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  1. More blowouts than I have ever seen too. I would like to give a shout out to Coffee Co. and Lincoln Co.. Considering the scores and the information I am getting, Coffee and Lincoln very much deserved to be there as much as Lawrence Co.. Yes, the brackets are set up by regions and I'm not arguing about the brackets but I want others to take notice of those teams records and performance. They had to go through one of the roughest region brackets in the state. All three were there till the end. There were many years when I was involved with this game where my team came up short and probably could have placed in the top three in the state had they won that key game in sectionals. We never got a shout out by others but I knew how important it is for the girls to hear it. Good Job Shout out to Coffee Lawrence and Lincoln counties!
  2. Riverdale 9 Brighton 1 Final
  3. OVERHOLT2323, you are a very observant person. My hat's off to you. I'm not trying to make friends to form a bandwagon like our little provocateur, just giving kudos when it's deserved.
  4. My two posts were for study purposes only. First, you can dish it out but can't take it. Secondly, you didn't realize the "double meaning" of my last post which is based simply on how well you read for comprehension. I won't give it away but take a look at your spelling for once and noticeably, you did not respond to my important issue. You dodged it. It speaks for itself. Sorry, I maybe should have spelled it out a little more... no pun intended and probably overestimated your debate skills. Not saying mine is better, just an observation. So, how does it feel to be the guinea pig in the terrarium for once? I've made my point, have fun, poke back as you usually do and be sure to call out more programs hoping the TSSAA is actually reading your posts. Isn't it funny how a couple of programs despised you on the boards and now you've fallen in favor? Just wondering......Good day
  5. Judging by your sentence structure, or lack thereof, I'm assuming you may be from a mountainous area where schools couldn't be built. Let's see... "A letter to parents who have princess". Do you see anything wrong with this sentence? Or how about "Recorder Holder"? Do you notice a pattern? The examples are too numerous to mention but hey, I'm really a witty guy that laughs a lot.... at people like you "I krak miself up!".... in your words.... Seriously, you have wit and a lot of things to offer. Just stop with the cracks at the kids. Chew on the coaches, teachers, parents and programs all you want. There are some people in some towns that never learned that lesson. The problem is, those people can never ever shake that image. People just don't forget when you take shots at their kids. Forever is longer than YOU live. Because when you're gone, those that were affected by your comments will still remember the damage done robbing them of good memories. Leading a group of redneck bandwagon character assassins is probably not how you want to be known or remembered by..... but, then again, I don't know you personally. So, be smart and take the high road on the kids. Like I said, I can see how much talking talent you have...... turn it for the good, for a change, make a kid happy and not warped by some preposterous statement just to entertain the adults. In the case of the latter, might I suggest the Plus Boards?
  6. Noitall I agree with you 100% about all the princesses,bad/redneck parks,parents who constantly gripe about why their DD is riding the wooden pony or ain't playing in the position that they are best at & blah,blah,blah......But hey it is State Tournament time why don't you stop with all the propaganda nonsense garbage and tell everyone somthing with some substance! Use all of that "knowledge" you have & let all know who the "LOSERS" are going to be.... Cause that is truly what you do best! Substance? Can you be serious? Maybe you mean substance abuse. Any story with substance has not been authored by him. Being funny is one thing, doing at the cost of high school kids is another. Posts dripping with bitterness and cut downs are the norm. Lifting kids up with stories of example is not. His act is for the PLUS BOARDS, not the boards for the kids and families, but you know, when you're not smart enough to realize your tearing down ways and most everyone around you does, you've become the one they are laughing at .
  7. Dang! I know Terry probably practices the 1st - 3rd rundown as much as Riverdale does. I'm shocked they don't make that play. But, as it is with all teams, kids are kids and pressure makes errors and errors in judgment. Can happen to any team but I know to lose the game to that play has to hurt a lot. Sounded like a great game. Congratulations to Riverdale and another congratulations for Coffee making such a huge run this year. They proved they were the real deal and worthy to be at the state. ERA
  8. Cleverness is not one of your skill-sets. Doing your best to tear down other schools programs than your own under the guise of compliments dripping with sarcasm while trying to blow whistles to the TSSAA is childish to say the least. Obviously, you must be from my town and out of your league..... just look it up on my profile and the picture will be as clear as red.....pitiful.
