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  1. 8 total players, we only had 1 new girl at tryouts, gonna be our worst team ever. Columbia will beat us, it’s that bad.
  2. Lmao - warren co beat your lady rebels at vb camp and the refs exact words were and I quote, I should get hazard pay for basketball this bad. We have 8 girls at Shelbyville now, I did watch Lawrence co get throttled by Farragut and I saw Coffee beat Cookeville handily.
  3. Hayes will be back, know what your saying before you speak and please, please, please, get spell check!!!
  4. No, she was fired, heard she had been working 2 jobs and they thought that was taking time away from the program. Had been working in the alumni office at mtsu and it is hard to devote enough time to a high school program when your trying to double dip.
  5. Grundy Coach resigned last friday, they are really bad so im sure her daughter will play somewhere else, she is a really good player.
  6. I know our Assistant Coach has talked to them and the former coach resigned last Friday.
  7. I thought they would keep her, 29-29 overall, missed the region for the first time in program history, won district tournament her first year and I thought that would have earned her a couple years..
  8. We have a new coach, this happened quick. Didn’t see this coming at all.
  9. I heard our assistant is taking the Grundy Co girls job!!!!
  10. In 2016-17 they went 10-19 and lost by 60 in region and in 2017-18 they went 20-10 and came in 4th in the district. Banner years lmao
  11. LOL Been watching them for years and don't know the best players name. The girl that went to Huntland is a great scorer and Holman can defend better but is a liability on O. I've seen teams literally not guard her until she gets in the paint. Next time you go to a game try and read the program and learn the names, or get someone to read it to you.
  12. Good luck to her, i really hope she gets a new staff. It needs to be a complete fresh start!!!
  13. The portly one applied for the Warren Co job but wasn’t considered.
  14. 58-61 the last 4 years, 26-22 in the district and 8 of those were against Columbia lol. Never higher than 3rd in the district and double digit first round losses in the region. I can see why you are proud.
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