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  1. MJ over Powell and OAK over Dyersburg. The second game will be close and nerve-racking. However, expect OAK to give MJ everything on Saturday. I'm going with OAK in the "upset."
  2. Bruce was a former student of mine. He will be missed. The Gilley family has definitely been in the prayers of thousands of people across the area.
  3. I agree with you 100%.
  4. RAN

    7-AAA Scores

    Go Oakland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. RAN

    7-AAA Scores

    I really hope we are not in line for private schools...of course I'm biased as a teacher in the public schools. Go Pats!
  6. RAN

    District 7 AAA Brackets

    Wow! Riverdale is plowing through this tourney. I'm not sure anyone can keep these girls down at this point. They have competed with the best...Goodpasture, Soddy, Beech, and Hendersonville among many others. They may well sweep on through to state. I know a lot of people think that is a bold statement with mainly Cumberland County and Soddy standing in the way, but Riverdale is just so strong...I mean, 40 victories with that strength of schedule! And I'm not even a Riverdale fan!
  7. RAN

    7-AAA Scores

    Oakland2001, I agree. Seems weird that Warren is already out. Just like you, I'd like to see our Pats do really well. I am also really glad all Rutherford schools are still alive. Kudos to Cookeville for an excellent season so far. I am an Oakland fan and am really concerned about the possibility of our boys having to play the Cavs again. I know I may start some controversy here, but I really think a large portion of Rutherford County looks down upon Oakland now, with all the schools. I mean, I teach 8th grade here in the boro and my students had the following to say..."Siegel is for the advantaged and rich, Blackman is for the techsters and rich, Riverdale is for the jocks, and Oakland is what is left over." Now, I'm not saying I agree with the statement, but I have found that this thinking about Oakland is not uncommon throughout the county. I know Oakland has dominated in the past, but I can't help feeling as if the Patriots are underdogs. I'd just really like to go for the underdog if any of this makes sense. Underdogs or not, GO PATRIOTS!
  8. RAN

    7-AAA Scores

    Okay...so again, why is it taking so long to find out what has happened today? Riverdale, Oakland...how did they do?
  9. RAN

    7-AAA Scores

    What is happening in the tourney? I know Riverdale won, but what else? Any word on the Oakland-Siegel game? It should be over by now!
  10. Just wondering if anyone else was surprised by the Lady Patriots' 64-48 victory over the Lady Warriors last night. After a close half, Oakland pulled away and looked impressive in doing so. Both teams are young, but from what everyone else had said, Riverdale should have dominated this game.
  11. Just in case no one heard this one from a different post, Oakland was leading Lincoln County at the end of the first, 6-0. I am away from my radio now and will be unable to update anymore. Very curious to find out these local scores.
  12. A couple of minutes into the second, Riverdale leads Cookeville 14-3. Riverdale was threatening to score again, but fumbled on the Cookeville 3-yard line.
  13. After first quarter, Smyrna leads Coffee County, 7-0.
  14. RAN


    According to 1450 WGNS, Oakland is leading after the first quarter, 6-0. This would be a shocker. Still lots of time to play.
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