  9. Our prayers are with Leslie and family. Such a tragic event.
  10. They got it right as I knew they would... DNJ article Riverdale
  11. Quote from the Beech coach in today's Tennessean: In the school of class and gentlemen-ship, no matter what you are thinking, when the time comes for you to comment about the team that just beat you, you ALWAYS tip your hat and say the better team won when you are the coach. Speculations of who is the better team should come from fan opinions plain and simple. Showing class is a hard thing to do but it is expected from the coaches. The comment by the coach suggests Riverdale was lucky. LUCKY? The stats above speak for themselves. Let's just say that comments like those above from the coach were directly responsible for the end result at the fling. Everybody wants respect and when you are not getting it, some people have the will to fight for it. Riverdale earned everyone's respect that mattered yesterday when they hammered Beech in the ground. Riverdale adjusted at the plate and the pitcher didn't know how to adjust to it plain and simple. Pitchers have a bad habit of not wanting to change what they are doing when they have been told how great they are over and over. They want to do it all themselves by trying to strike everybody out rather than pitch for grounders or pop ups and placing the ball where it won't get hammered. Pitchers that are still learning will make the needed adjustments as long as someone is there they will listen to which brings to memory one of the best ever to win a championship that never got respect. Her name was Erin Haggard from Dickson county. Not a lot of speed but adequate and she used her brain and skills to defeat the best teams, not just athletic ability. To me, that is a David and Goliath situation I find much more admirable. So let's be fair here and give Riverdale their due. This team played as a team when it counted with each one of them looking over thier shoulder at their teammates showing support. After all, it's not about one player but the whole team and that's where championships come from.
  12. Oh they were rated during the season but nobody gave them a chance going up against Soddy while the Tennessean had already gift wrapped the trophy and was handing it to Beech in an article this past week. The DNJ believed they had a shot to get to the dance but the sophomore pitcher wasn't getting any press to speak of while Kat for Beech was the marked queen and rightly so but the nod given to Beech was unbelievable even by redneck standards. Siegel had handed Riverdale a few losses this year and everyone jumped on that bandwagon to put Riverdale in the ditch. Siegel did a great job this year and hats off to the coach. She's brought them to a level to compete on the highest level for sure. Accolades were there for Riverdale but anyone who was deeply involved in the game heard the whispers as well as the taunts and the media bought in as well. So, based on your post, it's obvious what bias you have and just how juvenile your thought processes are but that's ok, this is a high school website only most of the kids on here have a lot more class... /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" /> Cheer up, crow is good with bar b que sauce.. i've had some myself over the years. You learn to eat anything when you are force fed.
  13. Uh, yeah! That same set of guidelines I laid out in my post was the same set laid out at Riverdale. Phenomenal fundraising, parents boots on the ground and not missing a beat to give the girls what they need ALL WHILE BUILDING A STADIUM AND HITTING CENTER. Yes, they won state today as a matter of fact and I know what I'm talking about. Have a good day. Is it still raining? /rolleyes.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":rolleyes:" border="0" alt="rolleyes.gif" />
  14. Good post. The best team won and proved it not to be a fluke. Truth is hard for some to digest and sometimes won't face it. I've been in those shoes but, I've never stopped posting.
  15. Riverdale's best game was today. They did it the hard way coming out of the losers bracket. They had the MO! Their bats got sharper by the game which was very similar to their summer team coming out of the losers bracket to win the championship. If there ever was a Cinderella story, this one is it. Nobody in the press or other teams gave them a chance and the girls were motivated to prove everyone wrong. The lineup produced as if they were on a mission. The inspiration came from the coaches and they let their game do the talking while under the lead of sophomore pitcher Samantha Hoadwanic. Stories like these come once in a lifetime if ever for most folks and this story brings back the memory of the 1980 Olympic hockey team. Nobody gave them a chance either especially after getting shellacked by Russia in a tournament a week before Lake Placid 7-2. Guts and determination were at the core of this win and I hope this championship shows all the softball girls out there that even when the chips are down you can dig your way out if you want it bad enough. My hat is off to these kids because there was no STAR player to speak of but just a bunch of talented girls that came together as a team and took it to their competition when it counted. Congratulations Warriors! Words cannot describe what you have just accomplished and the media will be making several attempts to explain what just happened themselves. Maybe they'll get it right today... /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" /> Oh yeah, almost forgot... Pound that drum as loud and often as you please.
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