokee this year didnt they? Down fall for Cocke Co. is that they have one senior on the team.rest mostly freshman and sophmores with few jr. Did Greenway play in the game on Tuesday? And why didnt Cutshaw pitch? Were the waiting for confrence play?
  8. yes we are still playing away games. just dropped a tourney. And yes they played fall ball, they played west in a few games and pract. Im sure coaches really rejoiced
  9. East and Cocke Co. meet tonight any predictions on the game?
  10. Frankenvol u have no clue about Altizer he wants the kids to win just as bad as they do. And i would have to say that u would not say that to his face. You may talk as if u would, but I promise you that you would not. Back to baseball for which the topic is about, Heard the other day hazelwood might be out for the season. Thats horrible to hear for him he was a heck of a player, and a dang good guy. Hope everything turns out good and he will be able to play this year. What day does the tourney actually start. I know East plays Cocke Co. tuesday any games going on monday?
  11. Well I would also take the 10-1 odds and that is all it takes is one time to put someone out, but i mean last year east played science hill and farragut to of the top teams around here. science hill beat east by 1, also farragut by 1 run and the score of that game was 3-2 with them having 2 unearned runs. so taking that east can still play with the best. Even though or confrence is a lil weak. And if east takes away a few mistakes we beat both of them. So u can not say that east isnt able to play with them. Also if i remember it right D-B game was a great game if im not mistaken east might have beat them, not for sure on that it was at the beginning of the season last year.
  12. How are u so sure of that. The season hasnt even started yet. You cant come to a conclusion this early. East look pretty good for there first outing seeing live pitching. Collins looked a lil rusty on the mound but he will be alright. Greene, Dickerson ,and Wilson all threw well.
  13. Conference play doesnt during the regular season doesnt matter that much. Yeah its good to win confrence and to place first, but its mostly to build up and prepare for the distict tournment.Thats what it all comes down to. Who are going to be standout players this year in the imac?
  14. easygoing7

    Best fields?

    now the money is there the city is just to lazy to get out there and work all day on it
  15. Yes Greeneville will have better team chemistry i agree, but if he can keep his nose clean they will be better. Nothing against Matt he's a heck of a player. So, whats this i hear. 1.Morristown West 2.Cherokee 3.Morristown East not for sure on the rest of the rankings, i know that cherokee is returning some players this year but what pitching do they have? just coming from what they had last year i dont think that pitching will be there unless they have had some transfers come in that can pitch. West is prob. the best off in pitching with Bridgewater,Wild (if he is able),and a few more.but like i said in an earlier post they cant pitch everygame.
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