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  1. I seen where Upperman (McClellan) and Cannon (Meeks) have already committed to the same college (Bryan). There’s probably more girls from those two schools and a few more from a couple more teams in the district that will be. I’m looking forward to seeing some good basketball from this district this year. It can’t get here soon enough.
  2. I seen where some players in the district are already getting offers to play at the next level.
  3. I got the opportunity to watch all the teams play this summer in camps and some of the kids on travel teams throughout the summer. I definitely think Macon will hands down be the best team in the district before and after the transfer from Watertown. I think 2,3,4 and 5 will be a toss up between Upperman, Dekalb, Cannon, and with a new coach at York I wouldn’t be surprised to see them up in the mix. Smith, Livingston and Watertown will battle for the remaining spots. Upperman has a few girls that will get offers to play after high school, but with Dana coaching they will always be someone you can’t count out. Dekalb will be a team to watch again this year also. Although they seemed to have lost a couple key players from lasts years team they looked a little rough and young. Cannon’s seasons the last 3 years have been up and down. They are the only team in this district with 4 of their starters getting on the all district teams and haven’t gotten to regionals. In this district night in and night out the Smith Co.’s and Livingston and Watertown’s are just enough to not over look any of them throughout the year. It’s gonna be another competitive season for sure. Good luck to you all. I’m going with Macon Upperman Dekalb York Cannon Livingston Smith Watertown
  4. This is definitely one of the toughest districts in high school basketball. With that thought, what’s your predictions on how it ends up?
  5. I actually could see that coming, and I thought probably one more would be too. I didn’t see the Smith Co. job becoming open though.
  6. Has anyone heard if there will be any changes in 8aa before next season?  Or is anyone really on the hot seat?
  7. This is why District 8-AA in my opinion is the toughest in the state. Congratulations to all the teams and coaches on getting the sweep tonight! It’s gonna be a good semi-final night come Monday!
  8. It’s sad that district 7AA is this weak the past few years. That being said teams like this advancing to the region when the 8 seed in 8AA could beat all but CC any given night and are sitting at home.
  9. I don’t understand it either. I have watched that group of juniors from Cannon play in Livingston the past couple of years in the summer and they are legit. I’m not sure what the problem is. I wished 8AA would go back to a standard bracket also 1-8, 2-7, 3-6 and 4-5 only logical and fair way in my opinion. I think the tournaments is Macon’s to lose.
  10. Well after the first round of district play is complete last week here’s my two cents on things. Macon is very well coached and strong but not deep. They could contend for a State Championship this season. The loss to Upperman was unexpected to me. Upperman is another team that’s very well coached but not as strong as they have been in years past. When it gets tournament time they will be in the mix. I didn’t see them beating Macon but they did. Dekalb in my opinion is playing a little better than to be expected. I think they are talented but not as well as other teams in the district. Hopefully They didn’t peak to early. Livingston is another team that’s coached well but the talent level at this time is not as strong as it has been. They could definitely be a spoiler in the district to someone by years end. York has two of the top players in the district but continue to lay egg after egg. I feel like the caliber of coaching is a lot of the problem there. Cannon unfortunately is the biggest disappointment in the district. This team is very talented and at the same time very inconsistent from one game to the next. Which falls on the shoulders of the coaching staff. Smith isn’t as talented as years past. They also have a new coach which I feel will have them headed in the right direction very soon. Especially after the game against Dekalb. Watertown is probably the youngest team in the district along with their coach. It will take them a couple years to get things headed in the right direction in a very competitive 8AA district. Where they could pull an upset any given night.
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