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  1. As much as Grundy struggles with money do you really think they'll open a new high school? NO WAY!
  2. Just to clarify, I did NOT say they Coach Ray was promised the job. I think Pumpkin007 made a post above that everyone might find interesting.
  3. Well Coach Ray is no longer in play. Nice job school board throwing a good coach and man away. A man that worked many years for this system and left so he could teach and coach where his son was going to attend high school. He has always loved Grundy County and was willing to come back (we all know it wasn't because of the money) to help bring pride and leadership to the football team that needs it so badly. After all the bull that has been pulled by many people, you'll get what you've asked for. The only ones I feel sorry for are the players and good families that will lose out on having good man leading the program. Yes I'm upset that my friend didn't get the job, but more that I'm upset at the many people that lied to him and supposedly were his friends. You guys have to live with what you've done. One thing I'm happy about is, I get to be his assistant when golf season begins again. 4 of 5 starters returning after a 6th place finish last year at state in Class AAA. Go Raiders!
  4. The brother didn't make the move last night. Board member Reuben Newsome went against the advice of the school board attorney and wanted to open up the application process again. By the way they never took a vote to do so. They just moved on.
  5. Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Embarrassing to both men. Grundy County should be ashamed.
  6. You just scored a 3-pointer with these comments. Go Raiders!
  7. 11-3 and lost to Alcoa in the semis. Oh my that is terrible. LOL. Lion fans should be proud of the coach, buuuut.
  8. If Cannon and Grundy counties don't hire someone soon will the programs go away?
  9. Good luck to Coach Ray. I've enjoyed 7 years coaching by his side.
  10. The right hire will make Grundy a great place to be. Unless you live or have lived for a period of time in Grundy County you have no idea what a wonderful place it is.
  11. Scott Smith has some baggage and that's something Grundy does not need,, ask folks in Warren and Franklin counties. Meeks will be involved with the other finalist. Nick is a former student of mine and he will work hard no matter what job he gets. Some people think that he should get the head coaching job, ever think he might not can take it because of his real job? If it were me, he would be on my staff. I hope the person I'm pulling for gets it because he would bring stability and great moral values to the team. He would bring years of coaching experience in this state and another. Trust me this man hates to lose and he will bring a winning attitude back to Grundy. I want the school I graduated from in 1982 to have great moral values, respect for community and school plus a winning mindset. The man I'm talking about loves Grundy County and it's not just a stepping stone, he wants this to be the last coaching job he will have.
  12. So has Grundy County decided not to hire anyone? Interviews were done 4 weeks ago. It's time to make a move. Don't give me the excuse of the holidays. This is just sad.
  13. Got this from Coach Sulkowski tonight. Congrats boys. Congrats to our Region 3-6A selections! Very well deserved and as always, individual awards represents your entire program!!! Can't get individual honors without 10 others on the field! Region 3-6A Athlete of the Year: Alontae Taylor, Sr 1st Team LB- De'Aaron Rozier, Sr OL- Tyler Luttrell, Jr LB- Hayden Skipper, So DB- Andrew Mahaffey, Jr LB- Cameron West, Sr Honorable Mention DL- Elijah Norton, Jr DB- Keishaun Creel, Sr DL- Aaron Cope, JR
  14. Who's next, what's next? I'll just keep eating my popcorn and wait. Any guesses who the next coach will be? Gruden? He's rumored for everything else. LOL. Hire someone that understands how to get the kids and fans back involved in the program. I graduated in 82 and taught for 6 years at the high school and all I can say is this is, "this is all very sad." Good luck.
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