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  1. Webb4

    '08 predictons

    next year looks like more of the same in DII. McCallie will definelty win another state title with the addition of MBA's Roger Briggs, look for Baylor to replace Webb again in the team competition. What about other divisions?
  2. He wouldnt have beaten parks without cramps. Heck he pushed parks to a 7-5 first set then in the second he was done. No excuses, he tried hard and played fine.
  3. parks beat harris 5,1 in the finals of DII state team
  4. that's the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Berkely Brock played 8th grade year and played all 4 years of high school, as will megan conley.
  5. yea chadwell will take singles, greer and wilkinson dubs and siegel team.
  6. ok in DII the matchups are out. First Round Webb vs MBA McCallie vs MUS my prediction: Webb over MBA, McCallie over MUS, McCallie over Webb for the title. Although the MUS McCallie match will ridiculously good...
  7. yea but they can still duke it out in the individuals. DII individuals are murderous. Lang or Davis could beat Bo, but they play first round.... quite unfortunate that occurred.
  8. ok so regions is coming to an end. I know webb plays the 3 from the west which i believe is Lusianne. Baylor i believe plays the 3 from the central which i believe is Father Ryan. Who else does everyone play?
  9. wow, sounds like a tough region. McCallie beat webb 4-1 to win regions. Im sure MBA and MUS rolled as well.
  10. yea, can we get some conformation on this injury? what kind of injury was it? that would be huge for both webb AND McCallie in their run for a state title.
  11. Yeah a lot will depend on a coin toss to see who will play MBA and MUS in the Semis. Never the less both teams will have to be ready to play no matter who they draw.
  12. We dont have dorm rooms to house them up, we cant just stick them in someone's house. It's a bigger testament to what webb has done with nothing but Knoxville players.
  13. If you think we stacked against Baylor, with just 2 people being switched, wait till state, THEN you'll see stacking.
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